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  1. Tommy Hunter. The new woman in AC 12 could be the one who tipped off the removal of Lakewell. Maybe Gates daughter?
  2. I was only joking mate. End of the day he isn’t a Leicester man, fan or otherwise. He’s an employee basically put on gardening leave for a week so thought **** it I’m off for around of golf. not very professional and is a bit insulting to the club and his team mates if he has actually not bothered to watch, but no one can know for sure unless there’s unequivocally proof.
  3. Yeah. Would be madness to open the borders.
  4. Drop some play sand over the wet stain before second coating and will make it less slippy.
  5. They are very attacking fullbacks to be fair. And Barnes can be given the opportunity to float between the lines which I think could make him even better, collecting the ball on the half turn and driving at a defence.
  6. Madness. Literally what is the world coming too
  7. Seeing how we have played this formation in the last few games (and played so well), if we have everyone available how would we line up? Id go for: kasper fofana evans soyunco ricardo ndidi tielemens justin barnes ian vardy
  8. Another goal from one of his set pieces too
  9. Oh I agree he was up there with the worst I’ve seen, just was trying to think of baldies
  10. Was Josh Low bald? Also what about Marcus Bent?
  11. I read today that a conservative American thought that Meghan Markle was lying etc, and she happened to be a black woman so I don’t think it’s to do with race. Just how individuals view it. I think her name was Candace something
  12. Can’t believe that people can be offended by this thread 😂
  13. I love how Roy Keane says it how it is and literally doesn’t care😂
  14. His pace is probably gone because he’s running with one groin
  15. I think with the options we have were going to have to start going 3 at the back. Can’t rely on the Turkish Demarai Gray to replace Barnes. kasper amartey soyunco Fuchs castange ndidi tavares youri Ricardo ian vardy
  16. He isn’t fit. He isn’t finished
  17. Unfortunately we don’t have those type of characters that can drag us along anymore
  18. Thomas had to cover him for their first as he drifted into marking no one, which then left the man free at the back post for a tap in. For me he just didn’t look his usual self which is a lot more solid than what we saw tonight.
  19. To be fair, we did concede 2 goals 😂
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