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  1. From what I've read, doesn't Susan Whelan have a really high standing within the PL Exec group? If so I suspect we could be a leading light in any ramifications, resolution or solving of this. Better to keep our powder dry; there's plenty of time for emotive statements like Everton's. Let's see whether we can help lead the 14, their next move will be really important.
  2. Who would willingly want to import that horrible toxicity into the English game? No way
  3. Replay in full: Sky Sports Entire coverage of the game How the Cup Was Won - Magazine VHS of the League Cup run
  4. But Voll, that sweet money, that ability to laud our turnover over other clubs if we get into the UCL. Surely that means more than winning a trophy that our father, grandfather's and great grandfathers have wanted to see us win over the last century?? I'm not entirely sure why anyone who would sacrifice next week wanted us to enter the FA Cup in the first place, but as I said the last time we had this debate I'll gladly take your cup final ticket off you and give it to someone who actually wants us to see us win a trophy.
  5. Those two seasons were so important and part of me formative years for LCFC. I was 12-14 during that period and it was the first time I got to go regularly to games. Obviously 02/03 was amazing pretty much every game we went to, though I did bin off a couple of games for Championship Manager (to my shame and my Dad's disappointment.) Holding up the sign to keep the name City, going to the Portsmouth home game and it feeling like the biggest game ever. I even joined the official LCFC forum and the web chat quiz night that some forum members started. Great days. The summe
  6. Yep, FHL area. Lots of them are starting to look their age now. One has recently been bought and they've clearly spent a bucket load on the front of the house, extension, garages etc, but that's what a lot of those places need. Huge investment on top of the half a mill to buy the place in the first place!
  7. I think so. As an incredibly nosey person I always have a look on RM of the houses on the market in and around my area (LFE/New Lubbesthorpe) They are absolutely mental. So many houses in LFE in excess of £500k are just sitting there, all the while as more and more houses of the same price stack up on the market. Al of them reduced bit by bit with (seemingly) little interest. Where I live there are two houses within about 100ft of each other that went up. One for £425k and the other went up for £410k. They're now both down to £390k and £399k. Neither of them are as big
  8. Going to twist this a bit. 2017 Atletico Madrid at home. 1-1. It wasn't a defeat on the night, but the loss on aggregate just felt like that natural end of an era. The standing ovation at the end from everyone. It was such a weird feeling; genuinely felt like the period April 2015-then had come to a close. It felt at the time like it'd never get any better than that. Miraculous escape, title win, UCL QF. There we were and we all realised it. The players made every effort on the night, an incredible atmosphere and occasion. It was an amazing few minutes after the whistle
  9. Was thinking the same thing. People on here jizz themselves into a coma in desperation to reach this little palace of elitism. Nothing wrong with wanting to be there, but the utter desperation to be part of this elite gang, whose MO is to maximise profits and close the shop is a bit weird.
  10. Oh my lord, this is AMAZING. Honestly, you've been looking for as long as my house sagas took place. If anyone deserves a stroke of luck and smooth process it's you. Hoping for updates so, like, don't let us down.
  11. I thought the Council (County or City) had bought that for their property portfolio a few years ago: It's here. County Council: https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/local-news/leicestershire-county-council-spent-3m-2495329
  12. Genuinely not sure why we enter the FA and League Cup anymore, no-one wants to win them. Like people have said (and we say this every season) there will NEVER be a good time to go for the FA Cup. This season it's to make sure we don't repeat 19/20 and finish in there. Next season we'll sacrifice it to make sure we get there again. If we fail, we'll want to sacrifice it to get back there. Then maybe we drop to a relegation battle and hey ho, we're sacrificing it to stay up. So honestly, why enter? They're just an inconvenience to people seemingly (though I'm
  13. I've been hit by my first "major" (to me) injury and it's really getting me down tbh. I'm religious on my running. 20 miles a week usually and have managed roughly that without fail for three full years with no injuries. On my run 10 days ago I did something to me knee and was in agony. Instead of a few days and it heals, I tried running twice last week and each time the pain returned after threefour minutes. It's crushed me tbh. I went to see a physio on Saturday and she reckons it's something to do with my left knee and how it moves when I run. I've been given some ex
  14. I thought this only happened if someone like Arsenal win the Europa League as well? If Liverpool win the CL and Arsenal win the EL and both finish outside of the top four, then fourth place would drop it's slot. I'm sure there's a max of five UCL spots at the moment for the scenario where a team winning the UCL finishes outside of the UCL spaces, but if UCL and EL winners finish outside then one space is taken from the top four allocation?
  15. Damn right, so much indirect victim blaming going on here. Genuinely staggering, even by Foxestalk standards. How silly of her; if only she hadn't been seeing a friend in lockdown (for reasons we don't know yet but will happily jump to conclusions), maybe the perpetrator wouldn't have murdered her.
  16. Yes. You're missing the fact that it appears this woman was taken by someone and murdered. I think we can forgo the sanctimonious lockdown rule breaking attitude, and the underlying victim blaming that can offshoot from such a bad take.
  17. There's something quite fishy about Prince Andrew as well, and yet there aren't 100 hit pieces on him in a 24-hour period. As long as Harry and Meghan are happy, why are people so hysterical about this? Honestly. White middle England is raging that Harry married a mixed race lady, and followed his heart. Big woop. Also, I'd be looking to do some kind of interview to give my side of the story when there are literally hundreds of spurious hit job newspaper articles about my floating about. Lastly, there are articles clearly stating that they got paid $0 for th
  18. You've very well managed to sum up middle/older aged white people on social media very well here. All that's really missing is "She's taken him away" or "torn the family apart." Good effort though
  19. You're absolutely right. Look at the long term positives of this. Second successive year we're in the mix going into the final 11 games. Injury ravaged, yes, and we might fall away, but this season has proved we're no fluke now. Building the squad up, getting a clean slate of fit players, planning for the future as we evolve away from JV. Going into 21/22 and 22/23 will be so exciting because now we know that we are capable of being a constant, consistent team in the top echelons of the Premier League.
  20. Hahah we get on so well so I tried not to be a dick. I was almost so shocked I was being nice to stop myself exploding. At the time she even said that her opinion of me had "dropped a little bit." It was all a bit weird tbh. I'd imagine it if she'd come from a massive tipping culture like the USA, but a leafy Leicestershire village is definitely not the USA. We spoke about it a few weeks later, buried the hatchet and agreed to disagree, (not the hill for a friendship to die on) but obviously she still thinks everyone in the service industry should be tipped, absolutely 100%, if the
  21. This is about right. I genuinely don't mind tipping, it's the expectation that I struggle with. I fell out badly with a friend about this, though. She was so upset that I didn't tip. She worked in a pub/restaurant and was outraged at the thought of people who didn't tip. She expected it for the work she put in and crap she took. My low-paid background is in supermarket work, and I never got a tip. Add that to my lack of tipping and we came to blows over it. She was astonishingly entitled, I genuinely couldn't believe it.
  22. 100%. It's frustrating that QK has diminished so much as it was my must, MUST listen when they were producing but the shine has gone since Patreon, (I mean, still a good listen!) Let me know if you do get to trying ND, their pods are so long but they are so good; talking about some of the best tournaments, players, managers and periods for football. Could listen to them all day.
  23. Agree with this totally. I think in the Podcasts thread I eluded to it with Quickly Kevin and how you feel a but "shut out" with the way they bang on about the Patreon. They're also getting bad for "great story from X player on the Patreon" or "superb email here, find it on the Patreon." Like, okay, but I don't know if that's enough to make me part with night on £70 per year if I haven't already done so. There's a podcast, Nessun Dorma, I don't know if anyone else listens to it, but it's quite brilliant as three guys just talk memories about 80s/90s football. They seem to get the b
  24. Agree with this. It's so easy for me to be a massive grumpus with those celebrations, but when you think about it like this, the man is just... happy? Is there anything wrong with that? His team mates aren't exactly giving him daggers from the half way line as he's celebrating, either. Anyway, the funniest part about that tweet above (as well as the bitterness) are the replies emphasising Twitter/social media's continuing obsession with SWAP DEALS. This is not Football Manager. We are not going to give you Ndidi in a (cash plus) swap deal with Lingard. Whenever there's a transfer r
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