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  1. Impossible to categorically say he meant it. Where is the talk of retrospective action? Any reputable sources, or just mongy Arsenal & Man United fans on twitter?
  2. Completely agree- like I say, there's absolutely no way you can say it's intentional. It's laughable that their fans are comparing it to a knee-high, studs up leg breaker.
  3. Arsenal fans are in absolute mentdown over Vardy There is one angle where it looks like the movement of his leg is slightly unnatural, but it happens so fast and there's absolutely no way you can say without any doubt that it's intentional- got to stay with the original decision.
  4. Maddison has done naff all for months, we've looked much more balanced and threatening without him.
  5. I think 3 at the back is probably the way to go at the minute. The old system was largely ineffective for 7 months- anonymous wingers, Vardy isolated, huge gaps between forwards and midfield, etc. However, to go with it for the first time from the start last night was bold. For all Arsenal's problems, they're still decent going forward and you could tell our defenders didn't fully know what they were doing. We looked a lot more dangerous going forward at times though.
  6. All the focus was on the initial pass from Gray, which wasn't. I'm just glad they're completely inept and didn't really look into the touch off Perez in any depth.
  7. How good a point that is really depends on our next 2 winnable games- 6 points from those and it's a great result, 5th in the bag and in the driving seat for 4th. Infuriating watching us dick about with it around the half way line in stoppage time though. That was there to be won.
  8. This sums up the last 7 months. Just have a ****ing go lads, please.
  9. Come on then lads, show something. Season rests on this 15 minutes.
  10. How has it taken them that long?! Absolutely ****ing useless. Fair play to Kavanagh though, no messing.
  11. I dont understand- we were showing far more urgency when we weren't 1-0 down. Back to this overly cautious shite. Infuriating.
  12. Thank **** Lacazette is as greedy as he is.
  13. We just don't seem to have that ability to bully teams and keep them under sustained pressure. A lot of technical ability, but way too soft.
  14. Kasper playing himself into player of the season contention?
  15. That's far from our worst performance this season. In fact, it's far from our worst performance in the past 2 weeks. We've looked dangerous in spells, just all over the place at the back. This isn't where the damage will be done. That was at Carrow Road, Turf Moor, Vicarage Road.
  16. To be fair, Arsenal have got it spot on with Perez- pressure on him as soon as he gets the ball, which he inevitably loses.
  17. 3 CBs and we're getting done route 1 by the softest team in world football.
  18. Hideous defending after a decent start. Just keep at them, there's goals in it if we attack.
  19. Quite- only ourselves to blame, if it happens. Norwich away is the biggest frustration- in their last 9 games, they've lost 8, conceding 14 and scoring 0 in the process and we barely laid a glove on them. An absolutely abhorrent performance & result.
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