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  1. Martin Atkinson today

    ndidi was already going to ground at beginning, he lost his balance i.e. was not a dive
  2. Huth and James

    do people not remember how well james was playing before he got injured this year and in 2015/6; will always be a good option in the squad
  3. Man City Match Thread

    anyone else listening to commentary trying to claim ref got it right
  4. Come Home Nigel

    proud member of cult pearson here, but do not remember end of 2016 as flat - remember seeing my dad on video going mental in a london pub colonised by leicester fan, remember crying out of sheer pride, jubilation and exhaustion, remember birch beaming, dont remember flat
  5. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    this was what i thought might have happened #ultrapearsonite
  6. Dont understand criticism of mahrez at all, we all know he drifts but yesterday he covered and defended well, created chances. His pass to slimani was great football, shame slim is shite. Gray on the other hand was fookin diabolical, no idea where he thought he was playing, dont think he did either
  7. That Slimani shot

    it's a crap finish simples, 30m and you at a minimum want a striker with the nouse not to chip it against courtois, even if he had beaten courtois the defender of line likely could have cleared it - was a stupid finish
  8. well when he turns to shit, we know the thread to blame
  9. L S F

    it is in the main advert for the new premier league season as a football chant and it sounds mega
  10. first ten games of the season
  11. Club Captain?

    wes morgan, probably, the greatest Leicester City captain ever... cannot understand the logic of our fans sometimes he literally captained us to our greatest achievement, we won the league with him as our captain
  12. I don't know how the porto ref wasn't the worst on the year, don't think there's another game where a ref hasn't made a major decision but still the ref is the defining memory of that game. Also odd to see our worst and best refs have all been from the champions league
  13. What CBs should we target this summer?

    Mertesacker 100% think he would suit us and we would suit him, the only issue wages
  14. Slimani

    All the players that are liked on here you have named have earned legendary status at this club after last year, slim has done nothing that compares for leicester. The snide you had at vardy suggests you havent seen us play ever as well, very rarely since ranieri departed has he played badly in a game unlike slim
  15. Slimani

    usain bolt is 6'4; slimani is slow for a premier league striker, this must be obvious to anyone who has ever watched him