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  1. honestly just needs his time to get his head together, think he is probably a player missing the support of fans more than most needs some love from people not his own fans slating him on forums ffs we have all seen him play well in big games for us, let's stop turning on players after a rough patch for christ's sake
  2. no leicester players in a totm we are top of the league and battered city
  3. that warmed my heart, love them both, proper legends
  4. None that stat literally accounts for likelihood of a shot being a goal, not a perfect stat but is relatively useful
  5. well he is not kasper well higher on actuals goals relative to xG https://fbref.com/en/comps/9/3232/keepersadv/2019-2020-Premier-League-Stats
  6. kasper 100% better than pope, non debate. kasper gets a lot of stick for his feet from leicester fans but very unwarranted, think all keepers who try passes miss a few, just we only watch kasper religiously each week think goalkeeeping biggest position where watching your own keeper each week really exaggerates their weaknesses relative to other; bloke is a leicester legend who hopefully will get into top 10 for most apps of all time
  7. never seen that chilwell thing before
  8. so funny we used to talk about top 6 of the championship, mad how much we have grown as a football club
  9. flip them around, 24m euros around 18m pounds
  10. love lloyd, why didn't he just sign with us in the prem for one year, feel like as a club we probably owed him a 2-year contract though
  11. always remember how fondly he spoke about pearson year we won the champ; he said something about pearson's being manager than listened to his input the most assume all manager's after that gradually got less keen to listen to him
  12. how do internationals work in countries players need to isolate if they come back from?
  13. Player - Dickov then next is hume First memory - villa at home at filbert street (crouch played as a very young kid, and dad told me piper would play for england one day)
  14. when pearson 3.0 happens you might need to jog on to coventry
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