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  1. Brexit-supporting housewife walks into a butchers and asks for a pound of sausages. Butchers says to her that he is sorry, but he only sells kilos now. Housewife replies 'All right then, I will have a pound of kilos'! Ulster fry will never be the same without the British banger.
  2. I remember posting about this when it came up in 2018. He should never be allowed near Leicester again and particularly Enderby/Narborough/Littlethorpe. I don't know where he is now but in 2018 there was a proposal that he was to be given a new identity and allowed to settle in Bristol. People can't help talking to eachother and apparently there were protests about this in Bristol. I don't understand the psychology and have no idea why a man, a family man at that, would kill two fifteen year old girls. How can anyone be absolutely certain that this man is not dangerous.
  3. I would have told them to do one, take the glass back home with me, and then put it in a couple of bags in the black bin. Mendip are just as bad. They charge £4.35 for a single bag of hardcore, which is usually more than the original aggregate cost. No wonder people get frustrated and dump waste at a gate into a field down some country lane. I wonder whether there is any objection to putting glass in the right coloured receptacle in the bottle bank. There is no risk to the recycling operators as the bottle receptacles are mechanically lifted. So what could the objection be to whether the
  4. Villa and Wolves the Old Firm of the West Midlands?
  5. Great. Would this mean promoting nine teams from the Championship to replace them. Or promoting six and not relegating Fulham, West Brom and Sheff Utd? Barnsley in the Premier League? Millwall also if they decide to promote nine!
  6. I expect I am late on the game as I see this was originally posted ten days ago and it has just run and run. Quoted Bert as I think he is one who ought to see it. I know two people who, since the start of the pandemic, have gone beyond depression and have tried to top themselves. One of them is my neighbour. Both have survived but what happened to them is life-changing. Talking to somebody is a start. Posting on here might help if you are really lucky but is a poor substitute for talking to someone face to face. If there is somebody like that how about meeting outside and g
  7. I didn't know anyone had asked me to draw the King Power!
  8. A sample of my art work, the first time I have done a Leicester scene for a - very - long time. Original picture is insanely large, about 12 x the resolution of this image.
  9. Will the recorded crowd noise make a crescendo of boos at the final whistle?
  10. Don't fellas usually look at these when they are sitting in the toilet?
  11. Had you been playing too much Football Manager?
  12. Spuds and Manure both ahead in their matches. Would be quite nice if one - or even both of them - went out in this round.
  13. It would be a really good story in the press even if it was just a media fabrication with no element of truth. It would wind up the entitled Spuds fans no end.
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