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  1. First game for nearly two years. Bit harsh. Glad Maddison got a decent amount of game time and looked ok. The less said about the rest the better apart from KDH who is very composed on the ball.
  2. He’s started both games 🤔
  3. Yep, Albrighton & Gray out wide, Kel up top. Justin Morgan Fuchs Thomas back 4.
  4. Maddison is god father to Grays child. So I would doubt it.
  5. Which means there’s a stream.
  6. Wondering if Maddison might start tonight actually? EDIT. Just seen Percy
  7. You on drugs? Jim is a great guy. Takes a lot of stick when shouldn’t. Loves the club, knows it inside out. Goes the extra mile for a lot of people without needing to.
  8. Repeat in FA Cup. Replace Man City with Chelsea.
  9. Always always baffles me why people leave a space before using punctuation
  10. Ward Justin Morgan Fuchs Albrighton Choudhury KDH Thomas Gray Nacho Barnes
  11. Bert


    A fair amount in the first half he was out there
  12. We’ve already beat Notts so why not again
  13. Bert


    He popped up there quite often last night to be fair
  14. Bert


    He’s so much better on the ball than Wilf. But Wilf is better than him at everything else.
  15. Not a chance Ricardo is moving to left back.
  16. A bit shaky at the back at times but deserved winners. Controlled the game, played some lovely stuff and scored some really nice goals. Still got some of our most important players to come back and we’ve made a really solid start against two potential banana skins scoring 7 goals in the process.
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