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  1. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Tbf Coke Zero isn't too bad, and Coke Zero Vanilla definitely is something which plugs the gap in the market Pepsi are so frustratingly not selling into, either. I'd only ever wear dresses to attract charmers like you
  2. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    No idea why people willingly pump themselves will of sugar when there are diet alternatives. (in b4 the Aspartame scare mongerers come running into the room.) That being said, Diet Coke is bland as anything. Give me Pepsi Max or Pepsi Max Cherry/Vanilla any day of the week. (not sure why Pepsi thought Pepsi ginger was better to release in bottles and cans before Pepsi Vanilla, though) Still waiting for Fanta Lemon Diet to be introduced to the UK, only sell full sugar stuff. It's not very hardcore but my can of that in Seville last year was a good moment.
  3. Safe standing - time to act

    The only two fears I have are... (note this upcoming worry is not for safe standing itself) 1) Away ends will be the last to have at least a section converted to safe standing. 2) We will be the last football club to convert to safe standing. Put it this way, if we don't have provisional plans in place when any redevelopment drawings and details are released, they're just not going to do it are they? I cannot believe both the government are blithely ignoring the public, and the Premier League are taking their survey, which seems to have no semblance of laying out the type of people they questioned (standers/sitters) is frankly infuriating
  4. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Yes, yes they did. Their name, coincidentally, was Martin Tyler. I remember he went through a phase around 4-5 years ago saying it all the time.
  5. 12 months ago today

    My abiding memory is the end of the game and the long, long applause that happened. It just felt like the end of an era, everyone applauding was doing so with the knowledge that this was it, the conclusion to two years of unbelievable memories. If you're going to go out, it was the perfect way. A full on effort at home in front of the fans. So incredibly proud at the end of that.
  6. The Crinkly Video Gaming Quiz

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  7. Expectations

    Haha it's as if you think our team is creative enough to actually seriously threaten to penetrate your defence. Oh just you wait.
  8. WWE

    I was listening to the Parts Unknown podcast and they said it's been reported that Vinny changed the call because of the crowd, with Brock coming out on top over Roman. Dunno if it's true, but you're right, the crowd were totally not into it. Though most of them were nearly seven hours into Wrestlemania, attention spans surely wane, especially if you're not interested in Roman. Thought WM was good overall. Loved the Ronda tag match, but then I'm a sucker for a classic feud and the spots in that one. Not interested in the US title, AJ/Nakamura disappointed (I'd been bigging it up to my other half and had egg on my face) but there are more rematches to come surely? Charlotte/Asuka top draw, Undy squashing Cena was superb and it might have completely devalued the title, but the tag match and crowd reaction to Nicholas was great! I even watched the first two matches of NXT takeover based on Twitter. The ladder match was, well, oh my god. And the women's match was another goodie. Shayna Baszler seems like she'll be good when she comes through. (this from someone who never watches NXT stuff!)
  9. Am I the only one with the "meh" feeling?

    I agree with @Livid, it's the fact this has been such a dull season that's making this difficult. Aside from those four wins in a row in Nov/Dec it's been average. Even last season, which for me was an anti-climax, had the Community Shield sacking, five in a row and of course an amazing UCL season. Before then we've had titles, great escapes, promotions, playoff heartache. How can you not be on the comedown. There are definitely elements to what people have said. Apathy from people, the lack of atmosphere and just a general comedown from years of most games meaning something. I thought it was just me getting older but while I still want to see my team play, the necessity I feel to go to every away game, even if it's on the TV, is waning. I don't feel like I'm getting anything back from it. I'm really hoping we can push on, and the start of the season buzz will being it back. Warm match days, new signings, the hope we always carry into a new season. For me it's how quickly we snuff that all out that counts as to whether that meh feeling comes back.
  10. France if they had a decent manager Brazil though for me. All the noises from people who watch them and the players closely suggests they're a much better unit than they've been in years, and I can see Germany and Spain flunking out.
  11. How will you feel if we miss out on Europa League?

    Disappointing, but as others have said I'm not overly devastated because qualifying would have meant a slog of a season. Direct group stage qualification is the ideal scenario, but when you're starting in July during a summer where Puel will probably want to bed in his new signings and cement his style of football, I'd argue we need that pre-season undisturbed. We'll get there eventually, and it's a competition we could genuinely push for if we put our minds to it, so I'm hoping for an appearance in there soon (just, you know, direct group stage qualification please.)
  12. What grinds my gears...

    Yes, the undertones that fare dodgers are the ones costing the industry vital funds to run more trains and vital maintenance to the network are 100% destroyed by the sheer amount of open barriers there seem to be around. In the last few weeks I've been to and from Nottingham and have come back from Birmingham on the train with not one inspector and barriers open. I come away feeling like a right mug.
  13. World Cup Quiz

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  14. Champions League 2017/18

    Totally weird game last night. Commentators talking about Man City's dominance in possession and yet they could've played all night and not scored. Have they seriously still not learnt that possession means naff all in the grand scheme of the game. Really wanted Man City to win because of my bias against Liverpool, but can't argue with that performance, they were brilliant. Got to the score they wanted and shut up shop expertly. White flag was being waved after about 60 minutes. Interesting to see how many empty seats there will be at the Etihad next week
  15. What grinds my gears...

    Talking of dog crap, gives me a chance to ask what compels people to collect their dog muck into a bag then HANG IT FROM A TREE BRANCH?! What? Why?
  16. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    I'm really sorry, but I'm calling bs on this "Don't believe it's the best league in the world" nonsense people seem to spout. It's become one of those terms that gets touted around all the time and yet I genuinely see more people mocking it, or accusing the media of using it, than anyone in the media ACTUALLY using it. In fact it's usually the media/pundits/journalists mocking it! Such a lazy accusation to throw around tbh.
  17. Leicestershire Quiz

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  18. James Bond quiz

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  19. Season Review 2015/16

    Shameless self plug part 3,977, but a six hour unofficial review of the season to end all seasons is available to download here.
  20. Season Ticket Renewal 2018 / 19

    And just like some Spurs fans there will be those justifying any increase we have, which probably totals about £200,000 overall, because "success costs money"
  21. Numbers Quiz.

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  22. Cricket and Football Quiz

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  23. Russia: Should England boycott the World Cup?

    As silly as it sounds, pulling the football team out of the World Cup is one way to seal political suicide. Not only that but likely cause (small) economic harm to the country with the increase in food/drinks from watching England games and generally take the wind out of a summer millions of people are anticipating.
  24. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    I have absolutely no problem with players wearing gloves and I don't get people who seem to get so wound up about it...
  25. Champions League 2017/18

    Aside from PL Tonight on BT, which genuinely does tend to be a good watch though is hugely overhyped by BT themselves, ex-player pundits are the exact reason I prefer podcasts from informed journalists, who actually watch games. Totally Football Show, On the Continent, Football Weekly are just three worth a listen with journalists from various backgrounds and places who have considered knowledge. You genuinely feel that BT were raging that Sevilla knocked out their cash cow Man Utd, ruining the dream of a Man Utd-Liverpool QF and massive viewing figures. Personally hoping for some belting QF ties in the draw. Imagine Real-Barca, Liverpool-Man City, Juventus-Roma and Bayern-Sevilla