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  1. He first appeared on 'Banged up Abroad' (I think) telling his own real life story of how he was a normal lad from Widnes who moved to America and started to supply Ecstacy in order to recreate the UK club scene. He became really successful until he was arrested and spent a few years in US jails. He's got a decent Youtube channel interviewing all sorts of criminals and drug dealers etc. Though he's now branching off a bit and becoming more of an all-round 'activist' type, even going over the same sort of anti-establishment ground that David Icke mainly does these days. He's a likeable bloke, and he's often on with his mate 'Wildman' who's got a few good stories to tell too!
  2. PaddyS

    Corona Virus

    I think it's difficult for people to work from home who need access to sensitive information, as there's extra security barriers to get past.
  3. PaddyS

    Corona Virus

    It's round about now that they start realising that all the fruit, veg and milk that they've stockpiled is starting to go off.
  4. Imagine if the electricity was down as well. It doesn't bear thinking about!
  5. I think the players and the clubs will become bored within a few weeks and will ask the league/FA to allow them to finish the season by playing the remaining games behind closed doors.
  6. Yeah - sorry if it's a bit late for you! Spent a few days there 4-5 years ago and I really liked the place. My favourite part is the old river which they diverted away from the city to stop it flooding. They then converted the old riverbed into a public park with loads of different sections along it's length. So there's some sporting areas, some nice grassy/flowery bits etc. Take a nice long walk along it and it takes you to near the beach area, which in itself is really nice with loads of restaurants.
  7. Incredible. Also regarding the penalty, 'If I'm being honest, I've seen them given'. Well as you're being paid as a professional pundit how about actually being honest then and say it was a penalty!
  8. Much better second half, but still worrying overall.
  9. Where's our attacking play gone?! This seems to be the norm now, which is really really worrying.
  10. His pre-match interview really irked me. When asked about our recent dip in form he said that it's normal and all teams do it. This is giving the players an excuse and a get-out for not performing, almost as if a slump in form is unavoidable. I bet Klopp isn't saying this to his players..
  11. We should have kept Nacho in the team 6-7 games ago when he was playing well, linking up with Vardy and the other attacking players, and scoring and assisting. It was giving us a new dynamic and was giving our other players different options. It was freshening us up at just the right time, but instead we took him out and went back to looking a bit stale and uncreative.
  12. I thought his whole interview was a bit odd, including the part about Vardy's injury which he seemed unclear about and was making up on the spot.
  13. Using a digital camera to photograph your old photos works well, it's how they copy artwork these days. I've had good results myself just by using my phone camera. There's also Apps like 'Photoscan' which turn your phone into a scanner. Could be useful for anyone wanting to make digital copies to keep them safe.
  14. It all changed when Gazza started crying in 1990. The girls loved it and the marketing men loved it even more. This is when they realised football could appeal to the whole family and they started to repackage it as mainstream entertainment. Everything else has followed from that.
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