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  1. they were anonymous tonight ! megson out !
  2. it's not the football I fell in love with.
  3. Once he got match fit and in the first team tc was excellent. I remember the league cup games against sunderland, think he had 4 chances, got 3 goals.
  4. I'd want us to do exactly this against Man City or Liverpool, and was pissed off that we didn't this season.
  5. Ben's the one wearing the football shirt
  6. We are a very weak side physically today showed that up massively
  7. nothing weird in this at all. VAR is dog shit. I chanted **** VAR when spuds has their goal disallowed for the same reasons as today
  8. their own fans are annoyed about their decision to take such a small allocation ! surely they can sell more than this if they tried - especially since their record is (unfortunately) decent on the road
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