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  1. pawson is a shit ****, VAR is a shit ****, get to ****
  2. I get the feeling we're playing the long game here, recognised as a positive influence, but a lot more than that. definitely reckon we have him pegged as a future coach
  3. TC was old as **** but deadly, Fenton worked hard but was never good enough as his career proved
  4. yes, but I don't doubt he could do that against championships teams week in week out... there are signs that he is improving, lets all hope
  5. it wouldn't have worked out for Vardy going to any prem side, unless they loaned him back to a lge 1 or championship side Vardy wasn't a ready made Championshiop level player nevermind premier
  6. I vaguely remember a sequence (might have been the great escape season, cant remember exactly when now) when our Jeffrey kept heading other players in the head in various games and leaving them stricken. must have a steel skull
  7. to be fair there's a lot of sense spoken in that thread as well as the silliness
  8. yes, yes I do see I've clearly been traumatised by Peter Taylor
  9. Wycombe's 2-1 win in the cup. Roy essandohs last minute winner. Turnip Taylor's side never recovered
  10. Marshall for me too, because I can match his work rate and enthusiasm in the warm up especially.
  11. commentator saying "shite Atkinson" ?
  12. Klopp is a good (excellent) manager and is just 'playing the game' Same as other masters in this field such as Fergie and the housewives favourite. whatever their fans or staff might say Liverpool are under huge pressure as league leaders and it is a way of deflecting any possible negatives. doesn't mean I love Klopp, but if (when) Rogers comes out and says something similar we need to recognise it for what it is. edited to add - I can think of virtually no players I would wish injury on - stay classy.
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