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  1. I expect the clubs concerned would still like their 'B' teams to be able to play in their respective leagues to give their player game time and the eligible squad size increased to somewhere around 50. How many fans in Toxteth or Worsley can afford a weekly European tour? It'd become a fan free, corporate hospitality zone. Hmmmm. Clinks of champagne glasses to every movement on the pitch. No shouting with mouths full of vol-au-vent and canapes.
  2. Just wait till we play some games against more of the proper teams. 31 points to go.
  3. They deserve it. Shitty playing even more shitty.
  4. Barnes has been our worst player today by some way
  5. Think we need some Hong Kong betting syndicate to buy an own goal for us sometime.
  6. Barnes must be out of sorts today - jogging everywhere with no urgency. Or he was out on the piss last night till 10pm.
  7. Hamza to get sent off - top prediction
  8. Barnes has been worse than Perez today
  9. Can we hold on for another 23 minutes?
  10. Canned crowd is singing well today
  11. I just hope Schmeichel makes some friggin saves rather than picking the ball out of the net as is his way these days.
  12. I claim the mystic meg prize today, just need that to be a auto-correct setting on the PC.
  13. WH wanted it - LC didn't have a clue what to do with no attacking midfield bar Perez. FFS it's Perez. No attacking midfield.
  14. Their keeper rushes out and Vardy misses. Our keeper, well you'd have to drag him off the line kicking and screaming.
  15. On thebrighter side of life, 31 points needed from 34 games.
  16. Match ratings are going to be low today. Max 3 for defenders, max 5 for midfielders and Vardy might as well have had the day off for all the ball he has seen.
  17. WH have been so much better heading today in attack and defence.
  18. Lets hope we can find an own goal to get into this game
  19. Slowly slowly passy slowly lose it
  20. 60 minutes and not one shot at goal - well I never
  21. Thats Danny off for another 2 years.
  22. Our defence is embarassing today. Its free reign for the clarets
  23. No changes - no point messing with a winning formula
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