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  1. Barwell Fox

    Andros Townsend

    This is the guy who played for Spurs, ran down the right wing, cut inside and blasted the ball at, or more usually over the goal. The same guy who played for Newcastle and Palace and suddenly found a football brain and became an integral part of their team. Not sure why there is so much angst against him. He is no Mahrez - we aint gonna get another Mahrez - but I would welcome him here.
  2. Barwell Fox


    Reminds me of a clone of Benny and there isn't a great deal of support for the original Benny. Nowhere near good enough for a team that wants to challenge for trophies.
  3. Barwell Fox

    Namplys Mendy

    Seem to remember that a lot of comments in the past said they wanted rid cos he was too much like Danny Drinkwater. Deserves a chance under a manager who knows him well.
  4. Barwell Fox

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Ryan Fredericks from Fulham looks a more than decent attacking right back. Would need Fulham to lose at Wembley though.
  5. Barwell Fox

    New chants and songs

    To the tune of Sugar Sugar (yes - I hate it too) by the Archies Fousseni do do do do do do Diabate do do do do do do Scores with his left and right Makes you look utter (f***ing) s*ite
  6. Barwell Fox

    Kelechi Iheanacho

    Didn't Man City make it known that he will be available once they get another striker in? Have they got one in? Nope. If Sanchez signs for them, then there may be some movement for him - where? Not a flaming clue.
  7. Barwell Fox

    Nathan Ake

    Fuchs Ake
  8. Barwell Fox

    Harry Maguire

    Looks like I am in a minority of one - he looks decent with the ball at his feet, but defensively I have always thought he was inconsistent. Give me Jon Sjoberg any day.
  9. Barwell Fox

    season tickets

    My wife pays by direct debit so her season ticket renewed automatically. We still received post and e-mails saying we had just a short time to renew for next season - was confusing. My season ticket is as my wifes carer so is free (and therefore not paid by direct debit). When we checked yesterday, mine had not been automatically renewed so my wife had to prove disability. If you have a carer, are a care - dont think the ST will automatically be renewed - you need to take action and contact the club.
  10. Barwell Fox

    Huge summer ahead!

    Since he joined us he has been luke warm one season and magnificent the next - expect him to be player of the season in 12 months time.
  11. Barwell Fox

    Filbert Street

    First game was City v Tottenham (when they actually won things) with a Jimmy Greaves hat trick but his 3rd was ruled out cos the ref blew for half time before the ball hit the back of the net. We drew 2-2. I was sat on the wall behind the goal, Kop end, and the coppers came around and told us to get our feet the other side of the wall - we did for about 5 seconds. Remember picking up the ball one match and chucking it to Gordon Banks - he took the goal kick, it was headed on and a first time shot hit the back of the net - my assist I think. Living in Kenilworth as a teenager, used to get the bus in to Coventry, then a bus to Upperton Road, walk up to my aunts on Aylesbury Road and have a cuppa, then a slow walk to Filbo. I remember the queues to get in the Kop often went all round the corner and halfway down the car park. Loved the atmosphere there - hated the toilets (were they ever cleaned?). The one time I was in the East Stand was the time that Birch kissed Tony Currie - happened right in front of me. Happy days
  12. The come back of 'We're going France, we're going France - you're not' was half decent as well. Dont think the Spanish coppers had ever seen football fans laugh before. They beat the hell out of the one Spanish lad who tried to get over to us. I flew over with the club, and the pub nearest the park where the coaches dropped us off had a Forset fan working behind the bar - but fair play to him he started off half of the songs.
  13. Barwell Fox

    Champions League tifos - Union FS

    Fantastic effort guys - absolutely loved it.
  14. Barwell Fox

    Bartosz Kapustka

    The sun is shining in Leicester. He is wearing sun glasses. 2+2 = ??????????????
  15. Barwell Fox

    Who do you want? Put it in here

    Has anybody said that we are getting Dybala - must have missed that.