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    Tapping up

    The are quite strict rules about clubs tapping up, approaching, players from another club held under contract to play for another club. The rules are: "if a club wants to procure the services of a player registered with another club, they must speak directly with that club and not to the player or his representatives. The player and his representatives will only be brought in for discussions with the potential purchasing club once the two clubs have agreed a fee." It seems that Manchester United have been using the England dressing room as a recruitment center. Seems the rules need to be added to to also include players acting on their clubs instruction.
  2. You forgot key upgrades and majorly long extensions for Matty James and some guy called Brendan Rodgers. Then what are these extensions worth seeing Maguire and Mahrez had long term deals which counted for not a lot and for others it seems a positive disincentive. Drinkwater is the shining example of that at Chelsea where £5mn a year is plenty to persuade him to piss away the remainder of his career. Only Vardy seem to be honoring his cotract extension whilst still delivering in spite of pretty poor service received.
  3. What is the point of this thread when we have this website page?
  4. I would only be sad to see the following players not start for us next season, Soju, Evans, Justin, Ricardo, Maddison and Vardy. So massive scope for upgrade recruitment, about £500mn should do it.
  5. My positivity stretches to BR will start the season as Leicester City manager but I very much doubt he will finish the season a Leicester City manager.
  6. Stunning form heading into the new season - can't wait.
  7. The commentator - Leicester won 8 in a row then only 6 from the last 21 - finding their level maybe You couldn't make this shit up. Or its a 36pt season next season
  8. I haven't watched the game as I've retired into lockdown until next season because its all been too pitiful to watch, since december if we are honest. With 3/4 of the back line out though its got to be likely we will ship 10 goals in the last 2 games.
  9. Rodgers has crossed a threshold with yesterdays debacle. His approval rating plummeted after the game and its hard to see where the points are going to come from in the remainder of the season. Assuming the team performs to form then we will finish 7th and the form of late will be more like 17th. Heading into the new season will be when we know within 10 games if Rodgers will last the season or be gone and on current form, he will be gone in the Autumn.
  10. Millwall loss in the FA Cup in 2017. Actually, that was a crap 90 minute display.
  11. Cannot wait for the match rating on this game
  12. "Leicester’s collapse has been amazing. We thought Bournemouth looked woebegone in the first half but they have fallen apart completely."
  13. "Leicester’s collapse has been amazing. We thought Bournemouth looked woebegone in the first half but they have fallen apart completely."
  14. I cannot be arsed - cancelling the rest of the season. See you all next year hopefully differnt team and different manager.
  15. My projection of 7th is looking inspired.
  16. I really enjoyed April to June.
  17. They haven't won a game in 38 coming from behind then Leicester City turn up. Funny as fuk.
  18. First time since I can remeber that we can press.
  19. Just a question - what does Perez bring to the team?
  20. With no crowds its like watching a pub match on a Sunday. About the same punt and hope level of play too.
  21. I missed the game - again. Keep forgetting after so long locked down that i haven't seen a game since the restart. Reads like i haven't missed anything. CL qualification is fading fast and will soon be gone, never mind winning the FA cup will make up for it nicely.
  22. I think we could sneak 6th. Its all gone pear shape since BR got his new bumper contract. That seems to have affected the players. Carry this form into the next season and 17th will be a good result.
  23. Well the score will be something to nothing. I'm going to guess at a 3 - 0 we've been played with scoreline.
  24. I'm still in total lockdown mode, I didn't even remember this game was happening until 2 hours after it finished. Never mind.
  25. Wolves three points behind, in January they were 15 points behind. The European tour is starting to look like a Europa tour, maybe.
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