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  1. I'm more confident of us beating Spurs than them but what a great opportunity to stamp our mark on the top 4 tomorrow.
  2. Why would you wheel away in celebration when you know its a blatant handball hahaha
  3. Yeah I'm kinda willing Villa on for the same reason
  4. Do we have to watch Liverpool get a guard of honour every game now?
  5. Hahahaha he actually a yellow for that. What an absolute embarrassment the guy is.
  6. Burnley play better football than us right now. Let that sink in ladies and gents.
  7. 6 points and a massive goal advantage with 7 games to play. It's nowhere near done and dusted yet.
  8. Imagine how loud the boos would be if the fans were there today hahaha
  9. Seems to be one the those refs who'll give a free kick to any player who falls to the floor first.
  10. Why does everyone seem to think the massively inconsistent sides below us will suddenly go on 8 game winning streaks?
  11. Not even bothered if we lose today. One Nigel Pearson.
  12. He'll probs hit 20 goals this season, I reckon they'd want £50mill you know
  13. They'd want silly money but Ings is the ready made replacement for Vardy
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