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  1. OGS look at his previous spells as a manager
  2. Don't need one as of yet, if Man Utd do sign Maguire then I think panic buying will not be helped, I think Rogers has looked at the defenders he has at hand and will of decided already and I guess initial contact has been made already to certain CB, or none at all. Think the money if Maguire is sold will be kept until January to push us towards a European place.
  3. Man Utd are away, you would think they would want him in now so he can adjust and bond with his new team mates time is getting on
  4. anyone got a link to yesterday games highlights
  5. Daveb5569

    Done Deals

    Think thats the lot, can't see anyone going maybe on loan
  6. Daveb5569

    A. Perez

    Talking to a few Newcastle fans, saying he is always on his arse not a fans favourite frustrating player, but hey they will say that as their main goal threat is leaving
  7. Just seen that hmm you watch the Dunk rumours will be in the papers tomorrow now
  8. £65 million, this could be the deal that then gives us the green light to sign Tielemans, what would people rather let Maguire go, bring in Tielemans, or have Maguire stay and lose out on Tielemans, I think we have centre backs covered
  9. Celtic fans need to remember what lge they play in a very poor lge so 10 million for one of their players unproven in the best lge in the world is a fair price
  10. Its alot of money for a player who plays in a team who fights of relegation each year and their defence gets battered, so he might have the grit to be a good replacement if Maguire goes but not for 40 million
  11. Daveb5569


    See what the pre season games bring, if he still struggles then a loan to Fulham or someone like that should be looked at for the first half of the season, need to keep him in the UK rather than loan him to teams that play poor lges ie celtic
  12. Tigers need to sort out the team first after a very poor season, not the powerhouse of Rugby anymore, could of got relegated this year...
  13. we are one point off goal difference than Wolves I believe so need to bag a few here
  14. Been looking on their forums, their fans proper cocky saying easy three points, hmm need to win this now sending them back to their poxy ground all quiet!!!
  15. His Mrs will be telling him to move to an area with better shops
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