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  1. Villa and Wolves the Old Firm of the West Midlands?
  2. Great. Would this mean promoting nine teams from the Championship to replace them. Or promoting six and not relegating Fulham, West Brom and Sheff Utd? Barnsley in the Premier League? Millwall also if they decide to promote nine!
  3. I expect I am late on the game as I see this was originally posted ten days ago and it has just run and run. Quoted Bert as I think he is one who ought to see it. I know two people who, since the start of the pandemic, have gone beyond depression and have tried to top themselves. One of them is my neighbour. Both have survived but what happened to them is life-changing. Talking to somebody is a start. Posting on here might help if you are really lucky but is a poor substitute for talking to someone face to face. If there is somebody like that how about meeting outside and g
  4. I didn't know anyone had asked me to draw the King Power!
  5. A sample of my art work, the first time I have done a Leicester scene for a - very - long time. Original picture is insanely large, about 12 x the resolution of this image.
  6. Will the recorded crowd noise make a crescendo of boos at the final whistle?
  7. Don't fellas usually look at these when they are sitting in the toilet?
  8. Had you been playing too much Football Manager?
  9. Spuds and Manure both ahead in their matches. Would be quite nice if one - or even both of them - went out in this round.
  10. It would be a really good story in the press even if it was just a media fabrication with no element of truth. It would wind up the entitled Spuds fans no end.
  11. It sounds more like the stiffs with about 50 people in the stands.
  12. If the Old Firm were ever allowed into the EPL the TV money would enable them to compete on equal terms pretty quickly. It is a bit ridiculous that two clubs which can attract crowds of 50,000 every week in normal times have a derisory playing budget comparable with Bournemouth and Burnley. I don't think the money men would consider what might happen if either of them were relegated. That would be a problem for the English and Scottish FAs to sort out. It has been talked about for years and nothing has happened. At the present Scottish independence is much more likely, and this has been g
  13. Don't often agree with Jon on politics but I do on this. The 2 minute interview is pointless. About as much use as BT / Sky Sports soccer highlights where you get the goals and nothing else.
  14. What a great thread. I am just about old enough to remember seeing old Leyland PDs in the older mostly maroon colours as shown here. Sometimes you could see the hand brush marks on the paintwork. I have done a drawing of New Walk which I will put on here in the next few weeks.
  15. The prominent person with a messy barnet that you are talking about just can't resist the oxygen of publicity!
  16. You probably ought to. Flu is another coronavirus and the smart scientific talk is that the flu jabs for the autumn of 2021 will include a top up to combat the latest mutations of Covid-19. This is so that we don't run the risk of a further wave of infections and tens of thousands of deaths in the winter of 2021-22. Meanwhile I was at my GP surgery yesterday and I was told that although I am not over 65 I have been put in Tier 6 for vaccination. Considering that vaccination of all the over 80s in my town was completed over three weeks ago and they started over 70s last week my turn is not that
  17. You are welcome to correct me if I am wrong but I believe the current Merc A class has Renault Megane underpinnings. A workmate has one and compared to my Skoda it is certainly not a step up except in price. Not as big inside, engine not as refined, diesel won't get anywhere near the 70 mpg I enjoy, and that enormous cliff of a dashboard makes the front seat area seem quite cramped.
  18. I loved the 'Staying Up' chant during the league winning season. Would be really sad if City did it again behind closed doors!
  19. We can see what happens on the pitch and it was great to see little old Foxes setting an example. But what happens off the pitch? Are they promptly whisked off to their hotel so they can bath and shower alone? From what I understand about transmission of the virus there is far more risk in the dressing room than there is on the pitch.
  20. Nothing wrong with the string of 1-0 wins on the way to the Premier League title. 3 Points. One nil to the Fo-x-es, One nil to the Fo-x-es, One nil, One nil!
  21. It is almost impossible for me to defend Bozo for anything but this incident just shows how crap the government has been throughout the pandemic. Every other country has clear rules on leaving the house and exercise. This morning I have seen an article online where a police officer has publically declared that he cannot enforce the law because 'local' is meaningless. Unsurprisingly he does not want to cause embarrassment and bad publicity for his force. There will be more incidents like the two women from Ashby. If Bozo was anything of a leader he would confront Patel this morning and de
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