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  1. like : Kettering (home town club), AFC Wimbledon (because not franchise), Torino (just look at their classic kit - a thing of absolute beauty) severe dislike : MK 'Dons' (because franchise) West Ham (stadium nonsense - although it's not really worked out for them haha)
  2. Ulloa in contract talks?

    the issue with Leo as I see it was he was promised a move and then we went back on it - cant blame him for having the hump. If he wants to be here as a squad player then I'd be glad of that
  3. Comparing O'Neill LCFC Vs Ranieri LCFC sides

    for me Elliott vs Huth isn't the argument, Elliott & Huth is the obvious pair
  4. Summer Clear Out? The Poll

    just how many new players do some people think we're gonna sign ! madness
  5. Should we have let Moore go?

    Going to another team permanently was the best thing for Moore, I don't believe that he would have improved as a player if he'd stayed here, loans or not - clearly needed a proper fresh start. now he'd be perhaps 3rd choice, but I don't believe he's better than Benny - just proves it was right for everyone that he moved on at the time.
  6. Would you still want Mahrez as a City player?

    if we sell this seasons Mahrez for £30m i'd be happy. if he ends up being last season's Mahrez for someone else, especially in the prem, I'd be unhappy to say the least. at the end of the day its not worth keeping someone mardy here who's gonna upset the team spirit - players know they have the power when they want to leave they will likely leave
  7. The One That Got Away...

    Matt Smith had some kind of injury that meant he couldn't carry on playing - back injury springs to mind
  8. 'That' Anthony Knockaert penalty

    it was hilarious eventually, but I am mentally scarred from having to sit in the Arsenal end watching that game ! polished off quite a few tins on the way home from that match trying to block it out...
  9. 'That' Anthony Knockaert penalty

    I thought at the time "well that's karma for diving" still absolutely gutting, and the fact its replayed so often !
  10. Sevilla post match 2-0

    nothing is written !
  11. Sevilla post match 2-0

    fantastic Tony Pulis team esque shithousing tonight, have that diego
  12. Sevilla match thread

    howboutdat !
  13. Sevilla match thread

    sweating buckets here
  14. Sevilla match thread

    this is gonna kill me