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  1. Hmmm not so sure. Didn't they play two very tight games last year? Would suggest for over 12 months SA have been closing the gap. They play each other first up too. What a game that will be.
  2. Anyone else feel a bit sombre it's all over? What a great summer of cricket.
  3. I might be exaggerating but could we put today as one of his top 3 performances for us? Ridiculous he's all ours.
  4. What a horrendous collection of humans
  5. Any chance of PM'ing said river?
  6. Think it'll be something along these lines. Rodgers has already said we won't be making wholesale changes.
  7. Hahahah fvck off you absolute whopper
  8. How old is David Warner? He literally behaves like he's 12 years old.
  9. It's the shot selection. We have four days of the test left and you couldn't ask for better batting conditions today. There's no need to play a shot like that. Just play the straighter balls and leave the rest at this stage.
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