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  1. Yup. Good luck in the employment tribunal with that. No different to an employer insisting you drink alcohol or wear short skirts
  2. Almost universal agreement at the Perez transfer that we'd paid three times over the odds....and that viewpoint has turned out to be more or less accurate
  3. West Ham have to learn, as we are learning, that being a top 5 side is a squad game and actually rather difficult. Apart from Antonio, they were blessed fielding the same 10 players, more or less, every week. Let's see how top of the table they are when they have four or five injuries, going deep into league and fa Cup cups and playing europa league. Do that, and then give it the big one.
  4. How I didn't contract CJD in that period, goodness only knows. Cheapshit frozen burgers and lasagna and bolognese from Bejam was more or less all I ate
  5. Have you watched the pitchside cam version? No commentary. No frills. Real time. I must've watched the goal a hundred times on that. Magic.
  6. Twice I've recnelty posted on this thread, and I generally dont give two hoots about Tigers.. But this looks interesting. Leeds Rhinos boss man coming to sort the defence out https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/57510232 As an outsider looking in, seems Borthwick is at long last shaking the old boys club up at Tigers after Cockerell, Murphy etc (I based that on hearing that Austin healy can't stand borthwick) and bringing them up to date Much needed. And good for the City if Tigers become a powerhouse again.
  7. Reckon Everton will be all over a Sergio Ramos move.
  8. ....and of course, the main symptoms for those getting delta variant covid are now a 'runny nose and headache' .....not exactly classic hospitalisation stuff https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/14/delta-variant-covid-symptoms-include-headaches-sore-throat-and-runny-nose
  9. There's a fcking surprise. And no.mention ever again of this malevolent 'Nepal variant' that was, bizarrely, supposedly rife in Portugal (as obvs Portugal and Nepal are known for their close cultural ties) and used as the excuse for stopping holidays there.
  10. Leicester Contemporary https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/inside-new-leicester-contemporary-art-5536981
  11. How's India getting on anyway? 3 or 4 weeks ago they were dropping dead on the streets. Not a sausage on the news about them.now. Has the news just got bored?, or is it just a country of 136bn people the caseload looked high but proportionately everything wasn't quite so dramatic as the media made out?
  12. Still amusing that the sharks, or maybe mackerel, are circling Arsenal though. Roughly equivalent to Leeds putting a bid in for Harvey Barnes. Just the enquiry alone is insulting.
  13. Hang on in there! The darkest hour is just before dawn and all that.
  14. Jeez. I never cease to be amazed at how we can be so flippant and dismissive of players that up until 5 years ago, we'd have dreamed of. He's comes across as a lovely lad, a joy to watch when on song, a great listen and, yes, there's a cheeky and rebellious side to his nature that can land him in trouble too. Such traits are normal with 'talent' The only way we'll sell.him.is if the medical team fear the hip injury might be a long term.issue. Which, if it is the case, would be awful for the lad. He ain't going arsenal or anywhere else unless w
  15. OK smart arse. Freedom isn't going to places where you are told to, or allowed to, go. It's going wherever, and whenever, you like..With whoever you like. With how many you like. And doing and wearing whatever you like. Still, takes all.sorts.
  16. Fair points, though you were hinting at a lack of intellect in both countries should equate to the same result. white working class americans have little in common with UK cousins. They are probably far more anti.state than we are.. I just think there's a large pool of people here who are neither pro nor anti vaccine, they just cba to find out either way and end up swimming with the flow as the least troublesome option
  17. Our immigrant (historic immigrant) population is probably as reticent and distrustful of the state as Latinos and blacks in the US. The morencompliamt.and unquestiong white working and middle classes form.a.smaller % of US population than it does in the UK
  18. I hate to say this, but I wonder if vaccine hesitation has been low in the UK as a large part of the population is as thick as shite. Using the group of parents at my kids school as a sample cross section of Lower middle class uk.life, I'd reckon so.long as deliveroo, amazon, netflix and their garden hot tub all work..the world could go to hell in a handcart.
  19. I see what you mean. But ex pat South Africans will flock to games as away fans and I'd imagine Welsh and Irish pro 14 clubs would be able to lay on a plane and ticket and week's holiday deal for the back to back games that have to be played out there. That'd be at least 250 away fans
  20. Interesting development in the Pro14, bringing in 4 x Springbok club sides, who'll all be eligible to qualify for the European Cup. Sounds fantastic tbh. And hopefully fvks up saracens and some of the French teams bulking up on South africans
  21. Not helpful though to anyone who's sensibly cautious of a vaccine to be labelled as an anti vax nutter, just because some are It's a kind of bullying, peer pressure. Some people are veggies. Vegans. Some people like herbal remedies. Reflexology. Some people are religious. Some.people are risk takers. I just object to anyone not taking a vaccine to be labelled a nutter.
  22. Why do you have to be so full on? I accept there's a hard-core of nutters....but there are surely plenty who are healthily sceptical of pumping the body of genetically modified shite against a virus that is likely to cause them no.more than .a.runny nose and headache. I don't consider those people.nutters. (I'm one of them, btw, but reluctantly took.the vaccine in the same way I reluctantly eat hormone and antibiotic fuelled beef and chicken. I know it's shite but, it won't kill.me.....yet!)
  23. Tbh, i read it as 'I'm keeping my options open and anything in the papers is guesswork which may or may not be true'
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