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  1. made Newcastle look decent. this is criminal
  2. forget one frustrating ('strange' 10 v 11) game Vardy easily worth his place in the side in the last few games
  3. I see Thomas as a full back not a wing back. as others have pointed out, he has a great understanding with Barnes ahead of him.
  4. nah we're not gonna let him do that. he'll be in the squad and we'll need him with some form of European football (you'd hope !!)
  5. KDH definitely part of the first team squad next season, James wont be here
  6. we are much better with Barnes in the side, as there is bugger all pace otherwise
  7. football is (was) awesome because of the immediacy of it, ok bad example but the DEEEEEEEEEEEENey moment is what I am on about. (Steve Claridge's Wembley shin is a better one perhaps ) the unbridled joy of when the ball hits the back of the net. its not the same with VAR, you're just waiting for the video guys to rule out what looked legit for an armpit offside or something that happened 30 seconds ago in play. I wont bother watching a live game (in the stadium I mean) again whilst it is in use, even if they do make it less bad.
  8. even if this ends up being true, i dont want this new format
  9. looked decent, but if ever there was a game to be subbed on to !
  10. agree mate, and our signings from this window were in exactly the same bracket of needing to spend money on 'someone' with no real thought
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