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  1. It's weird, but he reminds me a little of Harry Kane in some of his attributes.
  2. Beechey

    Papy Mendy

    That's because it's not his role to have end product. He's not an advanced midfielder or a winger. The majority of Gray's job is to create and score goals (ie end product required). He's much more a player that keeps it ticking over and has a very good knack at keeping the ball. Is very strong for his stature. You are right though, Ndidi is more adventurous in his passing.
  3. Somewhere he can take a ludicrous amount of long shots. He's always been great at them.
  4. Awful advantage played just before their second as well. In our half, Vardy alone with 2 West Ham defenders and the ball behind him. Can't see an advantage to be played. He's even got the whistle in his mouth, ready to give the foul.
  5. Ndidi with another 7 tackles. That boy has some crazy octopus legs.
  6. How many of these corners has Maguire completely missed?
  7. Gray taking too long to do something and when he does, it's normally bad
  8. Give me Barnes, sub off either of the wingers.
  9. Not much he can do, he's being absolutely hounded by Antonio and Gray is offering him absolutely nothing
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