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  1. not really, also henry winter is one of most sympathetic journalists to our club they have disgraced themselves
  2. the sun not reporting wes was there, hoping wes' presence was more fleeting trying to avoid them doing anything stupid really trying to find a way not to completely appalled by him; love the bloke to pieces, an absolute legend at leicester, cant understand how he could be so thick clutching at straws to create rationale he was not being at moronic as the others
  3. hmmmm after the city game a week ago, seems a bit OTT to me would love to know what this house party was, cos if it was just the players after the game seems very disproportional
  4. this is proper old isn't it; he has not said this again recently he almost apologised for this interview, I really dont think he meant it to come across the way it did
  5. gerrbrand is a wind-up; never remember heard of him
  6. after leeds & arsenal games thought he would be a real player, both those assists were class and played a few balls through the middle to vardy reminiscent of riyad in the championship think there is a very solid premiership player in under, but for various reasons do not think it is going to work with us; nothing against him though think he is very talented
  7. Never seen he has most clean sheets in clubs history... did club even mention anything? They should have
  8. kasper is top 10 keeper in the world, if that is the barometer he is world class
  9. was thinking a lot of press about football clubs and furlough schemes was pretty stupid scheme designed to help business whose income was severely disrupted due to the pandemic, judging from PL clubs accounts they have all been completely battered for a year
  10. season didnt finish until july and our year end is 31st may; so maybe one of reasons results so bad
  11. not sure if disrespectful; im sure RDL & vardy were really close, always remember them saying with nuge & GTF, they all really got on sounds like RDL just enjoying winding papers up
  12. have we got a timeline on the harvey injury yet, Brendan was giving optimistic vibes but we all know how that usually goes....
  13. https://www.s24su.com/forum/index.php?threads/leicester-5-united-0-report-and-pod.85545/ a brief mention of us, which think is pretty fair to us atm, feel sorry for their fans
  14. sometimes stats are useful but fairly sure JV's assists all miss out on the number of OG's he has been directly responsible for goals against: untited, spurs & shef u were all goals created by him entirely
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