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  1. No idea if Tavares is a goal threat or not but I've just put a fiver on him to score 2 goals at 100-1. Come on Sidnei!
  2. I'm sure many on here will know the name ..... He doesn't go into too much detail on things, but topics discussed include the Jokers forklift incident, a near riot at a Coventry club, Warren Slaney and the Hot Dog murders, his friendship with Shaun Cummins, and his interest in philosophy.
  3. You'll also have to think about copyright, as most (a lot) of printers won't just print anything you ask them to. However... Creative Commons images are mostly ok to use, and I have found one which is just about the right resolution, even though it's not the most exciting of photos .... https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jamie_Vardy_08_sierpnia_2015.jpg
  4. Hunt for the Wilderpeople has been on a lot recently - it's a really funny family-friendly film set in NZ about a foster-dad and son going on the run and being pursued by the authorities in a nationwide manhunt. Some great modern humour!
  5. It's an Alien / Science-Fiction film for people like me who don't like Alien / Science Fiction films! I love it, nice and surreal, great soundtrack/score, and a nice sense of realism as she actually did drive around Glasgow with a hidden camera in the van when she was picking up those men. One of my favs of the last 10 years.
  6. It does look very much like the England away kit from the late 70s ..........
  7. I was so annoyed, as after all the fuss it was quite a poor and half-hearted attempt, and he didn't even seem disappointed or apologetic.
  8. I've finally lost faith that iheanacho can be good enough for us, his time is up I'm afraid. But on the bright side Harvey Barnes has started to score and looks like he'll be our next superstar player.
  9. The late goal for those who missed it .... https://www.bt.com/sport/watch/video/clips/2020/november/drama-in-portugal-as-vardys-late-strike-sends-leicester-through
  10. Got a really good feeling about tonight. I think the lads are full of confidence and it's starting to feel like the title winning season. Tonight will be our Man City away moment and I might even listen to TalkSport tomorrow for the first time in ages.
  11. I was in the crowd with our school goalie, he was getting a bit excited as we all talked about him having to come on!
  12. The FA Cup game vs Shrewsbury is definitely mine. Gary Lineker says it was his favourite game at Filbert Street and it was described in a recent(ish) Merc article as the most exciting game ever at the old ground. It really was an incredible day! Not only was I there, but I was also on the pitch before the game in an inter-school penalty competition, and we used the warm up area near the changing rooms to get dressed afterwards. It was brilliant to be among the players as they were getting ready for the game! I think my name (and my team mates) was in the match day pr
  13. I listen to most of my music through YouTube. It's brilliant for suggesting new things that I'd never get to hear anywhere else - there's a lot of incredible music out there from around the world. Current favs found through YouTube are Newen Afrobeat, The Spy from Cairo, and Khruangbin.
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