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  1. He's joking, Ünder Ömür to an English person reads a lot like "under armour" (they make football kits and other stuff). We have been linked to Ömür before, though!
  2. Couldn't care less about the fee, we need another CB. Don't know a whole lot about Tarkowski, but I hope he fits us well.
  3. It's getting to the point where you know as a certainty he's going to pull off an absolute belter world class pass every single game. I love this man.
  4. Gotta be because of how isolated our fullbacks were last time we played these.
  5. Maybe Schmeichel Amartey Evans Soyuncu Castagne Mendy Tielemans Justin Praet Barnes Vardy
  6. If they make it so wingers square the ball instead of leathering it into the side netting, I'll be happy.
  7. They've also been recording losses of >£100m per year. They're on the edge of being absolutely hammered by FFP. If the owners don't want to underwrite our losses (they would be required to), then we can only spend what we make, because we're so hamstrung by wages. The difference is that Leicester is self-sufficient, whereas Everton are not, and what do they have to show for it?
  8. This is an understatement, we have the second highest wage to revenue ratio in the entire division. In 2018/19 it was 84% of all money our club made went to salaries, behind only Everton at 85%.
  9. I think it's obvious that the weak squad yesterday was an indication that Rodgers is likely putting more into Europa than the domestic cups this year. All he's spoken about since he joined was getting us back into Europe.
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