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  1. FA Cup 2018

    Nah, I just like to see bad fouls punished. Not too dissimilar to your mate Pep!
  2. FA Cup 2018

    Wasn't as bad as that. Besides, why can't they both be straight reds? I'm not saying it's a straight because it's Man City, i'm saying it because it was.
  3. FA Cup 2018

    Rochdale did not put in one challenge anywhere as bad as that and you know it. It was clearly a straight red. Stop trying to be controversial for attention, it's a bit sad.
  4. Safe Standing Survey Results

    Brilliant that people went in there expecting to sit down the entire game. Have these people been to a home game before?
  5. FA Cup 2018

    Is Jenas actually going to cry?
  6. Sheffield United Pre Match

    Free Mehrez
  7. Ben Chillwell - How far will he go?

    Slightly off topic I know, but Ashley Cole was the best left back in the world in his Chelsea days!
  8. Betting Thread

    Leipzig are having another fantastic season though so tough to call that one. Zenit at Celtic looks big to me at 7/4
  9. Should the darts and other sports ban 'walk on girls'?

    Kalle Sauerland has ADDED two more ring girls to his show on Saturday night, hero.
  10. What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    Oh yeah, the bloke who built the title winning side.
  11. Exactly. Power to the people my friend.
  12. People are more than welcome to do what they want, i'm a pretty liberal guy. I just personally don't understand how sitting in silence is really any more enjoyable than sitting in the pub watching it, for example. Sorry if that's offensive.
  13. I would never fall out with people over it but I just like to watch football stood up. I don't feel involved at all if I sat down and for me you might as well be in the pub or at home watching it. Let's be honest, those who sit at away games aren't interested in creating any atmosphere and that's what going to the games is all about in my opinion.
  14. "Deeeennis Wise, what a winker, what a winker" 6,000 Leicester at Cov away about 10 years ago. Good times.