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  1. Championship 2017/18

    Spoke to a season ticket holder through work and he reckons those figures are complete fabrications. He reckons they've regularly had no more than 16k the last few months.
  2. World Snooker Championships 2018

    Should be an interesting one. Plenty of big names on Selby's side of the draw. Kyren Wilson has been in some decent form recently and surely wins a major sometime soon, so i'm going to back him. Not on the kindest half of the draw though as he'll potentiall have to beat Murphy, Selby and Trump before even getting to the final.
  3. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Sounded really good on my stream first half. Commentators were commenting on it throughout. Still in the top 5 in the league IMO.
  4. Home Form - last win 20th January

    Positive: Only 1 defeat in 5
  5. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Well I meant more from a 'most of the team that made my dream come true has either left or is past it' sentimental stance to be honest mate..
  6. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    I know it had to happen eventually but seeing only 3 of that iconic 11 playing tonight is all a little bit sad.
  7. Safe standing - time to act

    Even Arsene Wenger is on board. He may be a divisive figure these days but it's good to see someone in such a high profile position back it https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43822854
  8. Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    DUSAN TADIC. Absolutely lovely little footballer
  9. Southampton pre match

    I'm literally laughing out loud cos this is 100% happening
  10. The final 6: The race for 7th.

    Don't think this group has got it in them to finish 7th from here and tomorrow's defeat will confirm that.
  11. Safe standing - time to act

    Infuritating and frankly pathetic.
  12. 1) Safe standing. 2) Make the KOP something like the double decker. 3) Sensible pricing to ensure customers attend the less desirable games.
  13. Puel

    Glad someone is finally talking sense.
  14. Golf

    Yeah can't argue with his bottle the last few in fairness. Still probably the least popular winner of a golf tournament ever though.
  15. Golf

    On him too man. That one sliding off has finished it sadly.