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  1. Yep. Fatigue starting to cause ill-discipline from Exeter isn't it. Much more enjoyable game having French refs, let two certain yellows go today
  2. Some great games today. Thought Leinster were done when Sexton went off. Proper team of winners.
  3. Should be the end of him at International level then hopefully. Don't see how he makes the squad ahead of Coady if he can't even get into Spurs defence.
  4. That should be an absolutely cracking game.
  5. Does this actually grind your gears or are you joking?
  6. Backed Sharjah but you can't really argue when you lose to a horse like that.
  7. Any decent offers flying around? Missed the fiver free bet with PP on the first.
  8. Rationale? Doesn't have any form to speak of.
  9. Surely you let it ride and lay some of the ones you think are dodgy.
  10. This is a particularly emotive subject given the perpetrator is supposed to be the one protecting the victim. I believe that's where the outcry of emotion is coming from. This has touched people's hearts and I can absolutely see why people took to the streets to attend the vigil, pandemic or not. If I was a cynical man I'd suggest the reason it was policed was to try and stop it gathering more momentum and thus causing more distrust for the Met, rather than it being "illegal" due to the pandemic.
  11. What a shocking game Mings is having. Being dominated by fvcking Joelinton hahaha
  12. Get on the cards in the Villa v Wolves game. Only 1 yellow been shown so far but there's been plenty of challenges going in already.
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