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  1. Continuing my previous posts with a rather revisionist slant on the City of Leicester - really a dump? The Boot houses down the Saff and on the Braunstone estate are now only a bad memory among people unfortunate enough to try and make out a life in them. Henry Boot has a long case history for building wretched jerry-built houses, riddled with damp, cold and a complete disaster for people unfortunate enough to live in them all over the country. Many places still have problems with Boot houses. This is what the scousers think of their crap Boot houses, pretty much identikit to the Saff! The kids in the video actually seem to have their heads screwed on better than most of our politicians - if only they knew it!!!
  2. Casual racist comments in public are more unpleasant than social media and they are becoming more common. If you are feeling brave enough be encourage to slap it down instantly. If it works and they don't do it again it makes you feel good too.
  3. On that afternoon of the match against Bristol Rovers I was in my workshop in my back garden fibreglassing a giant model. I can't remember whether it was the charging bull or the dragon but I live in Somerset and I was listening to the match on local radio. Proper Gashead country! As the first goal went in I thought 'Here we go again' and carried on glassing. Then there was the equaliser and it was clear that the tables had turned for the players. My neighbour said that when I work in there he can hear the soft splat-splat-splat of my brush on the liquid resin. That afternoon there was the usual splat-splat-splat and then he heard a loud cheer - and then another. He doesn't support the Gas!!!
  4. I have been using Strava for a year now and it is a great motivator to get you out on the road. I had a serious back injury after a fall about 10 weeks ago and have spent most of the time since then in a back brace. A suffocating corset-like device but completely necessary. A couple of weeks after I returned home from hospital I started using Strava again for gentle walking. About 3/4 of an hour to start with. My times quickly tumbled and although I still have to wear the brace for part of the day I can now walk 10 miles without discomfort or significant after effects. Cycling was always going to come back in during the later stages of my recovery, as it puts a lot of stress on the lower back. I got a trainer for the first time this week. As I expected it is another step to recovery, as it gets you using 'cycling muscles' without the jolting motion of cycling along a badly maintained road, which I think would cause too much strain on my partly-healed back. This injury has ruined my summer but I can see that I will be using the trainer regularly during the winter months. One thing with Strava, if you set your activities to be visible to everybody, you should never start your workout from your home. I have several bikes, a Ridley gravel bike, a Raleigh fast road bike, an Olmo (now in progress of restoration) and a Condor (sadly in bits). I should hate to come back one day to find my shed completely empty!!! I used to start cycle workouts from the local plod shop until the constabulary decided to close it down!
  5. The Tory press has dished out some pretty disgusting vitriol in the direction of Lady Hale in the last few days. Mostly following the lead of Quentin Letts who described her as a 'beady-eyed old nanny goat'. He should know better, she is an outstanding barrister who became the first woman to reach the Supreme Court, still very much the preserve of privileged old public schoolboys. She is also known for her distinctive brooches. Here is one I think everyone on here will like!
  6. Only joking and no offence meant. Copy book reply and I hope the kids are listening to a very articulate and intelligent teacher! Even the professionals forget what they are supposed to be doing sometimes, like our champions sadly reduced to hoofball merchants when things started to go very wrong the following season.
  7. All the focus is on the blacking up and costumes. With all the reporting in the last few days I haven't seen anything about actual racist behaviour by Trudeau. I would be the first to condemn if he had called a black person a w** or someone of Indian origin a Paki, or he had supported discriminatory policies but he doesn't seem to have done any of that. I used to have an MP who, when Parliament re-convened after the 2006 election showed his true colours to one of the new Labour intake, a black and fairly young woman, in one of the committee rooms at the House of Commons. Assuming that she was the cleaner, he pointed to the corner of the room and said dismissively that the bin was over there. When she diplomatically replied that she was a new member of the committee, he replied in the plummy tones of generations of inherited privilege 'they let anyone in this House these days'. I love the comment about Jesus, who would definitely have had a Middle Eastern complexion, along with virtually everyone else in the Bible!
  8. I had a neighbour who used to grow weed in his spare bedroom. You could see the condensation running down the window and get a good fragrant whiff of fresh weed from the street every time he opened his door! Can't comment on noisy neighbours though. The party wall between my house and my neighbours (not the weed cultivator) is at least 2 feet 6 thick. I reckon if a bomb went off next door I wouldn't hear a thing!
  9. I thought most kids play without any formation and all 20 outfield players chase after the ball. At about this age you might see a proto-formation in the process of evolution, with the fastest up front and the slowest and fattest in defence.
  10. I don't quite know what Johnson thinks he can achieve in a month what Theresa May failed to achieve in two years. Johnson's statements today about negotiations "making progress" appear to me to be an attempt to soften up the British public for the catastrophic cliff edge at the end of next month. I have never seen anybody, even another politician, be able to tell so many barefaced lies and remain completely unfazed when he is found out. This is my take on Boris.
  11. I well remember the atmosphere in the Kop when he announced he wanted a move and was promptly dropped from the team. The bad feeling lasted for several seasons. But City had two world class keepers in the sixties and first half of the seventies. Don't want to come back tomorrow and find a load of derogatory comment in this thread, he doesn't deserve half the sh*t he has had over the years.
  12. Slightly off the original topic, the two things which are most likely to increase the value of a house are an extension and double glazing. It usually costs about £300 to get approval in principle for outline planning which is valid for five years. Even if you don't actually do the job it is still likely to increase the value of the property as it is one less job that a potential buyer might have to do. I shall probably do this and also have the double glazing. A three storey period house with wooden windows is a regular maintenance treadmill and I really want to sell it because it is bigger than I really need for myself.
  13. And now Boris has announced that he may refuse to ask the Queen to recall MPs and the Lords to Parliament, even if the Supreme Court rules the prorogation of Parliament to be unlawful. Reported in that doyen of progressive political opinion the Daily Express (!)
  14. I think a lot of us would rather have the HS2 money spent on electrifying all lines connecting cities with more than a quarter of a million population. And re-opening a few branch lines which are now needed because the population has increased so much in the last fifty years. Electrification of the Midland, Leicester to Birmingham and Bristol-Birmingham-Derby lines with the latest versions of the Pendolino trains. Re-opening a short stretch of line between Nuneaton and Coventry would open the way to much faster journeys between Nottingham / Leicester / Coventry and Oxford / Swindon / Reading. A journey between any of these Midlands cities and the upper Thames Valley area is currently very slow.
  15. I go by the keyboard test. Press down hard and if the body flexes it won't be any good. It needs to be pretty much rigid. Every time it flexes the electronic components below are also flexed and eventually they get stressed and will fail. A laptop needs to be pretty strongly built if it is to be carried around, opened up and maybe accidentally dropped once or twice in its life. HP and Lenovo laptops generally pass this test. Dell as well, although they generally cater for the bulk business buyer and they don't usually have the best spec. The new Acer supplied by my work seems pretty good (TravelMate with a core i5). When I started working for myself a few years ago I bought a Toshiba. The only thing in favour of it was it was £100 cheaper than the Lenovo I really wanted. When work was coming in only intermittently and I was fighting an expensive divorce case the money counted. Good screen but made with flimsy and creaky plastics like a French car. Now it is just about done and within a year or so I think it will end up in the bin.
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