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  1. Got some respectably winnable games coming up and you look at next week 2 of the teams above us have to play each other so a chance to make up lost ground from tonight maybe.
  2. Felt really sorry for poor old Vardy tonight. Chasing shadows all night, only as good as your service.
  3. Up there but think the villa game tops it for me. At least these are the champions and not an average side.
  4. We’ve been 2-0 down at anfield after 45 mins before and got something. It’s all about the next goal…
  5. Need Maddison to start taking control of the midfield here just get ya foot on it boys.
  6. Was expecting a much weaker Liverpool team with how much their fans and the media have been banging on about it for a week nonstop. Let’s hope we beat them anyway with a dodgy 1-0 var shithouse goal.
  7. Agree in the fact he had the potential to be a great player for us. Maybe didn’t show that at times last season but he got way too much stick from the fans, turned into an easy target after every 90 mins.
  8. All the obvious ones but a main one that sticks out is Burnley away great escape. Absolute shithouse 0-1 after penalty miss, turning point game for the club that.
  9. You just can’t help but feel jealous of the guy can you, winning on and off the course.
  10. Genuinely think in the unlikely event we or another team from outside the ‘big six’ win the league or upset the big boys, then they will all break away next season in another league. Bunch of babies throwing their toys out the pram. It’s pathetic.
  11. This is getting unbearable now. Please get that second.
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