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  1. Beechey

    Luka Jovic

    Gonna be sad when we end up signing Benteke and Townsend...
  2. The death of FFP. Come on Top, give us a new £100m a year sponsorship from King Power...
  3. UK 7 day rolling average for deaths is down to 74. Lowest number of deaths reported today since ~20th March.
  4. Can't stand watching these videos unless it's of opposition fans in a game where Leicester absolute batter them, then it's funny. Much prefer watching people talk about the game after the fact, rather than staring up someone's nostrils.
  5. Yes thanks Gary, United became good when their £185m-£200m midfield came together. Gotcha.
  6. The guy has about 3 brain cells. There’s no way he even knows what wordplay is.
  7. Yeah if we win all of our games, because United won’t be losing any of theirs.
  8. United have Southampton, Palace and West Ham before playing us. I have a bad feeling.
  9. It’s what happens when you spaff £50m-£100m on every player you buy, you can play awfully and still win.
  10. They checked our goal for what felt like an eternity. They were so quick on that check we didn’t even see the VAR replays. Shambolic.
  11. I’ll be livid if we miss out on CL qualification based on that
  12. Honestly, what is the point in VAR if it’s not overturning that?
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