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  1. One dog I wont protect
  2. True and the fact the stick was very lightweight (basically hollow plastic!). I have had words with the security company. Fortunately, I am all @Countryfox 'd up inside, and if they get past the pussy ass guard and the GSD, then they have the inside dog (aka nut job), my tazer, pepper spray, and various other spicy items.
  3. I'll get some grief for this, but I don't care. We had a replacement security guard today, as he was opening the gate to let us out he was swinging wildly at our dog (the big one, not my little buddy in my avatar!!) with his 'night stick'. I saw him doing it in my rear view mirror, so I jumped out the car and took the stick off him, pushed him back and said told him if I see him hit my dog, I'll hit him too. Now, I know he is paid practically nothing by the security company, but don't swing at my dog. And I do appreciate it isn't really his fault, we've told the security company many times that firstly, they need to let us know if they change security guards (our neighbour is a VIP and could be targeted, so we need to know who is in our compound), and they secondly, they need to send someone who can work with dogs. But if you come at my dogs, I'll come at you. (My wife might not see it the same way... )
  4. Crickey, you can't afford to lose any more weight from there, no wonder she is disappointed and has been messaging me.
  5. Because she did put weight on?
  6. A mate of mine is looking to sell me a Lapierre Zesty for £600 not used much... Seems like a deal? Advice appreciated!!
  7. Decent.
  8. Try doing that shit for work. It's a friggin metal detector, take your keys/money/phone out your pocket before you get to security you ****.
  9. I'll tell my mate, he's a mod.
  10. Why not Smalling/Evans and Hoedt. We'd have Huth Macguire Smalling/Evans Hoedt Morgan (likely struggling with his back, and will be a sub) That way we can rotate a little and they would all be quality.
  11. I'd be very happy with: Smalling - Huth - Maguire Albrighton Chilwell Sig/Babedouz Ndidi Drinkwater Vardy Ihaenacho Wes to move to the bench and look after his back.
  12. He looks more confident, even when RM was at his peak he didn't seem to believe in himself like this guy. It only we had a sport psychologist...
  13. I wouldn't smoke it... But put it in a brownie or cookie and I am there!!
  14. I'm having a quick drink on the way home, sitting next to a nice warm fire. Cosy.
  15. I have one, you can come and borrow it if you'd like, it's too cold to use at the mo. Seriously though, they can be difficult to install the tube if you have typical windows in the UK, the sort that swing to open out top to bottom. I am sure there is a technical term. I used a piece of plywood cut to size, fitted it in the space that opens up, cut a hole for the tube and mounted it that way. Best to only do that for an upstairs window.