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  1. I've always been if the opinion that at some point, we'd revert to type. Back in 2014 and promotion, I was hoping at best for a 20 year PL stay, just bobbing about. But I am starting to wonder if the club is changing its DNA. Chelsea did and are probably the nearest example of converting from middle rankers to big team. And prove its possible. They were what West ham are now. Then owner Ken Bates recruited Glenn Hoddle and started spending Matthew Harding's money. They won F A Cups and the European cup winner's cup(I miss that old beauty of a trophy) and only then did Abramovic come in and set alight the turbo chargers Basically, are we in the process of becoming a Europe wide known provincial team like Schalke or Sampdoria or Valencia?
  2. I think that simply Chelsea didn't look much cop. They lack a tactical nous and were in no way in any control at any time
  3. Accurate. I went to both. 2-0 down to the rams, pull back to 2-2 sparking jubilation....I think they scored thier third moments later
  4. Surely they will. I wouldn't be surprised that they are under contract to send at least five champions League finalists. Liverpool have to dance to their world audience, not just Oadby's Sikh community
  5. Anyone got this Bbc4 thing on British nuclear preparations during the cold war? Fascinating. And utterly absurd a the same time. reminds me of my ever present childhood fear of the four minute warning going off was actually real. Edited to add: what a sad ending. That was really moving.
  6. It's so bad it's good. Could and should be some kind of cult hit. A themed hotel. Our equivalent of an ice hotel in Sweden or Tokyo cat café.
  7. Wenger a possible interim appt at Bayern, so say R5
  8. Wenger rumoured on R5. I'd love him to be appointed there
  9. I think Fletcher is excellent. Right back to his century radio days (even tho he devoted 95% of coverage to the wonderful Paul Hart forest side that memorably finished 7th in the championship) But even with that aside, he's a knowledgeable, passionate and amenable commentator
  10. Wouldn't I be wonderful if this was a watershed moment. Changing of the guard. A footballing version of Ray Winston in Scum, putting pool balls in a sock, and annoucing that we, now, are the daddies
  11. Nope. Saha read the game perfectly and said we were the happier and expected us to win in the second half
  12. Three things I just loved today that will prob be overlooked: That first half move; flick from Barnes and outside of boot First time pass from Maddison to set Vardy away That pass from Tielemans to Vardy in the first half. The pass from Praet and Chilwell's control when chilly hit the post #footballporn
  13. Right up there with Tim Cahill on sky, who at half time felt palace would be the happier. How on earth did he pass his screen test? He delivers punditry with all the pizazz of a history professor lecturing on 18th century wool quotas
  14. This people is as good as football gets for LCFC. Our best ever man for man team. Hands down. Drink it in
  15. Bolton won yesterday. Am I the only one who thinks manager Keith Hill is one of the best in the business?
  16. I would have thought Keogh's lawyers are working on that basis too.
  17. It was a totally bizarre comment. Surely Eddie Howe has more reason to focus on the top 4, yet he wouldn't dream of making such a silly statement.
  18. Be fascinating if they did at some point soon need a manager and landed on Rodgers as the answer. It'd be a real tough decision for him. To lead a giant club, world fanbase and (long term) capable of winning trophies....weighed against he could spend the next 3/4 years doing some fine work and still only having a team that would roughly equal what he's got now. And that's IF those 3/4 years went well. A classic stick or twist.
  19. Loved the Marsh. And his marvellous grandpa celebration. A very decent player and despite a few mocks about his pace, he wasn't sluggish. The late late winning goal at Anfield a good example. I once saw him in dominoes toys doing some Xmas shopping (this anecdote is a work in progress)
  20. She's back on 4HD. Britain's historic towns. In medieval kostume. Bollox to that Bruce Forsyth dancing garbage. THIS is Saturday night TV!
  21. Prob worth a thread on its own, but is Vardy actually getting better? He touches the ball so little in a game, it's almost astonishing he has such an effect on the game. His runs are so preciously chosen now. His positioning and dummy movements top drawer. And I'm convinced his finishing has gone to almost unprecedented levels
  22. Imagine a not very good looking David Tennant. That's me
  23. Good point. Though John Major managed to remain erect, despite his time in office
  24. Funny thing are looks. Interesting that Part is good looking -- yet looks like Albrighton too. I look vaguely like David Tennant. Generally considered a good looking man, yet generally I'm not
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