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  1. Dunno but the balti pies at Molineux this season were lovely
  2. That was an absolute beaut of a ball to get early on. Most openers are getting out to that.
  3. Like two peas in a pod those two fellas
  4. 100% cheering on Sri Lanka tomorrow and hoping they beat South Africa next week to make it remotely interesting.
  5. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story
  6. Anyone else not too bothered if he stays or goes for the money banded around? Obviously because he's such a likeable bloke and an England starter I would want to keep him, but from a playing perspective I don't think it's such a disaster if we do lose him to be honest.
  7. The size of Holder's head never fails to amuse me.
  8. Do you know what dates we would be in Dublin and Rome for then (assuming we win the group?)
  9. Pakistan are my absolute favourite team to watch. On course for a hammering. Drag themselves back into it. Make a very respectable start to the chase. Probably go on to lose by 100 runs now. What a team.
  10. The Iheanacho signing was a decent one
  11. Ah fair enough. Only manage about 4-5 home games a season but always get in towards the top of SK1 when I can. Would be nice to see it start filtering towards halfway down the stand.
  12. Anyone know what SK1 is looking like for this season? Are Union FS filling rows lower down the stand?
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