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  1. Cannot believe how bad this is. What has happened to Sheff U?
  2. Yeah but are you getting the jumper or not?
  3. Jonny Evans' 3rd game in 6 days tonight
  4. Bosnia are a lovely price tonight. About 5/6 against a Northern Ireland side they beat twice last year in the nations league.
  5. What date is our first group stage game?
  6. Me too. Was sat near him waiting for a flight at Manchester airport. I nodded at him and he nodded back. True story.
  7. Let's be honest, all fans attending any sporting event no matter what level is going to come to a halt again in a week or two max isn't it.
  8. Pathetic. They'll get absolutely slated for that and rightly so.
  9. I deposited £10.05, put the 5p bet on then withdrew the £10.00. Easy.
  10. Fitting that such an important player in that era scored the winning goal to clinch the title at Bolton. Love the man.
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