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  1. Games opened up a bit, a draw would be ideal for us.
  2. Wtf was the midfielder doing letting that pass run on to a Spurs player
  3. Even more so when that one game, Everton, he was playing out of position at centre back.
  4. He’s been injured, Albrighton was always gonna get selected today due to being a more solid option defensively
  5. The pitch looked similar for the Leeds game earlier, could just be the weather recently
  6. Their version is only 1.4% body fat, the fat feck.
  7. Nah, he 100% meant that. He tries that flick every time the low cross comes in behind him, scored another similar one for England like that.
  8. It was around the same time Stoke and Swansea’s string of mid table finishes in the prem were seen as about the best you could hope for as a newly promoted team. Soon changed a couple of seasons later...
  9. I feel (hope) fofana will get one soon, Maddison’s delivery against Newcastle was much improved and also having Under as an option who can whip in a set piece aswell.
  10. He was very good at lb against Spurs, not as good today but still a solid performance especially defensively
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