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  1. Cheers mate... i took my lad to the charity shield when you played Man u as at the time we had no chance of getting to wembley,hope things pick up for Pompey.
  2. Having a few beers tonight....then having a long p...s in the morning before the bus!
  3. Guess your ticket to get in is the ticket for the bus....not had anything else?
  4. Went their for sunday dinner a couple of weeks ago,she had Lamb and me Beef....but the beef looked like it had a glimpse of the oven!Is this the"posh" way to cook beef?And yes i do like it creamated!
  5. This"bar de la sainsburys" sounds right up my street!But is it a Local or a bit upmarket bigun,which has more of a selection of ales?
  6. Guess you can't just leave your stuff on the bus,like Scunthorpe away then?
  7. you and me both....but seems like they have us over a barrell.....do yo risk it and lose the chance to get in?
  8. just need rotherham to hang on to one goal..
  9. Hmmmm no mention of the 3600 on that page,need's to be more transparency on this or at least as someone said before we could have been given the choice.I'm sure they would have got the 3600 on coaches anyway.
  10. Could you let us know on here mate if that is the case,that would sweeten the pill a bit.
  11. The club need to come clean on this either you have to use the official coaches if in a LE postcode or you dont.......going to piss alot of people off.
  12. Think we just have to go with the flow...i'm sure if we arent daft then the Green Man will have similar shops near by...just have to play it by ear!
  13. Wouldn't worry about booking a table...loads of little off licences near the torch(if that's our pub and we are not sheperred in)Was great at the community shield.
  14. There will be a few of us Weirdo's in a boozer i think!Got mine in the ballot and going down on the bus(have too)......not sure about the coming back though!
  15. I remember Blackburn in the playoffs....the coach was like a greenhouse and at least 45 mins to see a proper road!
  16. Even if it's from a shop near The Torch...that afternoon before the Charity Shield was really good!
  17. Me too,i think this is the only match(in London) where the cost of getting down is more than the actual ticket!
  18. cheers mate....never usually win anything!
  19. Hi Foxes fan, We are delighted to inform you that your ballot entry for our Emirates FA Cup Final vs. Chelsea on Saturday 15 May, 2021 (KO 5:15pm) has been successful. If you and other supporter(s) made a joint ballot application, you all will have been successful. You can purchase ticket(s) from BST today (Thursday 6 May) until 1pm BST on Friday 7 May at LCFC.com/tickets, using the link below:
  20. Yes it is!Don't part with any money till it's up om the club site.
  21. Remember him coming out before kick off at the last home game he managed(Watford),standing in the centre circle and waving,which i thought at the time was a bit strange.
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