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  1. Beechey

    Ukrainian goalkeeper Andriy Lunin

    Signed for Real Madrid
  2. The premise is exactly the same as a back 3 with attacking wing backs, except Iborra steps into the gap between defence and midfield rather than staying in line with the central defenders. Chilwell is perfectly capable of playing as a wing back with a back 3, and this formation doesn't really change anything in comparison to those situations for his role.
  3. Certainly does put pressure on Maddison, but he's going to have that regardless. Thankfully for us, Iborra drops into the back line a lot to provide cover, and both Chilwell and Pereira are very quick with great stamina. Being attacked down the flanks is the weak point in a diamond 442 though.
  4. Beechey

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Christ. The fact that isn't at all the reason the UK was involved in the world wars means nothing, does it? On both occasions the UK entered the conflict in response to a foreign invasion of an ally nation. There's an argument for the UK entering actually to maintain our system of governance even, which runs counter to your claim there. The people who fought and died from our country in those conflicts actually swore allegiance to their monarch. Not quite sure what point you're trying to make here. "I... swear by Almighty God (do solemnly, and truly declare and affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will, as in duty bound, honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, in Person, Crown and Dignity against all enemies, and will observe and obey all orders of Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, and of the (admirals / generals/ air officers) and officers set over me."
  5. Beechey

    Danny Simpson

    So many pictures and videos of rehab
  6. With our current players, I'd feel more comfortable with this than with Gray/Diabate on the wings instead of a midfielder and Iheanacho in there.
  7. Beechey


    Proceed to absolutely smash Iceland 2-0 after a masterful second half. Okay.
  8. Beechey


  9. Beechey


    Boys, I kinda want him to stay
  10. Beechey

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    http://sportwitness.co.uk/leicester-city-insisting-transfer-done-e15-20m-holding-ground/ Every day the Portuguese press bring updates on Sporting’s chase for Islam Slimani, it’s reiterated how hard the transfer is going to be. This Friday, the problem reported is that the Foxes aren’t keen on letting the Algerian international leave on a simple loan deal. It’s newspaper Record who writes it, claiming that even though Leicester City don’t count on Slimani for the season, he’s only moving on a permanent transfer or a loan with an obligatory buying option. The newspaper claims that the Foxes are looking to make between €15m and €20m with the sale, and there are English and Chinese clubs who are getting close to that price already. Sporting now hope that Slimani’s wish to return to Lisbon could weigh on his future, but this possibility would only happen in case none of the interested clubs get to an agreement with Leicester. The newspaper expects the saga to be dragged ‘until the end of the transfer market’, and that ruins Bruno de Carvalho’s hopes of announcing a deal early.
  11. Beechey

    Elliott Moore

    Yeah mate, the 5 games Lingard played for Leicester changed him forever, same for the 13 games Kane played. Really when you think about it, Leicester produced the best talent in the country. Pearson is a god.
  12. Beechey

    Mohamed Elyounoussi

  13. Beechey

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Nah his dad made the video, and apparently is a graphic designer. Pretty certain I read that on his Twitter page.
  14. Beechey

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    I'd class myself as a fiscal conservative, but there are things I'd happily the government borrow money for, one is infrastructure spending etc, the others health and defence. SDSR 2010 was an utter travesty and caused untold damage to UK capabilities.
  15. Beechey

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Anyone who believes a special relationship exists between the UK and USA on more than a military/intelligence sharing effort is a bit of a tool. They're our most important ally, and we theirs. But that's basically as far as it goes nowadays. US national interests have almost always trumped the so-called special relationship.