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  1. kasper easily most under appreciated player by our own fans, but think that is fairly typical for a keeper and no slight on our fans. very rarely makes mistakes and very often wins us points gonna end up being one of most capped leicester players of all time as well
  2. throwing your toys out because you're not being played is very different from demanding to leave as the star player; don't think any fan will begrudge a player for forcing a move to play football, especially if not to a team that beats us all the bleedin time
  3. well leicester city are 3rd in the premier league, which with the exception of 2016 is a freaky season and our best since the 1960s; so think tielemans playing centre mid all season has probably been "good"
  4. says a lot our two best players at the club still talk about Nigel in glowing terms
  5. everytime i rewatch this, all the emotions come back to me. remember feeling incandescently angry and sick after the pen decision to west ham watching it 4 years later still absolutely no idea how he gives both of those pens, and how he did not give the one for huth
  6. we have against city, aguero still love kasper
  7. starting CB, what's wrong with Cags + Evans; and wtf do we need a new keeper when have 4 decent one on our books (jakupovic, iversen + ward)
  8. all true apart from i see a rogue name there, the greatest player in our club's history............
  9. Marc Albrighton the literal winger when we won the league = dire trouble this website man
  10. Kasper kicking thing is a nonsense, think every proper fan who watches their team week in and out thinks their keeper kicks the ball out too often
  11. no one has said starting xi tonight yet, so i'll do it tonight's starting xi
  12. Do blame him. Rodgers tactics left him out to dry tbh. Can’t mahrez & kdb doubling up on him
  13. Come on Harvey - You lot are gonna be so fickle
  14. this thread is bizarre, he has shown bits of quality and if he had a bit more composure he had 5 goals this season to add to the fact he has most assists in our team this year vardy scored 5 his first season in the prem, everyone slagging a leicester kid off needs to have a look in the mirror
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