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  1. All the fuss that's made after a few games is silly. Whether it's to do with a team or a player that's off to a hot or cold start. But as fans, we love something to talk about! As for LCFC, nice to be off to a good start for sure. Points earned in August are just as good as the ones earned in April or May. I really should be a manager with words of wisdom like that, shouldn't I?
  2. I've only played maybe 8 or 9 matches for this WL. Not too bothered to do any more at this point. I did do the Pires Prime Moments Icon SBC. I know hes not the big one to do, but I was always a fan so I slowly had done each part of it and finally finished it off this weekend. Good card actually and useful as I am always looking for someone to use out on the left, besides SBC Alphonso Davies. Other than that, I am just biding my time 'til Fifa 20.
  3. Love to see Madders and Mount in for England. Leave Lingard and Dele at home.
  4. Up to Brendan now to tighten the screws and lock up that position for the remaining games
  5. Pen for Wolves. Edit: after they asked VAR.
  6. I don't think his last name was quite fitting unfortunately. Was great when he was healthy though.
  7. My prediction is similar. I have Manchester City top. Fair gap and then Liverpool and Spurs tight together. After that it's very jumbled. Which is great and to me is the most interesting thing about this season. I think LCFC has a very good chance of finishing top 5.
  8. I do believe there has been a lot of advancements in the surgical field.
  9. I guess the good thing about the terrible attendance for Bolton today is that a lot less had to witness that.
  10. Wilder has Sheff U doing what they can to at least be difficult to play against. Sometimes you have to grind on the ugly ones! Edit: Of course I meant grind "out" the ugly ones!
  11. Hard to be enthused about a point at Ebbsflest. Seems we can't hold a lead. Happy that both Booty and Turner scored. Edit: what Tuna said
  12. I don't see the problem. Sounds just like Harry!
  13. Like to see Harvey or Kevin on in the 2nd half.
  14. When the audio from the Notts/Ebbsfleet match is more entertaining, then you know it's time to pick it up a bit!
  15. I was just thinking I hadn't heard much from Abraham in this half.
  16. Someone get Pukki a hat or some sunscreen. Head looks a bit cooked.
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