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  1. Me and the mrs are looking at Turkey for begining of October never been before. So any FT help would be great re places to go (beach holiday mainly) and what is their infection rate like? Are they likely to become a country to be put on the quarentine list? Dont really want to be shelling out hundreds on return flights if they are on the government watchlist and have to return early. I know its a risk wherever we go but we just want to try and minimise that risk. If not Turkey any other recomendations. Thank you.
  2. Just please no. Upside would be yes the great escape then champions then quarter finals of the champions league. Downside could have been last season and how we fell away after the restart. Players will watch these and im sure if ours last season was filmed it would have a negative effect. For me let others do it whilst we go quietly about our business.
  3. My mrs was in the room whilst i was watching this. Her reaction was "what the fuch. Is he fuching serious never cooked baked beans? No wonder people think footballers are thick. He should get his head out his arse and try living in the real world." Couldnt really argue with her when microwaving baked beans seems like an achievement to him.
  4. Despite my best intentions of not buying the game this year i caved this morning and pre ordered it. Although for the first time i didnt go all out and get the ultimate edition. Just got the standard edition so no early access and all the other extras. Another 10 months of my life lost to fifa it is πŸ˜‚
  5. Covid marshalls πŸ˜‚. Can see that going well in city centres on a friday and saturday night.
  6. I have a feeling (although i hope i am wrong) that this season will not be completed. With the already tight schedule and potential for things to get worse over winter i can see teams struggling to field competitive teams. As for fans allowed back from oct 3rd no chance. Like i say i really hope i am wrong but i fear the worst not just here but across europe as well.
  7. Agree 100% with that last paragraph. If they could hold their hands up and admit their fuch ups they would get more respect and tolerance i think. Its the constant shifting of blame so its everyone elses fault that has irked a lot of people. Just nobody knows whats what anymore and even more so since the cryptic daily conferences ended.
  8. I have lost all faith in this government now and i voted for them. Its the mixed messages, the u turns, constantly seemingly being caught off guard has done it for me. I mean we in parts of Leicester are still in lockdown not that you would know it. Everything seems to be like it was this time last year except for wearing masks.
  9. Cheese on toast with worcester sauce. Any sort of curry. Sour wine gums. Cadburys oat breakfast bar. Tuc biscuits. Stilton and crackers.
  10. De vrij for the 3rd time in a row ffs. Already have him at cb as well.
  11. Team of the year Kante from the 5x82+ sbc. Happy with that. Shame its right at the end of the game.
  12. Far cry new dawn. Was only about a tenner in the x box store. Enjoying it albeit slightly easy.
  13. Just thank you. Even after all the claps have finished you guys are hereos. I lost a family member in april and the help and support was great. This is before and after care. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
  14. Went in Tescos at B Leys around 2ish. Did not see 1 person not wearing a mask. Everyone socially distancing. Made shopping there pretty decent rather than a chore
  15. I thought our finish to the season was a shitshow but i think our government beats us to it hands down. I really do think now we have been guienea pigs in all of this for future decisions for the winter. I hope i am wrong but a lot of things do not add up in my opinion.
  16. I wonder if London or any of the other major cities in the UK would have this lack of info if they were in lockdown. I would bet there would be exact times on announcements and would also have a bbc news special for it.
  17. Would just be nice to be told when they are going to announce it. I mean from the government themselves rather than whispers from reporters or local mps. These are peoples lives and the lack of info is staggering yet again although not surprising.
  18. My favourite game ever. Platinumed it on the second playthrough with the 2 expansions. If you do want to try and platinum the game you may want to look at a guide regarding the gwent cards.
  19. Hummels in the German sbc. Good card just a shame hes not quicker
  20. TOTSSF Immobile is my go to striker at the moment. Probably the best striker ive had in any FIFA games hes lethal in front of goal. 77 in 65 games all in division 5/6.
  21. Fuss over nothing
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