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  1. Anyone noticed Danny boy?

    Drinkwater should go and be part of the squad and maybe he could have an hour v Brazil, Chelsea have turned him into a powderpuff not fit enough my a**
  2. Claudio offered the job?

  3. Everton (H) Match Thread

  4. Swansea post match 2-1

    It's time for Chilwell to get an extended run in the team. Fuchs is not in a good place at the moment. He consistanly fouls and pushes his opponent, he just about always looks long or gives the ball away ( not the only one guilty of that though) each time he got the ball. We need to start playing some of these younger guys, start building around them, Fuchs and a few more should be becoming the bit part players. 👹
  5. Come Home Nigel

    I said before maybe we wouldn't have won the league with Pearson but we wouldn't have won it without him either 👍
  6. Thoughts on Dyche?

  7. Next City Manager?

    Rafa 😊
  8. Next City Manager?

    How about old "Cachu" It might be a gamble but many said our great escape was more down to him than pearson!!!
  9. Match Thread - Liverpool (EFL Cup) - 19/09/2017

  10. Chelsea post match 1-2

    Personally i dont think Chelsea ever got out of cruise control, stroll in the park
  11. Chelsea post match 1-2

    This made me laugh....
  12. Who will be Shakespears right hand man ?

    It's Pearson, now get your heads out of the sand, are you all Ostriches....
  13. Summer Clear Out? The Poll

    Well if your ambition is we're not top half PL we may as well keep um all 👍
  14. Mahrez has asked to leave

    At least we will get a new penalty taker now.....