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  1. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    I want to see those ward prowse dance moves in a gif
  2. Southampton (A) Match Thread

  3. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Wow so close. We need to regain control quick.
  4. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Wow. We look so good
  5. Southampton (A) Match Thread

  6. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    F'ing amazing.
  7. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    I'll send you all my DSTV login...
  8. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Oka playing well
  9. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Yeeeassssss Mahhrreeeezzzzz
  10. Snow

    No snow here
  11. 90s Babies.. Toys help.

    The Coca-Cola/Fanta/Sprite ones were the best!
  12. President Trump & the USA

    Politicians since the beginning of time. Re. Clinton I think I was referring to when he was President not campaigning. Like the others I'm sure he said whatever to get elected.
  13. President Trump & the USA

    Clinton stated he supported recognising Jerusalem as the capital, but didn't go as far as declaring it the capital. Bush promised to start the process to move the embassy, easy to start a process that wouldn't get finished. Obama as candidate called it the capital to a pro-Isreal lobby group (and quickly backtracked to CNN), but as President said it would be 'explosive' to do so. Basically, they all said they'd recognise it to benefit them, and then didn't do it understanding what the fall out would be. I think people expected the same of Trump during the campaigning, but he isn't a traditional Politician and is following through on this campaign promise. Which, while people should have expected him to do what he said he would do, has blind sided people! http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-12-07/what-have-past-presidents-said-about-israel-and-jerusalem/9234736
  14. Xmas party - Stockholm

    Kasper is the NFL player.