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  1. Crikey, shame they didn't really get at our back 4. What are you on tonight?
  2. Free £5 bet on Paddy Power for England v Scotland for all customers. No deposit required. You're welcome.
  3. When BBC Sport catfish you into clicking a headline only for it to be bloody women's football or cricket.
  4. How's Jenas slagging the striker off there? Depay has a tap in there.
  5. Why's he talking like Hazard and Witsel have turned this game on it's head? They may as well not be there, it's all De Bruyne.
  6. This is an incredible over from Lilley. If he wasn't this poor usually I'd suspect some match fixing or something.
  7. Scotland are so racist for not kneeling
  8. Yeah haha. He did seem like a likeable bloke in fairness.
  9. Some are great though. This morning I watched some fat bloke from Barnsley sit outside a burger place reviewing it in his camping chair and table.
  10. A mate (Leeds ST holder) sent me the link for that chant this morning. Already cringing at our lot attempting that.
  11. It's the bookies covering their backs as so many English fans will blindly back them all day long.
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