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  1. what's not to like ! love the guy.
  2. What perhaps people forget is with Albrighton you get someone thats (almost always) positionally good and doesn't leave gaping holes or have no clue how to defend. Barnes for example (i'm a massive fan of his) often fails in this area, I suspect under would as well, having sharkey in the team goes a long way towards making it difficult for the other side as well as the work rate he gives you going forwards. now I appreciate that Newcastlee probably isnt the game where this is of huge value, but... still MOTM for me today, albeit not by much and in a team full of 6 and 7's
  3. I know even as type this it isn't gonna sound right, but when Thomas hits or passes the ball he does with conviction. its hard to explain after a a couple of Henry Westons, but you can always see what he's trying to do.
  4. Justin is rapidly becoming my favourite player, I'm old enough to be his dad but he's a guaranteed 6/10 minimum (and often better) no matter where we shoehorn him in. Good player, good athlete, great attitude. only going to get better, very rarely can u say it looked like he didn't give it his all.
  5. that's a mismatch though, be like villa fans blaming alan wright for not beating Ian Marshall to a header on opening day
  6. He makes wars to cease to the end of the Sheffield United; He breaks the bow and cuts the Corner Flag in two; He burns the West Brom fans with goals. Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted at the Hawthorns The LORD of counters is with us; The God of Vardy is our stronghold.
  7. Justin in recent times looks like he's the only one that's not read the script, sometimes he's the only one trying to play at a pace and get at the opposition rather than tapping it about.
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