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  1. Both are very true. What is also true is that today you are most likely to hear a Leicester accent in areas on the edge of the city, like Enderby / Narborough / Whetstone / Blaby / Wigston which do not have such a large Asian demographic as large parts of the city. I would guess this is where a lot of City's core support lies. But recent success means that City's support now extends well outside the city and increasingly outside the county. Without this new support City could have ended up a permanent resident of the lower divisions with an ever-shrinking fan base and top-flight football just a memory shared by old gits like myself.
  2. It's just as sunny up here in North West Sutherland. Clear blue skies and a comfortable 24 deg C. Oldshoremore and Sandwood Bay beaches beat anything in the Med. However shorts are a definite no-no, unless you want a bad bite from a sheep tick. Can't see a Premier League squad rocking up in the Rhiconich Hotel anytime soon. Had a few beers and now time to reach for the top shelf.
  3. Nobody here has mentioned Wales. If you are going that way check out the owners first. I have had some bad experiences with English camp site owners on the other side of Offa's Dyke. Exactly like the Carry On Camping sketch except much more middle class. Probably retired accountants or estate agents intent on the simple life. But still not forgoing the opportunity to screw you for every last quid they can get. Could end up cheaper staying in a B&B. Scotland is my favourite. It really is true that you can wild camp almost anywhere there is unenclosed land. And you don't have to be a hardened backpacker to find somewhere to enjoy. One of the best, the beach at Talisker, Skye. Distillery next door and boss pub the other side of the road. Avoid Lairg, however. The campsite boss there is a petty dictator who the locals call Mrs Hitler. I caused her to come angrily stomping round in her jackboots by arriving in mid-evening when it was getting dark, and driving my car onto her precious grass so I could put up my tent with the aid of the headlights. I did endeavour to point out tactfully that she had caused much more noise and general aggravation to the other customers by noisily ranting on for ten minutes, when I could have knocked the tent up and cleared off to the pub, in silence, in less than nine. There are still a few places in Scotland I am determined to tick off my bucket list* one day. The Shelter Stone is one. Written from the comfort of my caravan. Heating, running hot and cold water, flushing toilet. Even a shower. *Not the one I use for a No. 2
  4. Who do you expect us to drop points to? Norwich or Sheff Utd or lose one game to each?
  5. Will have to wait for MotD now, the only working stream in Great Glen is the River Sence.
  6. Goal from nothing, but mostly rubbish for nearly 70 minutes. If the players think they are already on the beach let's see Brendan bring back Jock Wallace's sand hills for them to run up and down in training.
  7. I occasionally have dreams which are very vivid and which I would generally categorise as displacement. Nothing quite fits but months later you can still remember every detail but you can't experience the same feeling by trying to relive it. The most vivid was waking up on Sunday morning at the Glastonbury Festival. I was on my own in one of the front rooms of a house, but it wasn't Worthy Farm, it was a vast French Renaissance pile in the same location as Worthy Farm. Uncomfortable on the hard, formal French furniture I stood up. Nobody else was in the room, but two huge Irish wolfhounds came up and pushed their great hairy muzzles into me. A loud drone, from a crescendo of brass instruments all playing the same rather flat and funereal note rang in my ears. Uncomfortable with that I went into the next room to see if anyone else was around. There was nobody there, but there were the instruments from a brass band, all placed on the same type of hard, formal French type chairs as in the room I had just left. I walked out the French doors onto a large terrace. No French doors or terrace at the real Worthy Farm. Instead of the clutter of very large farm buildings there are in this location now, it was back as it was in the 1980s, with only a short walk across the farmyard to the very top of the vast field above the Pyramid stage, with a drunken wobbling line of temporary Heras fencing the only barrier between the farm buildings and the cattle from the camping fields. Once again there was nobody about. The cows had pushed aside the fencing and were wandering around their field, curiously nosing their way into the thousands of tents where a few days earlier there had been lush green grass. Puzzled, I looked around, and decided I was where I thought I was. The Pyramid Stage, then just as large as now but made from second hand steel from an old barn and corrugated iron, there. Glastonbury Tor, there. The steep wooded sides of Pennard Hill on the other side of the valley, there. The course of the old railway, clearly visible on the other side of the river behind the Pyramid Stage, there. Still nobody about. And then the dream stopped and I woke up. Not at Worthy Farm, not at my own home, or even in Somerset. In the front bedroom of a backstreet terraced house in Doncaster, where I actually lived.
  8. I have only looked at this page, and this thread has become as intense a slanging match as the Commons where the MPs are still unable to agree on anything. No, sorry, they did on Wednesday, by one vote. And May finally decided to talk to Corbyn, but they did not actually agree to agree on anything and it looks as though like everything else so far this has come to nothing, with no agreement or further talks planned over the weekend. I haven't changed my mind either. I voted Remain, however I dislike the immense power, remoteness and lack of democracy and accountability of the EU Commission. If the EU could be rolled back to Common Market 1985, but with the 27 members it has now has, that would be fine. I think this country, or the people who live and work in it, need the customs union, free movement of labour and workers rights. We also need the level playing field that the EU normalisation standards provide. On some of the engineering products I work on daily I can just imagine the design nightmare of having to evaluate components from different countries, all with their own domestic standards. After Brexit, this government will have to face ramping up the old BS standards, which of course will need recruiting thousands more civil servants and people with an engineering background, or accept that EU norms rule for the vast majority of the manufactured goods we buy. I don't think I have worked anywhere in the last 30 years which manufactured a purely domestic product. In fact I know I haven't, the last time I worked somewhere which manufactured a purely domestic product was in 1979. In Parker Drive, Leicester. We live in a global market place and a major part of the political problem we have is that only a minority of our politicians have ever done a real job. For most of them it is a familiar path of public school, Oxford and politics and philosophy, work for an MP or a political pressure group, become an MP yourself. I have always thought that Theresa May was a compromise leader because nobody else wanted the job following the vote in the Referendum to leave. A lot of the Tories seem to look down on her. After all, although she did go to Oxford, her school education was largely by the State and her degree was only geography.
  9. The Fox Covert


    Not advised to say, since I am once again an officially signed up secret squirrel. Also advised to look the other way and to refuse to confront any protestors I might come across at the gate on the way in. Isn't there another thread which is titled 'Unpopular views you hold' or something like that?
  10. The only refinement in my toilet is the sign on the door which says 'Cludgie', Glaswegian lingo for the bog. Actually it is a perfectly nice facility considering that it also contains a shower and a sink in a space which is less than 6' x 4'. The bigger one downstairs sounds like Niagara Falls but it is the best I have ever come across for the ability to completely dispose of a No. 2 without trace. The contents is probably half way to the sewage works a mile down the road before it finishes flushing and refilling the cistern. I did all the chippying and the tiling and everything else in the little one upstairs but the plumber who connected up the chinaware said he installed the original inside bog in this house when he was a young apprentice, in a completely different room which is now the kitchen. Previous to this an elderly lady had lived in the property for generations and it was completely unimproved, with an outside bog and a coal hole. The only plumbing inside the house was a stone sink, in another completely different room which is now the dining room. Confused? Anyone else know so much about the house they live in, going back several generations before they moved into it?
  11. I don't think it's an MGB. It's a Bond, which was a much more humble beast. Del Boy would have loved one of those! Don't remember the roundabout but I know exactly where that was because I remember the swings. I was that sort of age. I am just about old enough to remember the Leyland buses in the old maroon and cream paint before they swapped the two colours round in the late sixties. And I also remember going Skeggeh with a friend's family in a sit-up-and-beg Ford Pop, like the black thing behind the Mini. That was a very long day trip in a vehicle with only three gears and a maximum speed of 40 mph! Also hidden on the extreme right is what looks like a PA Cresta. My grandad had one and he used to drive from Blackpool to Leicester to wash it in the first drive through car-wash in England, next to the Old Horse on Victoria Park.
  12. Ar wukked dahn Bilston afower but neva lorned ta spake Black Coontry loike...
  13. 100? I'd like to see him reach 100 and then go on to surpass Ian Wright, on 113. Ian Wright is the highest ranked former non-league footballer I can see in the rankings and also a MoTD commentator. I am sure Gary Lineker will put him in the picture when it happens. Would be pretty good for a footballer who did not even play at the top level until he was 27.
  14. This match has got Me out of my seat So much I couldn't Help the accidental double press
  15. You can say '5hit' or 'Sh1t'. But now Puel has gone you can't say 'Merde' any more.
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