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  1. walkerleeds

    Brendan Rodgers

    Great technician
  2. walkerleeds

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    I reckon they will go on some sort of 'tour' which they are finalising the details of.
  3. walkerleeds

    Betting Thread

    Mate, it's called a 'gamble' for a reason. Nothing is certain. If some elements weren't down to luck and it was all science we would all win. Simple as.
  4. walkerleeds

    How City may line up next season ...

    No it was absolutely, definitely, 100%, a serious post.
  5. walkerleeds


    Vardy represents everything we are / were / want to be again. It should be him.
  6. walkerleeds

    Jonjo Shelvey, should he be at the world cup?

    He would be a complete liability discipline wise but he should be starting alongside Wilshere for me.
  7. walkerleeds


    Disabled in the legs or head?
  8. walkerleeds

    Hamza Choudhury

    Hamza and Kingy in CM are the future of LCFC
  9. walkerleeds


    I know $1 billion is a lot of money but spread out over 8 years it really isn't a massive amount is it? What's stopping any other platform offering 10x more for a sought after fight than these? Or are they going to have 3 quality fights a year alongside 13 poverty ones to balance the books?
  10. walkerleeds

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    We've got our Leicester(shire) back. We've got our Leicester(shire) back....
  11. walkerleeds

    World Snooker Championships 2018

    Bit of a boring percentage player Williams is. Fair play he did the business tonight but wont be missed after this tournament in fairness.
  12. walkerleeds


    It's notoriously extremely difficult to make signings in the January window, let alone signings to try and change the entire complexion of the squad. I also think it's similarly difficult to drop established, influential and senior players such as Morgan and Simpson if they are available for selection. Morgan was actually very good at the start of Puel's reign remember, so not picking (before injury) an in form fully fit club captain really would have a rocked the boat in what is by all accounts a volatile group of players, don't you think? I would 100% share your concern if in the new season we continue to play Morgan and Simpson etc whilst trying to play this passing style, but i'm happy to start the season with him at the helm and really hope our recruitment team (it isn't Puel's job to get deals over the line, merely to recommend signings remember) do their job this summer to support him. Sadly, he is a dead man walking and all of the above is all fairly futile, but that's my take on it.
  13. walkerleeds


    Sorry but for me it's time for the players to start taking responsibility. I would like a few fresh faces this summer prompting a change in the waters within the squad, because i'm sick to death of trying to get behind the new manager, only for the players to down tools if they don't get their own way. I am right behind Puel (I was at Palace on Saturday, by the way) and hope he gets the summer to sort this squad out.
  14. walkerleeds

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    Time to go back to tried and tested at the back: Kasper Simpson Morgan Huth Fuchs The rest will take care of itself.