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  1. How long does a 'glute' injury keep you out for then roughly?
  2. 'But, but, but I've had a season ticket for 17 years in the Kop with the same 8 people and we like to chat at the game not chant'
  3. Anyone in Burnley have a spare going? Last minute I know..
  4. Nah I just enjoy watching people make a positive impact in life/ society and don't like negativity, particularly when people are being shot down for simply trying to make a change.
  5. What like when we were rock bottom until about March and yet still finished 14th?
  6. Presumably it was bouncing today and the players who've got us to 2nd in the league and a cup semi final so far were given our full support at the full time whistle?
  7. Just watched 4 minutes of the Newcastle one and couldn't do any more. Beggars belief people watch the guy every week.
  8. Rightly so. People want to talk about silverware not league positions you oddball.
  9. N'didi got fvcking injured in that 10 minute cameo against Wigan didn't he
  10. Least we'll potentially have a good day out in London if nothing else
  11. Would actually be quite funny if we manage to not win from here
  12. Such a shame this type of mentality is so prevalent with football fans these days. It's blatantly obvious potentially moving UFS (or any group of fans wanting to make a noise for that matter) more central in the 'Kop' would help the atmosphere spread around the ground and ultimately help the team, but because it might inconvenience a few people it is immediately shot down. I'm not having a go at you by the way, you may not even sit in the Kop or go to a game for all I know, but the passive attitude of most of this fan base is really disheartening.
  13. Just read Vardy is injured? Anyone else seen that? I thought he was just being rested..
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