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  1. There were no kids in my marriage, however my ex still demanded half. Half of my house, half of my pensions. Of course she demanded that she should be allowed to keep all of her house and all of her pensions. The judge accepted my argument that she should not have been occupying both houses after I left her, and also that her NHS pension is destined to provide her with a much more comfortable retirement than my ragbag motley collection of private and company pensions. She walked away with a bit of money towards her very considerable legal costs but otherwise, nothing.
  2. I was warned months ago that Claudia Webbe was not an upgrade on Vazeline. Starmer has a massive job to do. I suppose that me and thousands of others like me will not take an active interest in Labour while this sort of sh 1t is still endemic. Pandemic???
  3. Stanley Johnson must have realised that the media would get hold of the news but he went ahead anyway. I am quite serious about a move to Scotland but will I actually go there to look for a house while the pandemic is far from done? Bit by bit, the authority and credibility of the government is being undermined by its own supporters. It won't make any difference in the Tory blue-rinse heartlands of Blimpington-on-Sea but it will in Boris Johnson's 'Red Wall' seats where large numbers of Labour voters, with no illusions about Corbyn, stayed at home last December and allowed a Tory to take the seat.
  4. House prices have gone really stupid much further out from London than Reading. I live another 80 miles further west in rural Somerset. No motorway, no train links to anywhere, and most local jobs pay peanuts. Average salary in my town less than £19K, average in Bristol 25 miles north over £33K. No motorway, no train links to anywhere. Nevertheless house price inflation on my 18th century stone cottage has roughly matched your terraced house in Reading and it was also recently valued at 1/4 million.
  5. I saved the deposit for my first house on the strength of regular overtime at a job in a town down south which I hated and was too expensive for me to buy anything anyway.
  6. I don't see a prize button but you get a like!
  7. Nicola Sturgeon has shown strong and decisive leadership throughout and the pandemic has been much better contained in Scotland than it has south of the border. New infections are now at a very low level and there have been no deaths for over a week. While south of the border Boris Johnson waffles and blusters and looks lost at the despatch box without the mob of rowdy and obnoxious public schoolboys behind him. Of course she disagrees with everything Westminster does with good reason. She is leader at Holyrood and not leader of the SNP group of MPs at Westminster for a good reason. Read any Scottish paper and coverage of the events at Holyrood usually eclipse coverage of the Westminster parliament. Support for independence has reached new heights and is now looking a matter of when and not if.
  8. And now a request. I do drawings. Drawings of all sorts of things. Landscapes, town scenes, buses, trains, the lot. Most of them are places I have lived in or regularly visit but there is nothing of Leicester. If anyone has a good quality picture of the crossroads between Upperton Road and Narborough Road from the sixties or seventies I would appreciate a copy. I am aware that the buildings at this location haven't changed much but an older picture would help. I have scoured the internet without success. The reason for posting on here is that it would be about 2 to 2.30 on Saturday afternoon. The picture would include a couple of the old Corpo Leyland buses with crash gearboxes and dimly lit inside by 12v versions of an ordinary domestic incandescent light bulb. And hundreds of people, mostly male, all streaming off in the same direction. Don't need to tell anyone on here where they were going.
  9. I never tried the 3 biros trick to get lines done more quickly. I was once punished by being ordered to write a 2000 word essay on socks. I wasn't the only offender and I can't even remember who the other lad was and what he had to write about. I think the teacher actually read some of my punishment piece because he said a few days later that most of it was utter drivel but there was one or two priceless witticisms worth reading. I never heard of kids being held by their ankles but a friend of mine who I do remember was cornered in a cloakroom by several older lads who emptied a classroom and threw all the desks and chairs at him. Pete hid at the back wall under the wreckage and was quite safe once it had piled up a bit. I liked some of the escapades which avoided punishment. The lad whose name I do remember but I won't mention here who hid in the long grass during games and shot an old man digging his garden with an air rifle. The old fella rubbed his bottom and looked around and presently bent over his vegetable patch and continued digging. Repeat a couple more times. I was lookout and kept an eye on the playing field to make sure nobody had seen us from behind. And when I mixed powder cleaner and liquid bleach in somebody's outside toilet at the back of a terraced house in Tudor Road. My accomplice and I hid and waited for the householder to come out and use his toilet. Because I had put very liberal quantities of powder and bleach in the pan, as soon as he opened the door he was engulfed in a wave of acrid smelling foam! I was also an accomplice with a cruel prank on a fisherman by the canal near where it passes under Upperton Road. We got talking to him and then slipped a stink bomb into his box of hooks and bait and stuff. The canal bank was not quite so clean and tidy in those days so it was easy to find somewhere to hide to watch the unfortunate man go through all the little compartments in his box to find out what had made the smell. A kid tried the same trick on me in Salisbury a few years ago when I was stewarding for a cycle event. I wasn't taken in by his talk and got suspicious and grabbed him by the collar. I told him that I was his age once and I knew exactly what he was about to do. I let him go and he ran off. Sure enough, in the gutter he had dropped a stink bomb.
  10. When I was at school the milk was sometimes half frozen if it was very cold outside. We still had to drink it all before we were allowed out. I have a little collection of old bottles on a shelf in my bathroom which started when I was digging my garden a couple of years ago and I found a couple of old medicine bottles. From the days when medicines were not usually prepackaged and a prescription was coyly titled 'The Mixture' by the chemist. I have bought a few bottles in antique shops since but never seen any of the 1/3 pint bottles which schools had to give to children.
  11. Down here in rural Somerset the locals frequently stop at the side of the road to have a natter to someone they know!
  12. Do you mean the 1980s Stamford Bridge? One new stand and the rest of the ground half derelict. The away end open, even the loos, and a really hostile attitude from the mounted police at the end of the match. Take that stand away and it could have been a larger version of the old Den!!!
  13. League football behind closed doors could technically resume here according to the timetable proposed by the Germans with minimal risk of transmission of the coronavirus. Momentary contact between players on the pitch is unlikely to result in transmission. However while the UK is in full lockdown football behind closed doors is probably going to convey the wrong message to the public who are still being asked to only leave their home when necessary. The problem the government now has in considering a path out of lockdown is that they haven't got testing or contact tracing to anywhere near the same levels as countries which have had more success in combatting the virus such as Germany and South Korea. Until they have this they are effectively fighting in the dark in their efforts to build a strategy to gradually ease the lockdown. The Premier League and Football League are now pretty near the stage where they have to draw a line on when football can re-start, otherwise the delay will have a serious knock-on effect into next season. There are no international tournaments in 2021 so the FA could make a start by cancelling weekend internationals for the 2020-2021 season. This would enable the season to start at the beginning of September and not the second weekend in August.
  14. Boris Johnson's Chief of Staff, seen here carefully following social distancing guidelines while getting out of a taxi. This is a man who was outed a couple of days ago as the enforcer on the Sage scientific committee which is supposed to provide the government with impartial scientific advice on how to combat the pandemic. The Sage committee is normally staffed only by eminent scientists and doctors at the very top of their profession. Cummings is neither of these and is no more qualified to give medical or scientific advice on coronavirus than I am. He is also viewed as the architect of the discredited theory of 'herd immunity' which would very likely have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in the UK. This is also the man who, last summer, personally fired Sajid Javid's top aide merely for having the number on her phone for somebody she had not been specifically prohibited from talking to. The unfortunate Sonia Khan was escorted from the buildings at gun point. This incident was reported by among others the Daily Mail, generally a strong supporter of the Tory government. Tyranny waits just round the corner as long as this man remains in his unelected position of power.
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