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  1. We need to send Wilf our get well ASAP wishes.
  2. The match ratings are going to help Chilwell get some closer company this week.
  3. No urgency, still strolling around at 5mph
  4. We are this years Spurs. Title challengers at Christmas and has beens by New Year.
  5. First game Burnley have come from behind for ages. They need the points more than us.
  6. We aren't staying top 4 like this
  7. We;ve been poor since the manager got his new bumper contract.
  8. Burnley are hunting in packs and we are still playing at 5mph
  9. That was classic how not to try to tackle.
  10. This is playing out like a relegation dog fight 6 pointer.
  11. Perez doing the same as Barnes - Peel off the defender and run away from the cross pass. WTF is that about?
  12. NBC can't wait for the proper game to start today. Get this sideline shit over ASAP.
  13. The stream I'm watching just went back 4 minutes, guess that means I get to miss a lot of half time.
  14. Gap between the midfield and forwards is massive.
  15. For the Barnes lovers maybe they can explain why he peeled off and away from the defender to run away from the cross sent over to him?
  16. Barnes and Perez are just about as good as eachother at holding the ball.
  17. With Chilly, Tielemans both said to be tired. Makes you wonder how we could cope with a 50+ game season next year. Its time Perez and Barnes did a bit of stepping up as they are both well overdue a good performance.
  18. Hasper had his best showing for years. Others all pretty crap, especially chilwell. Chilwell was before this game the lowest ranked player in the forum match rankings. I think he has helped secure that spot after the display today.
  19. Full time: Leicester 1-2 Southampton A glorious and deserved win for Southampton, who exorcised that 9-0 defeat with a quite wonderful performance at the King Power Stadium. Bravo.
  20. Chilwell has given up with forward passes to a Southampton player and now just passing back when we need a goal
  21. This game beats the Liverpool on for how bad can you possibly play
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