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  1. There it is .... right on cue.
  2. PaddyS

    Tapping up

    It's impossible to stop word getting to a player that a certain club is interested. I would bet most players are only a couple of phone calls away from someone in every single dressing room in Europe.
  3. He's looked unbelievably good on the ball a few times recently. Got some real skill and composure about him.
  4. I can really see Gray coming on and winning it for us.....
  5. I like it. We've got a tough midfield, plenty of bodies at the back, and 2 up front who are both busy and dangerous. Think we might actually win this!
  6. Maddison always reminds me of Shanks from Layer Cake ...
  7. This is the lowest I've felt since Mark McGhee left, and I'm not even joking,
  8. It's actually on Freeview and Freesat channel 147 Pick, if you have this.
  9. My favourite opening line ever. And probably true (or something similar) for so many families.
  10. Interesting line up, looking forward to it. Come on Nacho!
  11. That was ok. We looked fit enough and just as good as everyone else will be, so I expect us to carry and secure our Champions League place.
  12. McMafia is really good. A grown-up stylish look at the modern day international drug business.
  13. Ronaldinho. For 2-3 years he was on a different planet, even better than Maradonna I think.
  14. PaddyS

    Corona Virus

    Did any of the journos ask him if he'd visited Glaxo-Smith-Kline when he was up there?
  15. I'm not at all religious, but I really enjoy listening to people like Stephen Meyer and John Lennox. Their talks on Intelligent Design / DNA etc are fascinating and really thought provoking. I also find their tone and the way they conduct themselves far more agreeable than those of the New Atheists.
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