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  1. Forget that, Just read it on the website and you are right. Be great if they had both options!
  2. Wait, I thought the Thailand sponser was for cup and Europe? 🤔
  3. After 2 adult tickets for Bournemouth, if anyone can help. Cheers
  4. After 2 adult tickets for this one, if anyone can help. Cheers 👍
  5. On another note, where are people planning to park? I heard the big car parks at the ground have been shut. Could be bollocks though.
  6. Anyone having problems with getting tickets in the family stand? Were loads left, 30 minutes ago, but now the website isnt showing these blocks
  7. No, this would be general sale. What about block p, p2 and p3?
  8. Could someone let me know if there are plenty of seats left in the family stand? Looking for 4 together
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