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  1. There will be, probably involve me after several pints windmilling around Viccy park.
  2. The club won’t be impressed with that either. Im sure they would have had a word with him.
  3. What a lad, seems like a nice lad too. Better than that shit bag dickhead Chilwell. Really hope he continues to improve. They’ve been saying around the academy for a while that he’s a thoroughly good prospect. Top lad, needs a chant and not just “Luke Thomas he’s one of our own”
  4. Yea likewise, yea I really can’t stand the scousers.... I have a few mates who from 120 odd miles ‘support’ Liverpool.... absolutely unbearable...... yea I agree with Kepa, more of a kipper in all honesty. Hmmm not sold on Chilly at all, I never really rated him, he had a hand full of half decent games and then for most of last season was absolute dog shit. All I’ll say is there’s no way you can play him in the CL against Mahrez, he will tear him a new arsehole!
  5. Nice comments are always welcome from opposing fans. It will be a tough game, asking to beat you three times in a season is a tall order.... I’d take a draw in a heart beat, I think we will be plucky and we will be there to compete.. naturally having millions of pounds worth of talent to pick from is going to help your cause on the night. It will be a crying shame if we fall at this hurdle again, but I think we will draw, Liverpool will drop points to Burnley and we will both win our final games.... if much rather you than Liverpool get CL football, I can’t stand the Live
  6. I doubt he is on massive wages coming from Atalanta?
  7. Has to be Maddison. This is his chance his game. Been out for a while, Southgate will more than likely be there, he spanks one in, in the dying moments to win it, he’s on the plane..... wherever that plane is going in the summer....
  8. The lads let Top take the trophy home for the evening. What a club and what a team.
  9. Because Liverpool can’t overtake us on Wednesday..... meaning we take on Spurs at home with fans to seal the deal.....
  10. As I’ve said many times. Chelsea under Tuchel don’t thrash people. They’re all about all retention and probing. They’re a fairly simply teal to read. If they play Pulisic then he and Mount are usually the attackers, Havertz has the job of picking them out plus Wermer. Chelsea’s issue has been scoring, they don’t seem to be able to score many goals, isn’t Abraham still their top goal scorer? They are technically superb, and their ball retention possibly better than Man City, but, it’s what they do with it that lets them down. They’re not a free scoring team, they will also be nervous
  11. We just need to avoid defeat on Tuesday. We can take Spurs, we need to make it possible that the bin dippers can’t overtake us on Wednesday. Do that and we will be fine. Let Chelsea and then scrap it out for that last place.
  12. UL is a competition we can realistically win too. I mean, head to head shootout I think on our day we can beat anyone. But, slow and steady wins the race. If we drop into the UL it will be a shame, but I think it’s a competition we can all try and compete for. The only thing that does concern me is retention of players, players like Youri belong at the very top of football, it concerns me that the type of players we are attracting could become disinterested if we keep getting UL over the CL. But that’s down to the club in trying to convince them that this is the place to
  13. It doesn’t. I always want us to win. Winning the FA cup is one thing. But stepping on the toes of the big boys, particularly in a season when they had the audacity to suggest they were too good for us all? Nah, not having it. On Tuesday on behalf of the rest of the premier league, we will beat Chelsea and confirm third.
  14. Once we’ve beaten Chelsea, again. We will just all gather on Viccy park for a massive piss up.
  15. “Is top still in there? Can I come back”
  16. Nothing is sweeter than this image. Enjoy Newcastle on loan next season kid.
  17. Doesn’t matter kid. We will spank Chelsea and be done with it.
  18. Vardy will certainly have something to say, plus the Chelsea fans will give him some, which we know is rocket fuel for him. And I just have a feeling, Madders is about to book his plane ticket to the Euro’s in spectacular style.
  19. ****ing love goal videos like that!
  20. Harry Enfield in the background.....
  21. I challenge you to look at this photo. And tell me we can’t do it. We can, and we WILL.
  22. Guys, come on. We’ve just won the FA cup. We’ve lost two away games all season. We’ve got a good record against Chelsea recently, we’ve beaten them twice already this season. Chelsea are 4th and only a point clear of Liverpool. We’re 3rd and are three points clear....... We will get something from this game.
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