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  1. This is what surprised me most. What I'd heard was he wasn't great on the ball, but the guy we signed seems fantastic. Breaking the lines more than any other player on the pitch.
  2. I agree, they did well, but you don't nullify you entire right side and try to shut up shop by bringing on a defensive midfielder if you trust your back 4 implicitly. Villa aren't exactly a team that blow you away with quality, despite pasting Liverpool, they don't make that many chances. I would have much preferred risking Mendy for the final part of the game and bringing on Under to try and get something.
  3. Think him using Ayoze and bringing in Hamza was an indication that he doesn't quite trust Fofana, Castagne, Justin and Evans as a back 4. Under had to come on at 0-0 though, just to offer us something going forwards. Just badly managed.
  4. Congerton is the head of the scouting department...
  5. Happy birthday! Enjoy the fleeting sunshine!
  6. Terrible game, but this is sensational. Sucks about the offside. https://streamable.com/xmmzza
  7. I like him more as a CB I think
  8. Well outplayed. Deserved win for WH.
  9. Amartey has been good, but I'd be tempted to make this change as well
  10. Need to drop a CB for a more attacking player.
  11. Makes sense as to why he wasn't selected for England then.
  12. He's joking, Ünder Ömür to an English person reads a lot like "under armour" (they make football kits and other stuff). We have been linked to Ömür before, though!
  13. It's getting to the point where you know as a certainty he's going to pull off an absolute belter world class pass every single game. I love this man.
  14. Gotta be because of how isolated our fullbacks were last time we played these.
  15. Maybe Schmeichel Amartey Evans Soyuncu Castagne Mendy Tielemans Justin Praet Barnes Vardy
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