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  1. Big Dan did the job last time against these
  2. Vardy has always been patchy, they’ll come I don’t think he’s quite done yet
  3. Perez and Iheanacho have been very, very good so far
  4. It’s quite funny that Chilwell’s 2 biggest faults, his final ball and his linkup play with Barnes are Thomas’ best attributes
  5. It’s racist that a video intended for comedy purposes was captioned hilarious?
  6. Oh come on guy on the right does look a bit like him, and the banner is a picture of the guy who runs the account as far as I’m aware
  7. Shithouse but that’s fair enough with all our players out
  8. Good stuff, if Tavares is half as good as the hype on here he would save us a fortune on backup midfielders assuming youri and madders stay
  9. Robinho was a massive coup at the time, and De Jong was also highly rated. The season after players like Tevez, Adebayor, Barry and Lescott followed who were comfortably out of reach for the teams around them in mid table.
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me, Rodgers seemed to be trying out Ricardo in a more central/attacking midfield role in the last few mins against Slavia
  11. Kasper Ric soy amartey Castagne N’didi tielemans perez? If fit if not nacho in behind Vardy under iheanacho albrighton Under is the most like for like replacement for Barnes (yes nowhere near the quality based on what we’ve seen so far), I think if we go for 2 more defensive minded midfielders in Ricardo and Albrighton it could be very dull viewing with very little created. Vardy could really do with a rest on recent evidence, can’t go a half without clearly having issues with his groin.
  12. Missed first few mins of the half how bad did Barnes look?
  13. I’m sure he would’ve loved to bring a striker and/or attacking midfielder in if we had the funds
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