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  1. I wonder if that last bit more means that he doesn't see Iheanacho as effective dropping deeper, rather than meaning actually breaking the line. More pinning the centre-backs.
  2. According to understat. we've taken 23 shots from 90 corners, which is an above average rate. this has produced an xG of 0.93, showing that we've maybe been unlucky not to score 1. our opponents have had 41 shots from 84 corners, which is a huge rate of 49%. theyve also overperformed their xG in that time (5.86 xG vs 7 goals), making us look slightly worse than we actually are (we are awful tho). the comparative value of their xG per shot is also over 3 times ours. tl;dr: our opponents take lots of high value shots resulting from corners; we take a fairly respectable amount of awfu
  3. I was thinking this, all our best moments came from his off the ball runs in the right inside channel in the first half. Even though he was playing the same nominal role as Maddison, they both do it very differently. Maddison is about taking the ball to feet and turning. Praet likes to move in behind and push up higher.
  4. unless its changed since i last looked, saka plays for arsenal
  5. according to fbref, the percentage of crosses kasper successfully comes for is 8.7%. that puts him sixth in the PL and is over double his percentage last year.idk whether corners are included in the stats or what successful really means in this context but the numbers would suggest he's not quite as useless as people make out. i should also say in his defence that coming for corners imo is just generally a bad idea? there's a lot more which can go wrong from corners (more people in the way, generally better headers in the box too) which make it quite a bad strategy unless you're ab
  6. clearly the stats from last season show we're actually relatively good coming from behind. i would hazard a guess its bc (most of the time) we're relatively good. as for why we don't come from behind more often than we do, it's because football is a low scoring game. normally the team that scores first wins. as a general rule teams don't come from behind without them either a) being considerably better than their opponent, b) being lucky or c) their opponent making a tactical mistake. what says more about your team than coming from behind is going behind in the first pl
  7. what makes a pass smart according to that graphic?
  8. you're completely right that people overegg formations. ig they get talked about because they're shorthand (and inherently limited) descriptions of what players do. at the most basic level they are helpful, but two different players in the "same" position are gonna play it differently. when people just go "oh i hate 3atb/we were definitely playing with a midfield", i often feel like they're immediately limiting and simplifying what is actually an incredibly complex, intricate game
  9. Personally, I'm p sure you could describe it as a 3atb going forward since Justin was still playing like a wingback and Perez was more taking up more central spaces, also fuchs was hardly pushing up. defensively, it was more of a flat four tho, with perez coming back out wide. i think people are entirely too rigid about formations when in reality most teams try and play quite fluidly, attack-wise
  10. i've watched a lot of brighton this year (one of my housemates is a fan) and ngl i think you're being p harsh. they've created more than their opponents most of this season but seem to have been p unfortunate with their opponents finishing. i might be entirely wrong but i'm expecting them to be a fair bit higher up the table than they are now come the end of the season
  11. ah good point, played in 22 of the 25. 112 goals in 193 appearances
  12. well since goal 2 was 25 rounds after goal 1, 221 - 25 = 196
  13. supposedly finishing isn't actually a skill - very few players score consistently ahead of their xg over a long period of time; instead its the getting good chances bit which is the hard part
  14. so we were... nothing to see here...
  15. Maddison only assisted Vardy once in the PL last season - against Sheffield.
  16. In this particular scenario, I'd rather Fofana back off and allow the shot from some distance than dive in and allow the one on one
  17. I didn't go into it earlier but I don't think the stats are quite so clear cut in favour of one or the other. It's worth recognising that historic stats reflect the tactics of the past to some degree, which is almost impossible to capture in the stats. Mendy played the majority of the minutes looked at under Puel - who (last season, at least) placed far less of an emphasis on pressing than Rodgers. Accordingly, Mendy made 7.1 defensive actions per 90 last season. Also of note is that a greater proportion of Choudhury's performances have been off the bench: frequent substitutes tend
  18. I'm not entirely sure anybody really cares this much, but I did some digging on Mendy and Choudhury's stats through 2018/19, 2019/2020 and this season so far, using just PL minutes. 3,167 minutes (31.2 games) for Mendy, 1,499 minutes (16.7 games) for Choudhury. Numbers after hyphen are per 90. Mendy: 34/75 (45%) tackles completed - 1.09/2.40 21 dribbled past - 0.67 41 interceptions -1.31 32 clearances -1.03 40 blocks - 1.28 60 fouled -1.92 35 fouls - 1.12 8 yellows - 0.26 0 reds - 0.00 22/35 (63%) dribbles completed - 0.71/1.12 46 unsuccessful touches - 1.47
  19. In the Charnwood district of Leicestershire, I hear.
  20. ngl the penalty ohl were awarded was v harsh on the other team. also their number 9 played some gorgeous balls which they should have scored at least once from
  21. Vardy isn't the one getting the chances from corners though. Plus I think part of the reason Vardy's conversion rate is because he doesn't take wasteful shots. A header from a corner is about as likely to go in as a shot from 25m out.
  22. Also worth saying that there's a very good reason so few corners beat the first man. If you do want to maximise your chances of scoring from a corner, statistics say the best place to meet the ball is a metre or so behind the first man. Obviously that's a very small target, hence so many corners hitting the first guy.
  23. Not when you consider that only 1 in 16 of those shots go in, typically. Most of those shots are headers with a player putting pressure on the shooter and a lot of bodies between them and the goal.
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