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  1. Thought the way Lauren handled the whole interview was superb - I've not really paid that much attention to DID over the last few years but looks like LL has filled the position with ease.
  2. Stoner is a phenomenal book. Only came to public attention long after it was written and is definitely a masterpiece.
  3. It's the Bagworth lot and Enderby Blaby road lot that are currently feuding.
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    Nothing to see here
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    Completely false. Literally all of the scientific evidence says Beavers drastically benefit the environment and biodiversity, hence they are a keystone species. Not to mention that they are a native species and truly belong here.
  6. I'm not one to stereotype and I actively campaign on several front's regarding rights and racism, however from my perspective, in the case of the Irish travelling community they have more than made a rod for their own back. Three of Leicestershire's largest camps have been convicted for slavery offences. The Enderby camp was recently raided in relation to certain 'purchases' I've only seen in movies and they have persistently used violence, machetes, guns over the last 3 years. They also run multiple businesses from that camp which all breach trading standards and tax law. The waste materials from those businesses are dumped on land at the back of their site that doesn't belong to them and has been for many years. In some instances, they do seem to act with impunity where as if any of us decided to conduct ourselves in a similar way it wouldn't be tolerated. This is highlighted in a report I received just weeks ago, discussing how to approach engaging with and speaking about the Irish travelling community stressing the issues of causing offence, specifically racial offence, but also made mention of the difficulties in carrying out business without judgement owing to the fact that the majority of travelling Irish families are involved in illegal activity, fraud, breach of working and trading law and in multiple cases, serious organised crime within the county boundary (and in a standard scaling model, this is probably quite representative of the same community around the country) does kind of say, in itself, that Irish travellers are in the main here at least, not the misunderstood, misrepresented law abiding citizens lots of people now like to try and convey they are for point scoring. In Enderby, with much of the violence taking place in plain sight of two schools I can understand why many of the residents are up in arms. The current situation in Enderby and by extension in the county is MUCH more serious than I think most people comprehend. And I'm sharing far more information than I should be so please nobody directly quote this post in case I need to delete it at a later stage
  7. Looks like this could be a banger when it lands. Good cast too.
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    Surprisingly the Cookes Lane development seems to be OK but the new builds on Newton Lane have been flooded 3 times so far. It's weird because driving up to the roundabout it looks like it's on elevated ground, but some of the houses off the roundabout have been build in a depression. Typical of councils and developers - they love building on flood plains.
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    They should be pretty accurate - there will always be variables with things like mist/fog and snow but for my needs its good enough!
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    Yeah similar kit here, I've got a really accurate manual rain gauge alongside it as well that cost £100 or so (I know it seems a lot for a bit of plastic) but I like to take eye measurements, especially after snow etc as I suspect my electronic reader isn't always as accurate as it should be!
  11. Yeah there are things happening on a weekly basis at the moment. All comes down to the travellers.
  12. It is the travellers. The Blaby road firm are basically trying to shift travellers off of other sites across Leicestershire and Derbyshire by force. Of course it's causing a backlash on their part, including with near neighbours literally fields away (a rival clan). They are also at war with a Scottish clan. Can't really say any more than that.
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    I'm a bit of a sad c*nt but also an ecologist so I'm allowed...here's the Wigston rainfall since November. November total 99.5mm December total 80mm January total 47.75mm February total as of 07:30am this morning: 58mm Wigston is on average pretty dry compared to many other areas in the count, but given that September and October were as wet as November...there are some really worrying signs for the next couple of months. Late Autumn and Early Winter in the UK is typical rainy season but it started earlier this year and has persisted. Usually the water table is at it's peak in April-May, as it take time for the autumn/winter rainfall to percolate into the underground flow system. Trouble is our Water table was at it's highest level already by October (hence flooding) and we've been at saturation point since. If we continue with rain into Spring on top of all the water still building up underground from over the last few months we could have REALLY bad flooding in Spring which could be detrimental to wildlife, agriculture etc. Saturated ground for such a length of time, even without visible flooding really isn't a good thing.
  14. If you've got 45 minutes spare, this is a phenomenal listen. Had me in sad tears and that doesn't happen often. If you need a blub it's a good excuse.
  15. Ill take that all things considered. Seriously need to think about dropping Vardy until his heads right, unfair on Nacho to be in such good form and not even come on off the bench, Vardy was anonymous, as were Barnes and Perez, need to spend some serious money in summer. Also, LinekersLugs needs to be banned for that goal shout. Not funny when the game is so tense.
  16. Why the **** has Vardy got a full game here? Never thought I'd say it but he needs dropping and his missus needs to stop pushing out kids.
  17. Don't understand this super patient pass it around and do **** all with it every first half we play - you go behind and leave little time to chase. We should be coming out the traps, quick and aggressive. It's becoming a shit habit.
  18. Because earlier in the season we had Wilf beasting and a striker that scored for fun......
  19. We've got no money for transfers - I just found out what we pay Brendan
  20. We were shit in the first leg and drew, we were shit tonight and lost. Therefore the best team won. Its not that difficult really.
  21. Best team won. We love bottling the games that actually matter. Vardy gone right off the boil too. Expect this to impact the remainder of our season.
  22. Can't watch much more of this its pathetic. Spineless. Bigger bottlers than Spurs
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