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  1. Not the next Kante... However a few years ago when Man Utd were linked to Mendy he was the next Makelele.... Kante and Makelele are different players! So If anything we have our own Makelele.
  2. Just ride it. Puel sees him in training 5 days a week we don’t.
  3. Morgan will be the only man to defeat Chuck Norris. Man is invincible.
  4. sorry i think i meant that Egyptian fella
  5. Lallana has been incredible for a year and played out his skin .. Single handily got Liverpool to the champions league final and all sorts...
  6. Benalouane is is fuming because he was in a relationship with Chilwell until Maddison arrived.
  7. if it was phil foden he would be and PFA Young player of the year already.
  8. Hardly a dud? He’s 21 years old and expected to fulfil his potential about 5 years early by you lot. Give him a break.
  9. with Albrighton on the right he will always be there and sit in for him!
  10. or just tell Ricardo to not attack as much? Crazy that we purchased one of the top young right backs in the world (apparently) and use amartey still there.
  11. They are undeniably good but lets not pretend its a prime Messi Suarez and Neymar from a few years ago.
  12. i imagine we will see how Good Mendy and Ndidi really are on Saturday compared to Naby Keïta who everyone is raving about.
  13. its not on Fox nbc or beinSports or any other channel in the world so very much doubt we will get stream!
  14. that is a bit ambitious. But good luck to you!
  15. Shows the levels between championship and premier league because Sessegnon hasn’t looked that good at all. He’s obviously young and will be a great great player in the years to come he 100% won’t be getting a call up for the next squad.
  16. Yeah I agree and Shaw apparently had good game tonight.
  17. I started watchin at 50 mins and the first thing the commentators said was how poor he’s played!!
  18. Something happens every time Ndukwu gets the ball.. I think he may be next to grace the first team properly. Especially with puel watchin
  19. What Ched Evans who is only guilty of shagging a girl in a hotel room?
  20. Name a talented flair player that doesn't have dash of cockyness/arrogance? Genuine question?
  21. im so shocked that buying so many shite European players hasnt worked immediately The jurys out on fulham failing like this aswell.
  22. hes honestly worse than sterling.. apparently Maddison has a machine gun and gangland signs tattoos all over his body as well.
  23. Yes Unpopular opinion but one of the most poor decisions was that we put far to much trust into the team that won the league. . that team was never going to hit them heights again without the core being dramatically strengthened with some key players. I suppose its hard dropping players after winning the league but in hindsight that was 100% needed.
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