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  1. Who knows. But we have survived a Vardy goal drought, so once he starts on a run again, anything is possible. Quite fancy a European Trophy myself.
  2. When us over 65s are inoculated, will we be allowed back to games, cup final? New chants needed. 'All we are saying is give us a...what's it called again dear?'
  3. Vardy, now please. Time for a goal, need another couple to be sure.
  4. Missread this as Andrea Bocelli.... (He"s already got the shirt)
  5. Just can't see where the points to avoid relegation are going to come from.
  6. Bit worried Vardy's hip injury may be permanent, wonder if injections alone are keeping him going for 60 minutes. This is not sustainable, so think we need to act in this transfer window NOW or we fade away like last year. Gerrimminnnnnnn.
  7. Did we struggle on that pitch, which looked like Welford Road. No wonder we play better away.
  8. Need to Youri and Madders on the ball. Getting out muscled in midfield.
  9. Snog, Marry, Avoid? Time for a poll someone.
  10. Turkish delights covered with finest Belgian chocolates. Not just any midfield but LCFC midfield.
  11. And big Wes? Putting the band back together.
  12. So we're at The Deadwood Stage. Cue song (another one for our older readers.)
  13. From a set piece or corner, obviously.
  14. Brendan is all about Controlling the game for 60 mins and then unleashing Under after JJ and Albrighton have run them into the ground. COYB
  15. Saw a young lad play 50 games on the wing for City before being switched to centre forward. Gary something. Bit hazy but think that worked out ok.
  16. Just saying 'no it isn't', isn't an argument.
  17. Vaccine 'ramping up' to 200,000 a week, and we need 2 shots. It will take 68 months ( or 5 and a half years) at this rate.
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