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  1. Didn't we sign a ridiculously long contract with Compass before Vichai and co took over? I'm pretty sure that contract is ending soon and something better will come in (PLEASE). Compass are shite. My work canteen recently switched to them and everything went to shit immediately.
  2. A deer, pheasant, sparrow hawk and shitloads of gray squirrels, robins, blackbirds, woodpigeons, hedgehogs, in my garden. Also some long legged bird, not sure what it was. An enormous pelican and its baby on a harbour in Cyprus, tried to bite my arm. They were so still i thought it was a statue or something, stood near it to have a photo and nearly lost the arm. Elephants in Sri Lanka & Thailand. Monkeys, coati (like a racoon) and racoons in Mexico. Dolphins in Cuba. Turtles in Sri Lanka and Cyprus. Red squirrels on the Isle of wight and in Budapest. A water monitor whilst canoeing in sri
  3. Dis is igzakleh y I dnt ware a mask. Dey r takin are libertees. Stand up ppl!!!* *a variation of this was spotted on my facebook wall this morning.
  4. Kopic


    Quite like bald and bankrupt myself even though he is a bit dodgy. I like that he goes to the arse end of Europe, dont often see that. As someone else mentioned Simon Wilson's travel videos are alright, sometimes watch harald baldr's travel videos aswell. All 3 went to Mexico together recently. Other than that I find uk dashcam compilations quite amusing. And as I'm quite interested in tech I like watching mobile phone deconstructions by jerryrigeverything. I also find the online scam baiter videos amusing, watch a lot of kitboga, Jim browning etc. Had a period of watc
  5. My workplace has a thermometer camera in reception you have to stand in front of before you are allowed in. It seems to work perfectly fine for everyone except me. Every single day it reads between 31 and 33c for me, which would indicate i am dead. For everyone else it seems to read normally and I'm obviously not dead, what could cause that? Coupled with the fact social distancing has been completely out the window since July, it makes me worry. Although we haven't had any cases, yet.
  6. Just popped my mortgage deposit on this. I'll come find you if it doesn't come in.
  7. I find that usually, those who post ridiculous Wikipedia screenshots asking "whodunit" tend to be the person who "done it". Why would anyone be looking at his, or any players Wikipedia page, immediately after a match when any such joke could be made (we've had loads on here), considering anyone can edit a page and take a quick screenshot for the "LADSLADSLADS" before the admins revert it to its original state. ... he was good though.
  8. What a win. Almost feel bad for not paying to watch it.
  9. Why did we give them Vardy's trophy? Didn't he want it?
  10. Hurrah! Why wasn't the first half extra time played?
  11. Quite looking forward to this. Just a shame I'll have to listen to stringer for the first 15 minutes.
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