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  1. Three changes at HT now lets build confidence in the team as a whole
  2. http://y6stream.club/watch/southampton-vs-leicester-city/
  3. All out attack needed cannot start with two DM.
  4. Play two DM and we will lose unfortunately
  5. cannot play two DM if we do it will be another loss
  6. Need to stop playing two DM together should of gone all out attack nothing to fear with Utd.
  7. Need them to fear us, they are not a big six anymore, wheels falling of the OGS wagon, do these at their place I sure a certain player will be thinking why oh why then again money talks only reason he went, not for team bonding,
  8. OGS look at his previous spells as a manager
  9. Man Utd are away, you would think they would want him in now so he can adjust and bond with his new team mates time is getting on
  10. anyone got a link to yesterday games highlights
  11. Tigers need to sort out the team first after a very poor season, not the powerhouse of Rugby anymore, could of got relegated this year...
  12. we are one point off goal difference than Wolves I believe so need to bag a few here
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