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  1. Never di like WH, many of their supporters a total morons, bit like East London.
  2. Just shows what happens when you spend £1.5b and have no regard for football and owned by a country.
  3. Tigers on the way back up and Riders doing well as normal. maybe ladies football will be more interesting and you have lower league football.
  4. Sinclair was a great player and like many players in the 60's I do not know why we sold them, maybe this was down to Shipman, who was not a forward thinking owner or did he just want the money. A Rowley 1958 and he was the best goal scorer ever. Derek Dougan 1967 G Banks 1967 J Goodfellow 1968 J Sinclair 1968 Len Chalmers 1966 Frank McLintock 1964 Was probably worse in the 70's, Why did we sell players like Shilton, Nish, Whitworth, Weller, Worthington?
  5. I do not think Rodgers will have such a negative view on the match, Man City wants team to think they are beaten before they start, the Liverpool of the 70s and 80s had the same psyche.
  6. One thing that was good 77/78 was music and very varied
  7. Seems strange we did so bad as we had quite a good squad, it was that man Frank. Relegated with 22 points and bottom. Along with West ham and Newcastle. Grim
  8. Why does the Mercury print this tripe
  9. Talkport just cannot bare the thought of us finishing top four so they have asked the computer to hear their prayers.
  10. Trouble is Celtic fans are still living in the past and Celtic are unlikely to ever win anything outside of Scotland. They may have a bigger fan base than many clubs, but they are not any good, Foxes have a much better team currently, have more money (in the top 30 richest clubs, in some statistics we are in the top 20) Celtic are not in the top 100.
  11. Definitely, he has always had a nutural eye for goals.
  12. These are not true fans, yes propper fans will be fed, up but they know that they were beaten by a better team. These fans are just joy riders who cannot control their emotions and just come out with endless crap, they may have never seen their team play live in a stadium? Plastic fans for what is now mainly a plastic club.
  13. Enjoy it while you can, I have folled the Foxes since the mid sixties, even then when I move to Loughborough, Leicester fans were in the minority, most were glory hunters. A few followed their pasrents when they moved into the area from up North and there were a few Forest and Derby fands as Loughborough in central to the three cities, but most supported Liverlpool, Everton, Manure and Spurs. A few Villa and Newcastle supporters as well. Were I live now Chelsea and Palace are the nearest clubs and I tried to get my three to follow a local team to where they were born, but they all chose t
  14. Was a good game, either team could have won
  15. Gary Neville was dissapointed and saddened by the loss, he was convinced it would be a walk in the park due to their away form and historical results.
  16. He looks a decent player tonight, nice hatrick. Zagreb had 21 shots
  17. Hi tracking back and ball winning skills have improved radically, a much more rounded game.
  18. Problem was Ricardo had a tight groin, so they took him off.
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