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  1. Really don't understand what the problem is with the branding of King Power Stadium. Mandaric came in and helped our financial situation (understatement) and sold us to our current owners. I just don't get why anyone begrudges them the naming rights of the stadium. When we have a home match televised, King Power gets numerous mentions. Do viewers peer at the branding on the shirts or the wallboards around the pitch? Course they don't - they watch the match. Seems like a lot of people think that the giving should be all one way - the owners to the club. Those who feel that the naming of the stadium should reflect our history, well sorry - but it Does!! We were close to going under but now thanks to our owners we are in a very healthy position - with owners who are here for the long term and willing to invest heavily. If they sell one more bottle of perfume through their duty free cos of our stadium branding, then I say good for them.
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    Udinese Match Thread

    Musa - our MOTM. Ben Chilwell needs introducing to a football
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    Friendlies streamed to tv

    Thought it was just me - that job with Microsoft aint quite out the window yet
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    New chants and songs

    To the tune of Sugar Sugar (yes - I hate it too) by the Archies Fousseni do do do do do do Diabate do do do do do do Scores with his left and right Makes you look utter (f***ing) s*ite