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  1. Funny thing are looks. Interesting that Part is good looking -- yet looks like Albrighton too. I look vaguely like David Tennant. Generally considered a good looking man, yet generally I'm not
  2. As an aside, when did Boris Johnson develop his hunchback?
  3. Yes, quite right. Ody enough I think the 5-4 defeat in the 80s was followed by a 5-4 home win the next season. Though this is very probably wrong. Somebody over 40 can prob correct me
  4. At first glance, I thought you were about to announce with 'furry muff' the extremely unpopular niche of going natural. I'd say that WOULD be an unpopular opinion. Disgusting.
  5. There's been two 5-4 at Newcastle. The horribly unfair shearer hattrick / Matt Elliott debut. And my second ever away game in the 80s when Gary McAllister and Kevin Campbell sent us 4-3 up after being 3-1 down. Mark Mcghee scoring the fifth in Injury time
  6. Mr India himself, Indian agent, Gandhi statue builder , elephant Man of India and Mr visa fixer for every millionaire Indian who needs one.... is as Indian as Lord Louis Mountbatten was
  7. How many natural Tory voters are staunch remainers? 20% ?....what will they do? How many 11expelled Tories will run again in their existing seats and split the Tory vote? 5 or 6? Brexit party will destroy the chances of the Tories gaining labour leave such as stoke north etc All points to a stalemate
  8. I think that too,til I see the Jimmy Tarbuck teeth
  9. Agree re a large liberal return is essential. But Corbyn is disastrous. I'd like to see another hamstrung parliament led by the over promoted Johnson....losing vote after vote again
  10. As an earlier post said, he could be done up for rape, murder and child porn....the rich and community do-gooder east Leicester Asians plus tens of thousands of Indian postal votes will vote him through. Disgusting man backed by arrogant self interested individuals
  11. So true. A nasty scheming chancer who is the busy body of rich Indians. Yet he's no more Indian than I am. Yemen born child of Portuguese Catholic colonialists.
  12. Have we ever booed off a player?! You must be a young un. City fans have excelled over the years at singling out players. Pen 3 chanting Fook Off Willis was particularly memorable. Paul Reid. Mark Bright. Ashley Ward. Mike Hooper. Philpott. Akinbiyi. Ormondroyd. The list is extensive and I'm too tired to go on. Sorry. I meant the appalling Martin Hodge. Not Mike Hooper, who was a pretty decent keeper
  13. Surely you are not counting arsenal and Man Utd as CL rivals? Neither have got a player who'd make our team
  14. Evans and Wilf certainly need a break. With their particular international commitments, they seem to play non stop.
  15. Robin hood Doncaster airport is clean and quick because no ****er from Sheffield uses it
  16. Sorry if been mentioned elsewhere on other threads, but what a shame to see exchange bar and the Queen Vic arts club go down the swanny. Liked the exchange. Was a bit more meh about the Queen Victoria (nowhere near as good or as cool as it thought to was - but a pleasant looking building in a nice location (
  17. Just read a comment on another thread referring to pointy features and molten steel burns carried by the denizens of the South Yorkshire city. And it reminded me of a bugbear of mine - that lot at East Midlands. Complete pain in the arse. Common. Loud. Unable to comprehend bag check in etiquette and security procedure. Poorly dressed. Pale. Drink too much. And then when on 'tut plane', nervous flyers bewildered by the whole experience. Citizens of Sheffield*. Please piss off and form your own airport, please *Vardy is allo
  18. Dreadful decision. But I like bad things happening to Keane. Poor lad. I'm sure he's a nice boy- but I enjoy him being rubbish
  19. Love it. I detest them. Something very dislikeable about the whole club. Probably the base human instinct enabling us to sniff out our mating rivals
  20. I've said all along that his language skills were his let down. And the translation shows much more of an articulate man than we ever saw. Ultimately if you can't articulate yourself, how on earth can you man manage? A decent man who changed the club's trajectory from Shakespeare's path to the path we are on now. Ricardo, Chilwell, Tielemans, Choudhury and to a lesser extent Maddison, Gray and Barnes all owe a debt to Claude's coaching and/or recruitment
  21. It was totally meaningless game. At least I got home earlier that night. Wolves 4-3 and Middlesbrough 3-3 in the same season were amongstvthe worst feelings I've ever had in my life. (On a crude but quite funny note, I felt at near heart attack level.of grief v Bolton away - 2-0 up against 9 men and they equalised 8 minutes into injury time in a crunch relegation game.....after a few minutes of grieving, I gave the then girlfriend an absolute belter of a grief stricken shag. Pure raw emotion thrown into that one, lol)
  22. You two had the balls to point out what I thought too, but felt it was churlish to post.
  23. First time they've clicked and not got under each other's feet. And the effect was brilliant
  24. Without wishing to sound too poncy, I'll be poncy. It takes some hurdles to realise how good things are sometimes. Exams. Jobs. House. Marriage ....those are examples where you don't necessarily know on day 1 how good things can be. Southampton away is a tough fixture, away, rain, wind, floodlights, TV, team desperate for a win. To ride that hurdle is a big big indicator. So yeah, earlier I thought it'd be tough. But we are a better team than I dared to speculate
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