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  1. At least we are not only 2 mins in this time... but now we have less time to get back in to it.
  2. Ooooo nice play. Nice bit of space by Barnes.
  3. Puel does like giving youth a chance... I write an open letter suggesting it.
  4. My 8 year old daughter just heard Puel say Vardy is on the bench. She looked at me and said "Jamie Vardy is on the bench? Has he done something wrong?" hahaha
  5. What's the formation? Really interested to see how this pans out, but at the moment it looks very strange.
  6. Just been busy. I'll probably be posting more this year! Thanks for the welcome back though!
  7. I relapsed over Christmas - as you can see from the chart! I didn't go crazy, but the water weight instantly came back. I didn't feel energised at all. I felt like crap. I was also constipated. So, I wouldn't recommend it. Although some people do cycle carbs. 16:8 is good, but I can't say whether my weightloss is due to IF or Keto (oh and no alcohol). I have been OMAD once a week recently too, which makes me feel good, I'll see if it accelerates the weightloss, I think it has certainly helped me get back into Keto after having some carbs.
  8. I've been Keto consistently since Sept., I tried it previously and lost a lot, then got lazy and gained some back. Christmas was difficult, so I plateaued in Jan, but weights going down again. I've lost 3 stone since March last year, 2 of which was since Sept. Keto and Intermittent Fasting is the way to go. I thought you might be interested in my progress!
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