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  1. I didn't realise Tony Capstick came from Leicester! Can we have it in a Leicester accent as well?
  2. I think I know the one you mean. She has been there for years, winter, summer rain or shine. I think she is Romanian. I once lived in Brighton and the police stopped one of the Big Issue sellers. The press report (no internet then!) said he lived in Tunbridge Wells, had a nice flat, 'commuted' to Brighton every day and his estimated income was more than mine with a salary and a mortgage.
  3. I joined Strava a while ago and have remained an active user. I use Strava for walking and cycling but I could be tempted... Unless you decline to use the link to invite me - as a potential disruptive influence - I might be the oldest member of the group!!! I have no idea about using Strava for running on a treadmill. I think I would rather be outside, even if it is winter and cold and wet. If I wear my smart watch when playing the fiddle it confuses it and it counts foot-tapping in time to the music as actual locomotion and augments my step count for the day accordingly!
  4. Down here in sleepy Somerset drugs are nothing new. County lines was probably invented in Somerset. I live in a small town where a few years ago there was a shoot-out on New Years' Eve between rival dealers. One of them lived, but lost half his face!!! Large companies have reacted by imposing random drink and drug tests. Talked to a fella in the pub this evening who is now on call for the next seven days because his bosses sacked two people in the last couple of days for failing drugs tests. He obviously isn't overly concerned about the drinks bit. Over the hill there is a famous farm which will never, ever, be a normal place again. Walk across the farm in April when everything has started growing again but before the build-up for the festival has really started there is stuff six foot high which shouldn't really be growing in an English hedgerow!!!
  5. Quite agree. I lived in Donnie for a while and Silver Street is like a small version of Nottingham.
  6. I am sure you are only joking!!! Diane Abbott, who I met twice, a long time ago when she was not quite so fat, is an appalling person and a worse politician. Promoted way beyond her ability and she is now at an age and state of health where she should gracefully retire. A sort of political version of Junior Lewis, completely out of his depth in the Premier League. But no worse than quite a number of Tory nonentities like Anna Soubry, Chris Grayling and Ian Something Smith. However the two left feet picture during the election was a Tory lie. I have seen a hi-res version of the notorious two left feet photo in the Daily Mail. One of the shoes has a very un-natural and oddly pixellated area around it and it screams mile wide Photoshop fake. If you don't believe me next time you go out try putting on two left shoes. Your feet are extremely unsymmetrical and it is well-nigh impossible to put a shoe on the wrong foot!!!
  7. Work have had a mini league for the last few seasons and I joined this. Fella I work with supports West Ham and the 'convener' 'MC' or whatever you want to call him supports Newcastle. Must not be tempted to gloat but I am top of our mini-league. Not doing too badly either in the much larger LCFC pool. I was up to 7th just before Christmas.
  8. Would you buy a second hand car from this man? Yet we are going to be ruled by them for the next five years.
  9. Interesting thread and I have wanted this for ages. I would happily pay £10 or so just to watch City but it would need to be wherever I happen to be which is not always at home. I would not pay a subscription for a service when I am away from home a lot of the time and I couldn't give a stuff for watching the so-called Big 6. At the moment I try to find a pub with varying degrees of success.
  10. Is this going to become the new post-election thread? It's a good job I am not working today because I dreaded getting up this morning to hear the news I least wanted to hear! I am very rarely on this forum at this time of day!!!
  11. I too thought Keir Starmer was a posh public schoolboy who for some reason joined the Labour party. In fact his origins are more humble than any Labour leader since the emergence of the party with Keir Hardie (after who Starmer was named) and Ramsay MacDonald. Not a middle class son of a clergyman like Corbyn or Brown, not upper middle class like Blair, Foot or Clement Attlee. Nevertheless urbane, honest and extremely articulate he would be my choice to win back Middle England. Either him or Jess Phillips. Don't know what has happened to Liz Kendall but she would be another good shout if she would actually come out from wherever she has been hiding. There will be plenty of opportunities in the next few months when the reality of Bozo in power starts to set in and people realise that Brexit will not suddenly drop off the radar on 31 January. It will be in the news for at least the another year while Brussels tries to push this Tory government into a trade deal that keeps the economies of most of Europe on track and doesn't drop this country off the edge of a cliff.
  12. Kirby and West might have had a rather elegant building on Western Boulevard but their milk floats looked as though someone had cobbled them together in their garage. In fact that is almost true because Kirby and West, although not a manufacturing company, actually 'designed' and built these things in their own workshops. Pretty tough old things they were too. I once saw the aftermath of a collision between one of these and a Ford Capri. Needless to say the Capri came off much worse, losing most of its bonnet while the milk float had one small dent and a couple of scratches. Lots of broken glass and spilt milk all over the road too!
  13. Tory candidate for Broxtowe Darren Henry has prompted anger by suggesting at a hustings meeting last Friday that people using food banks can't manage their budget properly. You can hear audible gasps in the room as he makes his comments. “He’s utterly clueless and lacks the understanding and compassion to be an MP,” said Anna Soubry, former Cabinet Minister and Tory MP for Broxtowe, and seeking re-election as an Independent Group for Change candidate. You just can't make it up sometimes. The whole Tory Party seems to have turned into a bunch of Tory Boy Harry Enfield clones. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/tory-candidate-food-banks-poor-families-budget-darren-henry-broxtowe-a9238076.html
  14. Vic Berry's scrap yard, 1986 There were some proper dumps in Leicester in those days! I remember it from the 70s when most of the Mk 1 coaches and DMUs in this video were still in active service, and Vic Berry's were scrapping the last of the pre-nationalisation coaching stock. There was some interestingly offensive graffiti in the derelict railway buildings on the other side of the Upperton Road, as well. Anyone else remember the ten foot high copper's helmet?
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