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  1. Daveb5569

    How much is Maguire worth?

    just look at what Liverpool paid for Van Dyke and he is not even at the world cup. Plus I think Harry has alot more to come.
  2. Daveb5569

    David Wagner

    may aswell go full retard and go for Sol Campbell and Joey Barton
  3. Daveb5569

    David Wagner

    His record is not that great, why are we not looking at managers out of work, I know it may be a long shot Luis Enrique, Laurent Blanc, then more likely Marco Silva, Brendan Rogers, if Fulham don't get promoted why not have a punt on their manager.
  4. They have more pace then Stoke so I would look at Morgan and James out both off the pace, but James does break play up, Chilwell out Dragovic and Silva in with Fuchs in for Chilwell, I would even say drop Simpson bring back Amartey. If we are leading at half time bring Iborra on to shore things up. Firing balls into the box for their defenders and goal keepers to attack is no good maybe start Diabate instead of Albrighton
  5. Daveb5569

    Stoke post match 1-1

    Morgan and James well off the pace shouldn't be anywhere near the starting 11, time for loyalty is over time to move on.
  6. Daveb5569

    Motorcycle Parking near KP?

    That good news as I cannot always make games due to Saturday morning footy with my boys, least I can blast up from Surrey and park at the ground rather than parking at my mums and missing half of the the first half.
  7. Daveb5569

    Relegation "Favourites"

    Palace as I live not far from their ground fans up their own arses, Swansea its the English Premier lge, Watford two parking tickets when watching games and Troy Deeney say no more on that
  8. Hi All Originally from Lutterworth, but now now living in the south Surrey just wondering if any Leicester pubs around to watch matches, cannot always get up to games with the kids playing on Saturdays and Sundays