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  1. Daveb5569

    Luka Jovic

    Will end up at Everton
  2. To be expected with the side we had out, best off concentrating on other cups than this one along with the lge
  3. would be taking a step back if he went to West ham team and club in turmoil
  4. hopefully someone wakes up and realises that we need defenders..........................................
  5. Is today the day that Chillwell and Gray goes opening the flood gates... Or will there be limited movement until the last day when they start to flap and sign a defender from a team that only manages to get on the bench once in a while.
  6. Going to Liverpool next target Brendan
  7. Three changes at HT now lets build confidence in the team as a whole
  8. http://y6stream.club/watch/southampton-vs-leicester-city/
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