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  1. Anyone got a stream for the fights tonight? Cheers!
  2. If playing for Man City I reckon a decent-ish Sunday League player could get 1 or 2. The ball is constantly bobbling around the box
  3. Yeah, NP will forever be remembered for how he managed one individual. Obviously not the legacy and foundations he built for the greatest season in Leicester City's history.
  4. Just out of interest. Has he always looked so miserable when playing for other clubs? He generally seems to look so unhappy whenever i've seen him play, or is that normal for him? For the record, I think he's a really good player and would love it to click for him next season. Sadly for him I just cannot see how he fits in the team here though.
  5. I love him more than my Dad (still love you though Dad)
  6. Still hate him. The only saving grace of Reading coming up would be that we get to see Liam Moore back at the KP, that'd be great to see.
  7. Does that include his assist against us at the weekend?
  8. 4 years ago today. If only we knew then what we know now...
  9. There is no chance Vardy will leave. He's on a wedge here and loves being the main man at Leicester City.
  10. I love the man to bits but he was utter gash before Shakey came in.
  11. Anyone got a decent stream?
  12. The people around me (lower tier) seemed almost disappointed we won. Pathetic support.
  13. I think he'll enjoy it if he scores Saturday!
  14. Had the same bet. Everton had 1 fvcking shot all game.
  15. One of thee most ridiculous challenges I've seen in a long time. Shocking from Son.