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  1. City centre pubs that show all LCFC games live?

    Need somewhere other than the above two for the Huddersfield game. Not a fan of the Tavern. Ditto Molly's.
  2. Other than the Tavern & Molly O'Grady's Is there anywhere that has all LCFC 3pm games live? Anything else to consider in the centre?
  3. Ten essential punk albums.

    You have good taste Sir! Grew up on early NY (& Boston) Hardcore here. Still the best to this day!
  4. Leicester City vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach

    I've probably missed this elsewhere on the board...but how Nacho's injury? If there is one. Anything to report?
  5. MK Dons.. Friendly.. Tonight.

    Arsenal sure to be quaking in their boots watching this.
  6. LCFC @ Luton Town (Friendly) - Match Thread

    Anyone else constantly getting booted out of the LCFC.com stream?
  7. Thoughts on / assistance with; creating a 'transfers update' thread

    100% in agreement. Worst aspect of the board (during transfer windows) is having to trawl through all the drivel to access any actual news.
  8. Can you officially transfer your season ticket to another person? Thinking about giving mine up. (L1)
  9. Betting Thread

    More of this please. Esoteric betting!
  10. Betting Thread

    Is that a 'draw no bet' option there on Hull? Just curious.
  11. CL Quarter Final Draw

    Date of away game??
  12. Burgers

    Burger Van opposite? Not really the father & daughter day out I had in mind.
  13. Burgers

    So dragging this back to my question of where take my little girl to eat pre-match tomorrow , the findings are thus: 1) Meatcure is Awesome / Shit / Amazing / Overrated / Inedible depending on who you listen to 2) Byron is Awesome / Shit / Amazing / Overrated / Inedible depending on who you listen to 3) Nobody likes vegetarians Looks like I'm flipping a coin then.