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  1. Kelechi going to go close for Player of the Year!
  2. We were too sure of this being a Newcastle win at half time.
  3. Probably Kelechi but I would take out Vardy on current form. If Justin was available Ricardo would likely be the one to make way. His effort has been admirable but he's lost that bit of spark pre injury understandably.
  4. We finished 9th when we had Maguire and Mahrez.
  5. Doesn't want to upset his future club seemingly.
  6. I'd agree with that. The main reason Maddison,Hamza and Perez are getting flak on here is because they were could have played yesterday. I'm not excusing Barnes in all of this. It looks terrible for him too but he is injured. If he was fully fit his name would be on the topic headline too.
  7. The UK could be weeks away from getting over the worst extremes of covid-19 but the fallout of all this could cast a shadow over the club for years. All avoidable on our part. Was it worth it all for one lousy jolly up?
  8. Irresponsible from him no doubt but he was injured. If he was available to play the reaction towards him would have been a lot different.
  9. Clubs won't think twice about this incident if he delivers on the pitch. Injuries are a fair point but he won't be short of interest if he wanted to sell him.
  10. Decent on the ball but lack of pace was his downfall at the highest level.
  11. Thats the game though. Didn't bother us with all the good fortune we had in 2015-16. Hats off to WHU. A cruel day all round for us but I'd much prefer them in CL than Liverpool or Chelsea.
  12. I reckon this is the beginning of the end for the 3 of them although Hamza's days were numbered well before this. It's one thing for it to happen at the start of the season but right before the end of the season with so much at stake is gonna be hard to forgive. They need a top 4 finish or FA Cup final at least to make amends. We've a history of these scandals and more often than not - Collymore, La Manga, Thailand- it's end game for those involved. Unlike before our fanbase has made huge sacrifices in their lives and this is a bit of an insult to people who have suffer
  13. There may be no way back for Perez or Choudhury after today but Madders is a real tricky situaton. I'm not calling for them to be sacked (that's a pretty ludicrous suggestion) but if we miss out on top 4 they will be the fall guys for all this. Maddison's reputation with the fans may never recover.
  14. We'd give em a run for their money today
  15. In fairness this wouldn't have been a major problem if he played for Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool or Spurs. Maguire, Walker, Grealish etc have all walked a tightrope the last year or so but all was forgiven and forgotten of course. Southgate being a lemon and well...Maddison being one right now are almost separate things.
  16. Lot of outrage on foxestalk is nothing new. But for once nearly all are in agreement and it's hard to say it's not justified.
  17. More lives than a cat. Fair play to Marc. One of very few to emerge from this fiasco with any credit.
  18. He's beginning to remind me of Silva on his off days. Technically good but his lack of pace is alarming. Not to mention the lack of support for defence.
  19. Amartey and Praet done for after today I reckon.
  20. That might make it easier for Leicester to sell to another big 6 club. Controversy involvong potential England Internationals doesn't seem so bad as long as you are not playing for a club like Leicester. Win-win.
  21. Have to give credit to West Ham but this is disgraceful from us.
  22. Of course Barkley would do that. He could score no problem against us though.
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