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  1. They've had very slick play, but yeah, no clear chances.
  2. No surprise, every time it gets into our midfield, there are like 4 players closing and pressing.
  3. Doesn't matter what you say, the header vs West Ham was a beaut. Although have you ever seen a cross planted so perfectly on someone's head before?
  4. Josh Knight goal https://streamvi.com/watch/1610207167
  5. Yeah I think I'll take this advice. I already have an HL S&S ISA, so I'll probably set up a monthly payment and invest it into the S&P500 or something. The crippling fear of putting in a large chunk of my savings will take a while to dissipate, though.
  6. Me reading this thread, wanting to join in, but not having the stones. Just sat here enjoying effectively 0% interest on all my savings.
  7. Imagine all the stuff that's gone on that hasn't been leaked. Madness.
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