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  1. He’s used that celebration since Newcastle fans turned on him
  2. It's our first real dip in form in almost a full calendar year. Come off it.
  3. Sounds a lot like "Leicester only won the league because everyone else was bad". Give them the credit they deserve, they also won the CL...
  4. Ah I see. I think we created 3 very good chances, which is more than I think we would have under Puel. Our form is not good right now though. Is'sa football.
  5. Under Puel we wouldn't have created a single chance in that game.
  6. You're right, it's just form. Burnley scored their two chances, we missed like 4 at least. It just happens.
  7. There isn't a chasing pack. They're all faltering as well. That's the only saving grace, we've all gone awful at the same time.
  8. Sadly, the only positive thing Vardy did all game was his dummy run for our goal, other than that he was probably our worst forward. The two batterings against Liverpool and Man City seem to have really shaken us.
  9. Follow the trends of the other teams as well then. Chelsea lost, Man United have been spotty, Spurs have been spotty, Man City as well. The less said about Arsenal, the better. All of us are bad except for Liverpool.
  10. Pretty much this. Not scoring the penalty, Vardy missing that chance on his left, Praet missing his chance, and us being sloppy in our own box cost us. I think we were the better team, but paradoxically we also deserved to lose.
  11. Thankfully Man United are playing Liverpool, and I'#m actually hoping Liverpool win. Pretty grim.
  12. This winds me up so much. There's no need for him to be flinging himself about when he feels a tap on his leg.
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