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  1. That would be great, thank you. We're staying in a town called Peschiera del Garda. Flights from here in Spain to Bergamo are very reasonable, and we thought we'd need to hire a car, but maybe not? Car hire does seem to be on the steeper side there, compared to what I've paid in other parts of Europe. I've read plenty of off putting stories about Venice, but neither of us have been to Italy at all before, so we have to go, really. But we're very up for off the beaten track
  2. Just booked 10 days in Lake Garda for late September, hopefully things will be better by then. Has anyone been and got any recommendations? We were thinking of a day trip to Venice, a day in Milan, and possibly a day trip over the Swiss border? And the rest of the time round the lakes, eating lots of pizza, pasta and ice cream. Oh and drinking wine, obviously 😉
  3. Has their been something on TV about this bloke before do you know? I recognise his name, but I haven't seen this so will be watching tonight, thanks Yeah I love this, I've watched it a few times now. Before JC became an insufferable twat imo
  4. How much more food would you expect one child to eat for lunch, in five days? I've got 3 children, and I can honestly say not one of them could eat all that for lunch over 5 days
  5. Where's the surprise? That I think one full loaf of bread, filling for sandwiches, 5 pieces of fruit, 5 snacks and fresh vegetables is enough for one child for five lunches? It's exactly the same as I would put in their lunch boxes, although they wouldn't eat a whole loaf each in a week
  6. My kids would never have eaten all of that in one week for lunch each, but I guess they're all different
  7. One child, for lunch only, for five days as it is intended, yes without a doubt.
  8. FoxesDeb


    Is it a rescue puppy?
  9. This winds me up much more than it probably should
  10. I'm sorry to hear that, it's pretty shit isn't it? Another of my friends lost a parent yesterday too, that's the second one. Really not that old, either.
  11. Falling Down is one of my all time favourite films, I've watched it countless times and it never gets old for me
  12. What has Ireland got to do with the UK?
  13. Off the top of my head, asthma, anxiety, and pregnancy. There are probably more that I can't remember.
  14. There have been plenty of examples in this thread already, I'm not going to dig them up but we've heard many reasons given for being happy going out in the midst of the pandemic, but seemingly unable to wear a mask
  15. Looking to buy some garden chairs, and this is a direct quote from a web page: PLEASE NOTE WE PACK THE CHAIRS WELL, BUT THEY MAY SUFFER DAMAGE IN TRANSIT TO YOU. IN WHICH CASE WE ARE HAPPY TO SEND YOU SOME TAPE AND GLUE.
  16. Yes, them and the Daily Mail. I only ever use either when people post links, but trying to navigate round all the ads and pop ups make them virtually unusable
  17. I need to understand what chicken kiev and waffle pizza rollups are!
  18. It's a customs charge since Brexit, many people are getting a bit of a shock when things they have previously ordered are now being charged extra. Customers in Europe hit by post-Brexit charges when buying from UK | Brexit | The Guardian
  19. Outdoor mask wearing has been mandatory here for ages, and everyone does it, you literally never see anyone without one, even people walking on their own. We see plenty of runners and cyclists too, all wearing masks.
  20. One of these commentators sounds like he usually does the horse racing
  21. I've just found it on a channel listed as BBC red button 1
  22. To add some more clarity, hundreds of employees stand to benefit from the new T&C's as well, but that isn't being reported in the media. Many people who are on lower salaries than others are having their salaries uplifted to align, and hundreds who have fewer than 25 days annual leave are having theirs increased. That hasn't made the news though. Lets say my contract gives me a salary of £25k, with 28 days annual leave, and Jim has since been employed in a different area of the business but doing a similar role on a contract which pays £18k, and gives him 20 days salary. My sal
  23. The start at the hub at 8am and be back at the end of the shift is exactly what the company is asking them to do in the new terms and conditions. They will also be paid for any extra travel over 30 minutes. I don't know how long the company can be expected to keep negotiating without saying enough is enough? As far as I understand it, the GMB were the ones who walked out of the talks, other unions continued and got us to where the rest of us are. I think if you are making people redundant you need to show the role is no longer needed don't you? And offer redeployment
  24. Centrica didn't buy British Gas, they were a company formed when we were privatised. Of course some of the different contracts existed then, it was in 1997 though and the world, and the market, has changed immeasurably since then. Why should engineers not be expected to travel to their first job in their own time? If I live in Wigston and work in Enderby and start at 9am, I'm expected to be in the office at 9am ready to start work, not leaving my house at 9am. Why should they be treated differently from me? If you start charging a customer for your time from 8am are you there work
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