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  1. Frankfurt to qualify at over 2/1 is a sensational price tonight lads
  2. Literally nobody cares about Norwich I don't think mate.
  3. On Henrik Stenson... It's not the best start.
  4. Oh my God I love him. Talk about completely galvanising the support already.
  5. I once saw Lee Peltier at the Trafford Centre in Manchester about 6 years ago. Was mental.
  6. Remember being stood at Middlesbrough on the first day of the season hearing that Vardy was starting thinking Pearson had officially lost it. How extraordinarily wrong I was (and plenty others too i'd imagine...)
  7. To be fair that one has been rejuvenated pretty recently hasn't it? I wouldn't know what the 'new' words were if I heard that
  8. There is absolutely no way their agent got anything in the compensation package in the Patricio deal.
  9. Hopefully their seasons get derailed after getting knocked out of the cup this weekend
  10. In terms of value to the starting XI then it's a no brainer isn't it. Obviously you'd have Tielemans over Maguire if it came down to it. As much as I like Maguire and want him to stay, I can't help but feel his head might have been turned by Man Utd (if a deal hasn't already been agreed)
  11. Don't try and be clever about it, it clearly is about respect and that's why you're getting the reactions you are. He dragged us back through the dirt at our lowest point, you ought to remember that before posting on the subject again.
  12. Foden and Winks are the two central midfielders England need to get in the team the next couple of years. We've got a decent chance at world cup 2022 if they do.
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