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  1. That was my drug of choice back in my teens. Once you've seen life on acid, the rest is gravy.
  2. I've been smoking this Sativa dominant hybrid. Cool buzz and you don't get that sleepy feeling. Goes nice with a Wicked Awesome craft beer. Also candy.
  3. Didn't sound like a match worth seeing today at the Lane. Dover gave Notts trouble with a high press and we never seem to be able to counter that. They offered nothing going forward and sounded like they were looking for the draw. Take the point.
  4. Did the Headliner Smalling SBC. Looks decent for cheap. Always good to have some English players from the other top leagues, for the linkage.
  5. Wish I'd seen that. Have to check out the highlights.
  6. Been thinking of giving it a go. I recall the story when it happened, but I'm sure there's lots I don't know about it.
  7. Player Moments Schar looks incredible.
  8. They took that out last year(or was it two years ago) and put in Squad battles.
  9. Shame that so many fans made the trip up for the match vs Fylde, only to find out it had been called off.
  10. Great goal, but not much else. Better 2nd half incoming.
  11. Two great passes there. Good finish by Denny.
  12. Madders with his 2nd IF.
  13. Made my first trip to the cannabis store today. So we'll see how my day goes, starting in about an hour
  14. That's dumb. Hmm... I would have like FB Luiz to pair with VvD.
  15. Switched back to PL and to a 433 with this new squad. Off to a very good start in D9.
  16. The player is, but if there's packs those players are tradeable.
  17. Villa need someone with McGinn out for the next few months. Not sure that person is Drinky though.
  18. They always are untradeable.
  19. Tom Hanks face at the end says it all
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