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  1. I think he's had his head turned. At least when it comes to heading in the box.
  2. I agree. Out of the sides at the bottom at the moment, they have played the best football in spells. Complacency is a no no.
  3. You always pick on Mendy. FFS. He was shit at going foward against Man City and Leeds wasn't he? 🙄
  4. 40 yards out. Screamer. Could not have caught it better.
  5. Pleased with that in the end. Great character in the second half. I think we would have got the win with a better balanced line up from the off though. The boy from Syston in the Charnwood District did well.
  6. Kasper pulling out some cracking saves this evening.
  7. The shot was good, bad miss earlier. The guy needs time before jumping on this back.
  8. With Zorya winning, we really need to go for this and get at least a draw to go through this evening.
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