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  1. eblair

    Poor TV pundits with sh#te opinions

    clearly not inoffensive to you though
  2. eblair

    Matty James

    Love matty to pieces and think he's more than good enough to be starting for us; hate seeing some fans saying its obvious silva (who they have not properly seen play) will establish himself in front of him. Only problem is he will inevitably get injured again, finger crossed he wont though
  3. eblair

    Mahrez- tumble

    does anyone know why he dived though? he's through on goal and decides to hit the deck when we have no decent penalty taker in the side... riyad's logic
  4. eblair

    Gordon Banks at 80

    came back for the everton game, didnt he? absolute gent and legend
  5. eblair


    leicester fans, in same calendar year schmeichel becomes first keeper ever to save a penalty in both legs of a champions league knock out, think he should be dropped... feck me he's going through a rough patch but it is our role as supporters to support players, especially ones who have legendary status at the club
  6. eblair

    Watford Away Match Thread

    this message board never fails to amaze me, but this is something else
  7. eblair

    Watford Away Match Thread

    yes cos vardy's won us two league titles and got us in the champions league quarter final...
  8. shocked mahrez is not running away with, maguire has had a few really good games but has made way too many mistakes for a centre half to be considered our best player up to now, tbh wes has had a better year (not saying i dont love or rate maguire, just everyone's going overboard cause we havent seen a centre half who can control the ball since 1980)
  9. eblair

    Martin Atkinson today

    ndidi was already going to ground at beginning, he lost his balance i.e. was not a dive
  10. eblair

    Huth and James

    do people not remember how well james was playing before he got injured this year and in 2015/6; will always be a good option in the squad
  11. eblair

    Man City Match Thread

    anyone else listening to commentary trying to claim ref got it right
  12. eblair

    Come Home Nigel

    proud member of cult pearson here, but do not remember end of 2016 as flat - remember seeing my dad on video going mental in a london pub colonised by leicester fan, remember crying out of sheer pride, jubilation and exhaustion, remember birch beaming, dont remember flat
  13. eblair

    Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    this was what i thought might have happened #ultrapearsonite
  14. Dont understand criticism of mahrez at all, we all know he drifts but yesterday he covered and defended well, created chances. His pass to slimani was great football, shame slim is shite. Gray on the other hand was fookin diabolical, no idea where he thought he was playing, dont think he did either
  15. eblair

    That Slimani shot

    it's a crap finish simples, 30m and you at a minimum want a striker with the nouse not to chip it against courtois, even if he had beaten courtois the defender of line likely could have cleared it - was a stupid finish