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  1. Not sure what this tells us to be honest in terms of either the way the club is run/managed and/or whether we are going to be successful in the short or long term. The table seems to have no correlation with current league position or longer term prospects. Also it's based on aged 22 or under. Why 22?
  2. We slid away last year after looking in contention for Europe. He/we need to do better this time round.
  3. Ah, so you agree that with the budget expectations should be high but you don't believe we have the back room staff to deliver. Therefore you don't expect much and are not upset when we don't perform. Fair enough, I can't argue you see things that way. But you seem to be exhorting other fans to think like you - when they see things differently. You say we are a mid-table club and should accept and be happy with our lot. Others have a different view. There are no facts here.
  4. Of course, it's sport. But why does that mean fans should lower their expectations? Should they expect less than what the team is reasonably capable of?
  5. I find this a strange attitude on a couple of fronts: #1 You seem to be making assumptions about what expectations people have. Shouldn't they expect to beat Everton at home with the respective squads? I don't see any people claiming we should be winning the league or even finishing top 4? #2 The current owners who have clearly shown they have some cash, nouse and ambition - which is quite a good combination - so if you can't have a degree of expectation now, when you could you have? In answer to the opening question, for me, yes it still hurts the same, though I'm not one to sulk for too long. I'm finding the current situation a bit more frustrating than normal because I think the squad could do a bit better and a combination of things (Puel, decisions, players) is just preventing a push into the top 6/7.
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