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  1. Norwich have put in some good shifts against better opposition this season. Beating Man City, unlucky against Liverpool the other week and could of easily beaten spurs. Think we need to be more realistic than ‘anything less than 3 points unacceptable’. Would take a point now 👍
  2. Very true. Worst game of officiating I’ve probably ever watched. With simpsons ‘handball’ where it was blasted at him from 2 yards at about 200 mph as well.
  3. What’s all this talk on overrating him? Don’t think I’ve seen a good word about him on here
  4. Glad to see this thread is as positive as ever...
  5. Saw this, how come var didn’t get involved?
  6. Pretty sure we’ve never played at the Emirates on a Saturday. Never been able to go because of this. Since we’ve been promoted it’s always been moved to in the week 🤷‍♂️
  7. Pinched off Twitter... be nice to get this going tomorrow
  8. If we’re worried about that side, why not push chillwell into midfield as left mid and drop Fuchs in at left back
  9. Definitely think West Ham down this year, Norwich all but nailed on. Hopefully villa take the last place!
  10. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Personal favourite from the article “just realised saka is England’s best left back”
  11. Leicester’s going Europe and peps staying home...
  12. Think Stevie wonder would of booked him
  13. Think city fans are turning on the lad too quickly if I’m honest. Don’t get me wrong he’s not been right for many games now but what happened to all the talk on his potential. He’s only 22 in a young side surrounded by his mates, give him more time and hopefully under Brendan he becomes the player we want.
  14. I still have one spare if you still need it
  15. Who would you play over chillwell for England?
  16. 3-1 win for this one. Man City’s defence seems very transparent at times; Vardy to get back on the scoresheet as way too much pace for city too handle,as proved over past few years. Pep loses what fine hair he has left after champions league fiasco and Leicester go second in the league. Now imagine writing that 10 years ago...
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