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  1. I used to start going branstone gate just as it turned into cool, roughly 97 ish. The Left Bank started it. Brilliant little place ahead of its time. The original vibe was for the more thoughtful students and Leicester over 25s who didn't want hassle in town. But as all these things, it grew out of its skin. Shame.
  2. Chelsea are way way off top 4 level. Spurs aren't. I fully expect Spurs to catch, then overtake Chelsea for a top 4 place and then start to hunt us down. I did even when Poch was still there. So happy for Chelsea to lose and cast them.adrift from the top 4 asao
  3. He's a half decent, likeabke.professional who'd maxed out at a lower mid table Newcastle and would be suited to similar - a West Brom or Norwich - for 6/7m quid. He's so far off the elite levels of Evans, Ricardo, Maddison, Vardy, Chilwell, Soyuncu, Wilf it's cringe worthy
  4. To me, he's looked embarrassed by his price tag since the day he's arrived. And that's understandable. I'd be self conscious too if I was given a 90k a year senior management job and then realised on my first day just about every single existing employee would've been better at the job than I am.
  5. Soulsby was desperate for that Asian willy puller who owns that huge office block to sell, so it could be flattened and then face the station towards the Charles Street cop shop bringing more immediacy to curve area But of course, he wouldn't sell and instead deliberately vandalized the block with that colour scheme.
  6. Anyone else intrigued how the grand Central redevelopment will turn out? Apparently a new restaurant has taken a tenancy in one unit. Potentially an upbeat area with the Novotel, student flats and friars mill office blocks
  7. We replaced Mahrez with Maddison. A like for.like is not mandatory
  8. Sorry, that's absolute crap. Chilwell is integral to our set up.
  9. He wasn't shite at all. He was hung out to dry by our formation. I can't imagine there's any full back in the world that can cope with KDB and Mahrez in each shoulder. Today's blame.lies with the manager not paying man city enough respect. We needed workaholics Albrighton and Choudhury around the he team today
  10. Poor wasn't he? Unlike Perez though, he's capable of a killer Pass at any time
  11. Another absolute shocker. As per. Now I'll sit back and wait for the FT ultras to tell me about all the unseen work he gets through
  12. I'll be honest, just looked at their team and I don't fancy us.
  13. 😂....love that track. Guaranteed floor filler
  14. Norwich were very handy last week and we were relieved to get a point. Maybe they are just finding their feet. And Cantrell was a surprising delight. Lovely player
  15. Just looking forward to going toe to toe with them, like we did last season. Hamza man marking KDB is no bad idea. Allows Wilf to continue with his normal game
  16. Could be. Wasn't my scene so easily could've missed out but I was never in fear at forest of being picked off like I was at stoke,Brum, west ham, Millwall, Portsmouth etc. In fact I often felt emboldened at forest as City at that time always turned up in force. I always wondered if forest's success blunted their edge in that scene. Too many grandads with blankets and flasks frothing over their Clough football. I suppose like us nowadays whereas now, of course, they are complete crap, they are a nasty lot with a chip on their shoulder.
  17. Worst game or seen since City v Everton on New year's Day. Except shithousing a win is always delicious
  18. Tigers fans are not all poshos. I'm convinced we lost a couple of thousand to them. Go to any suburban boozer today in Anstey or Glenfield or Blaby and there'll still be working class middle aged men supporting tigers and droning on about a man's game
  19. Think it was john Robertson's testimonial, long before he had any connection to us as asst manager. I remember us taking 8000 there for the league cup replay. We were briefly a very good second division side under pleat at the time. They were flying under Clough and had too much for us. That game was a rare sell out for them, in the days before their incestuous love with Derby
  20. It's one of the unspoken truths of forest, who.look back on thr80s through sepia glasses, that their support was garbage and Clough regularly slagged off the crowds. (Plus of course, Clough frequently ripped off his own club via inflated transfer fees which he skimmed off the extra and cup final tickets he helped himself to and flogged on the black market) Funny too that they had no firm in the 80s. Nothing. It's silly now but those things were important in the 80s. Yet nowadays they are a tough lot up for trouble now that scene is 30 years out of date!
  21. Yeah, frequently we played on the same day with, as you say, slightly staggered kickoffs. Unbelievable now, looking back. Yet seemed normal then. So there was no crossover. You were either Tigers or City. And at a complete guess our crowds were 3k down on what they should've been (so 11k instead of 14k) Knock-off the scumbags from Melton and Loughborough who turned towards forest, that didn't help either. Nor Pockets of Cov in Hinckley. I'd guess 1980s city fans were very much urban Leicester lads. A very different demographic to today
  22. Much as I.like kingy, a testimonial is an outdated idea. Once it served to reward a long serving player who'd missed out on transfer cuts and signing in fees. Kingy has become a.multi.millionaire BECAUSE he stayed with us, not in spite of.
  23. This is not a direct dig at Kings, but footballers at premier level are so unimaginative due to the money. League 2 level players can be much more creative in sniffing out contracts and careers overseas - Aus, China, USA, Russia, Scandinavia.... I'd love to have a career where, for example, I could go earn 75k a year keeping fit in a northern Swedish forest
  24. Loved Northampton's old three sided ground at the cricket.
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