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  1. Harvey to move up front, with Under and RP to go to the wings?
  2. Watching Vardy's highlights. We know he's amazing, but wow. The quality and variety of his goals is phenomenal.
  3. Just started playing properly in the last 3 months and hit my first birdie on Friday. This game is so frustrating though. To borrow a NP phrase (I think!), it's such "fine margins". I can strike it amazing, 1 out of 3 times (ok a bit better than that!) and the rest I'm searching through thick undergrowth and hacking my way back to the fairway. All due to the slightest of errors. I think those sweet shots and times like that birdie make up for it though! Looking forward to more of those moments.
  4. Drop TC for RP? JJ is one of the first names on the team sheet for me.
  5. Whose Misses are bitching? Get Rebekah off Twitter ffs. 😂
  6. Krystals and Palais for me. Had some fun times in those places mid to end of the 90s!
  7. Looking forward to showing you around one day!! Congrats on the lion! Thanks for helping saving the wildlife!
  8. Just put the ham in. It's coated in mustard, marmalade, and honey, studded with cloves and garlic. It already smells amazing. No turkeys to be found in Lusaka this year, so going with a couple of chickens as well as the ham. We are going to be eating left overs for days!
  9. I got Jamie Vardy training in preparation for tomorrow...
  10. Not too hot today. It's rainy season, so there will be thunderstorms!
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