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  1. Stokes and bairstow are gonna 'edge' us to a mammoth total here
  2. I have Polish family so am quite the fan of a lot of the Polish stuff you can get in the supermarkets, far better range on Narborough Road though. Having said that, I had the unfortunate job of going to Derby quite regularly, Normanton Road has a big fully fledged Polish supermarket, what a place! Some of the meats are sensational. Cherry ham, wiejska sausage, berlinki cheese hotdogs, love it. Those massive jars of pickled cucumbers can get ****ed though, hate them. Also quite like demolishing a bag of bombay mix, only corfresh though, none of the others get close.
  3. I felt I was getting a bit of a problem recently. I played that disgusting crazy time game. I put in £100, turned it into 1k and cashed out. Ended up pumping it all back in again and then some. Another big win, cycle around again. Kept doing it. Problem is I've never had any real issue with gambling, never been a big sports bettor, played roulette with pennies, but this ****ing crazy time game man, it just felt different. Looked at my history and it said 60k spent 40k won and that's when I thought shit, I need to stop this. That isn't 60k of my own money, just recycling wins for hours on end.
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    Tore my bicep bowling in a cricket match when i was about 13. Was some cup final, I was the opening bowler and it was my first ball. The game before I took 9 for 12 to get to the final. We lost the game. Broke my ankle badly aged 16 whilst pulling a wheelie on my bike. Fell into the middle of a pitch black road and knew something wasn't right. Fortunately a car came pretty soon afterwards and took me home, but hurried me up as they were on their way to bingo. At a&e they said the break was so bad and the talar shift was huge they assumed i fell off a moped. Was on crutches for
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    Cheers for the replies everyone, given me a lot to think about.
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    Me and my girlfriend are looking at renting at the minute, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we have our house deposit saved up, and are waiting for the market to settle a bit before we go for a house. Secondly, neither of us have ever actually run a house before. We both have experience from university with others but that's it. We have for the past couple years lived rent free at my parents house but it is getting very tedious and we want our own space. Also we feel like we should sort of practice before we go for the real thing. Is this a good idea? We're looking at houses about 650/month a
  7. I bought some SNDL a couple weeks ago when all that GME stuff was going on as people were suggesting it and i didn't want to miss out again. Not doing too badly (I also bought AMC which has halved).
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