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  1. walkerleeds

    Cricket 2018

    I think Curran gets Kohli before the close
  2. walkerleeds

    Cricket 2018

    Aside from the likes of Vaughan et al trying to keep themselves in the media spotlight, to me there hasn't been much vitriol aimed at Rashid has there? The frustration is aimed at the ECB, not Rashid. I agree he was ostracised for too long, but this does set a dangerous precedent.
  3. walkerleeds

    Pre Season - Notts County (A) Pre Match

    Kasper Simpson- Huth- Morgan- Fuchs Mahrez- Kante- Drinky- Albrighton Vardy- Okazaki
  4. walkerleeds

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    Rebic, Corluka, Henderson and Young to be booked £5 @ 170/1
  5. walkerleeds

    Robert Huth to Aston Villa, Stoke?

    How could we forget...
  6. walkerleeds

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    If reports are true that he plays, then Corluka to be booked at 9/4 is a banker.
  7. walkerleeds

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Any recommendations for the Balkan region? Got plenty of recent history so wondered if anyone's been around those parts and has any tips on where to go/ see?
  8. Yeah the sun's out I reckon
  9. Walked to Millennium Square, sat there for 5 minutes, reevaluated what the hell I was doing, then walked back to work.
  10. walkerleeds

    Croatia v Denmark round of 16 match thread

    My God how miserable is Bilic?
  11. walkerleeds

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    Forgot England players won't pass to Vardy. Ah well.
  12. walkerleeds

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    Exactly. Don't think i've ever backed England but I kind of believe England wanting to win to be honest. So that price looks crazy
  13. walkerleeds

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    Vardy to score and England win is 4s
  14. walkerleeds

    Brendan Rodgers

    Great technician
  15. walkerleeds

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    I reckon they will go on some sort of 'tour' which they are finalising the details of.