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  1. Daveb5569

    Watford (H) pre match

    Schmeichel Ricardo Morgan Evans Chilwell Albrighton Mendy Ndidi Gray Vardy Ihenanacho Morgan will not be dropped this season, Maddison needs to remain on the bench after his exploits at Brighton, needs to learn, cannot blame the manager that day he played a team in the second half who could of took all three points. As per usual will go be a goal behind then wake up in the last 30 minutes, need to set a high tempo from the start and take three points of another side that are there for the taking 3-1
  2. Daveb5569

    Everton (A) - 12.30 New Year's Day

    was looking at going to this will be driving as don't really drink due to young kids on new years eve, best place to park without coming back to the car with something missing off it
  3. Daveb5569

    Fulham Away

    Hi No worries, was busy in Brighton over the weekend, phone died.
  4. Daveb5569

    Brighton and Fulham

    same as me moved with work but with your son I believe he is best get a membership. Funny enough was in Dorking at the weekend as went to the Brighton game, collected my boys from Dorking
  5. Daveb5569

    Fulham Away

    Hi Dan sorry not replied sooner, have you the ticket still?
  6. Daveb5569

    Fulham Away

    any spare tickets going work in London so after a ticket if anyone has one
  7. park and ride will be best, there is a carpark close but £15
  8. Daveb5569

    Fulham Away

    looking forward to this one, which boozers everyone going in one on putney bridge
  9. Daveb5569

    Fulham Away

    Going to this one, looking forward to it short train ride from work for me, plus the fact that half my mate, best mate are all hardcore Fulham so need to smash these
  10. Not been to Brighton away best place to park by the Uni? also away pub, strange lived in the Surrey for years and year often goto Brighton, now living back in Leicester and deciding to goto Brighton away
  11. Daveb5569

    Brighton and Fulham

    Dorking Fox there was me thinking I was the only one there, used to live there for years and years, kids still in Dorking
  12. Daveb5569

    How much is Maguire worth?

    just look at what Liverpool paid for Van Dyke and he is not even at the world cup. Plus I think Harry has alot more to come.
  13. Daveb5569

    Stefano Sturaro

    Might be a ploy so Everton or Spurs will come in an buy him, putting them off trying to buy Madison from under our noses
  14. Daveb5569


    its his age if he was two years younger then fair enough, injuries take longer to heal and of course injuries tend to easier as you age, ok Huth was an exception until last year with injuries, I would be looking at other targets alot younger.
  15. Daveb5569

    David Wagner

    may aswell go full retard and go for Sol Campbell and Joey Barton