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  1. Made potato rostis with poached eggs on top for breakfast. Was pretty tasty and beats frozen hash browns.
  2. Proper bugbear of mine this is! Always notice it on Football Focus type programmes, is it a rights thing perhaps?
  3. Few bottles of Landlord in. Won't be as good as the real thing but should be nice
  4. Potato waffles, chicken dippers and beans is the correct answer.
  5. Oh wait the Belarusian season only just started?! So they play their Champs League group games during their off season?
  6. This thread is going to be very fun reading.
  7. Anyone got any 'based on a true story' suggestions? Just finished The Pharmacist which was great.
  8. Is tonight really the night to talk like that? One of our legends has just rolled back the years. Enjoy it.
  9. Genuinely staggered that goal stood. Fair play too. Wilson was just stronger.
  10. Can anyone help out with a spare please?
  11. Did our ****** just boo the team off there?
  12. We have a whole generation of fans who don't, or rarely, have the the opportunity to get down the KP due to it being sold out or there only being a couple of hundred singles left. It's obvious we need an extra 10k seats.
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