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  1. I was more interested in his instructions; Outswinger! , Out, squeeze, press, push up, 'Delay! Delay!'
  2. Totally agree. It's kept the whole squad in regular game time (choudhury wouldn't have had a sniff otherwise) ....and also it's allowed us to build momentum. the bad results v west ham, villa and liverpool weren't allowed to fester. We could get the defeats washed out if our system quickly
  3. Plane coming home been cancelled. Statyng for a few beers and an full night's kip in hotel? Or plane conked out?
  4. That was the Most exciting late goal since..... Perez's own goal for us at St James Park.
  5. Bringing this thread up not to crow (since I love this boy to bits - including his playfully spiky character ) .....but just amazed we all don't see him in the same way. He was magic in tonight's cameo
  6. Why? Big Wes has been magnificent in the couple of games he's played. Disappointed he's not in for Fuchs tonight
  7. First time I saw one was in my garden in Glenfield. I thought it was a mutation of a fox at first. Basically it's massive for a fox and a.midget for a deer Seen a couple dead alongside the A50 since 😪 and one on a council estate in Coalville 😂
  8. I recall trying to force out a shit, 6am at Bordeaux services, en route to atletico away, 97. Tired, sweaty, dirty, stood up straight in a piss hole like that with around 800 City fans milling about outside the door. Suffice to say the Bob wouldn't present itself
  9. I agree and as I'm sure you guessed, I was being rhetorical with my original post. I genuinely think we.must be by far the dimmest population in Europe by an absolute mile Edit; just look.at.mynm sentence construction and grammar for proof!
  10. I find it amazing that people actually wait for government instruction/permission as to whether to see their parents or not at Xmas. Surely we all have enough info now to work out for ourselves what is and isn't safe?!
  11. Didn't they drop 7/8 players for the game at our gaff? I'm sure they did, suggesting they'd written off the game If so, I'm not expecting an easy ride on Thursday.
  12. Nope, wiki is right. He gave up the booze and central was, err, central to him staying that way.
  13. Greavsie for the Saint and Greavsie gig as he was 'beamed' in as a guest to Saint's football preview on world of sport from CE teal studios. Greavsie was so funny on the feed, it developed into a double act and Saint and Greavsie was born as a full on show. The central live Sunday Midlands match came much later and greavsie was a full on TV regular by then Greavsie never touched a drop after recovering from alcoholism. Newbon gave him the Central job, some stability etc after he'd given up the booze He actually then got a regular gig on GMTV as some kind of
  14. Greavsie was too docile to hold grudges. He was funny and quick witted, but absurdly useless as a pundit. He was rescued - literally from the alcoholic gutter - by an ambitious Gary Newbon who was the head of central sport (central being a new station at the time) and have him a job. Newbon also employed some racing dude from the gutter Terry someone (biddecombe?) who also became a fixture on Central I think Greavsie was forever grateful for the central gig.
  15. Exactly this. I can't believe so few of us are reading it this way. A thorough humbling is an occasional necessity to improve. Ask Southampton.
  16. What was up with him? Has there been any info given? Did he break down or is he just not quite there yet?
  17. I do at times wonder if Leicester is colllectively able to 'do' class. A minute's silence was always a nightmare at both filbert st and the KP - I don't think I ever heard one observed without a baaa sheep sound being made. We were unable to enjoy / appreciate Andrea Bocelli. And probably there's some in the crowd that would still choose Iain Hume over Maddison Madders is a joyous player. I love him to bits.
  18. I'm not sure they have better players all over the park. That does them a disservice. Williams (whoever he is), Keita aren't better than our players. The Klopp system is extraordinary. It's as if they have 13 players. To think they were missing TAA, Thiago, Salah, VVD is incredible, regardless of the fuss that's been made about it
  19. Nice post and well described. It's an old cliché, but you learn more from losing than winning. Again, manager and players will - in a way - look forward to deconstructing what went wrong and how to address those failings. We'll end up a better team for tonight's humbling experience.
  20. Just play well lads. No freezing like last season. I can take a negative result (just about) so long as we go toe to toe with them (similar to the man city kompany game, where they had to play at their absolute peak to beat us 1-0)
  21. What is it with Leeds players and these wierdo haircuts? All very small time
  22. The family do detail. Things like that won't be missed. I keep harping on, but if an architect showed Top the Cardiff cheapo new tier plans alongside Spurs' beast stadium plans, 100% sure he'll say 'i want that one' Wind, sightlines, acoustics, legroom, natural light for grass growth. I suspect all and more will be taken into consideration.
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