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  1. Fairly sure he was in charge for Barnsley and Preston away too? Two of my favourite away days during that period.
  2. As it stands, does anyone think we can win in Australia?
  3. Unsurprisingly with Duff as manager they're organised defensively as he was a solid Championship player. Look like they can play a bit too to be fair.
  4. I genuinely think Rachid Ghezzal is a better winger than Arsenal's £72 million Pepe.
  5. Mate, we've played 19 (nineteen) games out of a 38 game season. I think you need to get your brain into gear if you're getting worked up about other teams results this early.
  6. Anyone got any cycling machine recommendations for someone over 6 foot tall? Finding it really grim getting out in this weather so figured I might invest in an indoor one..
  7. Is the weekend of the 20th February for FA Cup 5th round games?
  8. Great final this. Fair play Bingtao, just won't go away.
  9. Hope we don't show these too much respect in the week. They are definitely there to be got at.
  10. Their version of a meat feast. Definitely had salami and maybe a pepperoni or ham vibe. I probably left it in a minute or two too much and the crust did start to crumble, but dipping it into a load of garlic mayo saw that issue off.
  11. Just to add to this. I had a Ristorante frozen pizza for the first time last night and it was delicious. Always thought they looked at bit poverty but how wrong I was. 2021 eh..
  12. Great draw. They'll be concentrating on the league like last year.
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