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  1. Was he really pretending that Evans elbowed him in the throat?
  2. Seems like there were loads of players there. Why is Maddison singled out?
  3. Weird thing to moan about but I hate how google has the form going from most recent game on the left progressing through the previous matches to the right. Is it me or does everyone else show the form going oldest first on the left, to newest on the right?
  4. We're watching on a sh!t stream, We're behind by two minutes, Chilly and Madz are ass cream, Goal!!!!!! Chowdhury!! Great passing by Chilly and through ball by Madderz. Told you guys they were good.
  5. As a guy who has worked in Africa for many years and married to a Jamaican-American woman... he's not wrong.
  6. One thing this game reminded me was how stubborn NP could be and how slow he was to make changes. Brighton made subs and the game definitely changed, NP didn't respond, and they forced an error.
  7. Anyone else just watching the Brighton Watford game to relive NP Shakey memories?!!
  8. Soggy biscuit I think given most of the posts on here tonight.
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