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  1. Best rewards yet. Dybala and Tevez from player picks. Mane twice in packs which will net me about 200k.
  2. Freeflixhq. Downloaded free to my firestick and have 141 free sports channels plus 1000s of tv stations and movies too.
  3. Yes until he made those comments. Now a definite no. He forgot that our club made him the player he is now.
  4. If i was earning 50k a week i wouldnt dress like that for sure. Im quite happy with my stonewash jeans but not reebok classics always addidas 👍
  5. WTF is happening? Did he miss his alarm an just slung his dressing gown on? Fashion gets stranger by the year i swear. Summat wrong with these young uns. And i do include our lads in that.
  6. Not a good start 1 from 5. Not played anyone lower than an 88 rated squad. Is it just me or is it easier and cheaper to build a good team than previous Fifas?
  7. Massively. More so this past week. Not that it overly bothers me as it means i just play less. Worst fifa i can remember.
  8. He went into the ticket office. Could order 2 per person so went with his room mate and got 4.
  9. Ive got IF Mane as my striker and hes leathal. 304 games played and 410 goals so hes pretty much undropable. Might use him as an impact sub instead of POTM vardy.
  10. I dont condone violence in any way but if i had this **** next to me at an away game he would serioulsy test my patience. Think id smash his camera/phone in front of him and let him sob. So truefox dont be near me at an away game
  11. Haland best from player picks. Packs were just shocking no walkout in 6.
  12. Thefox81


    Our 8 week old Brittish bulldog Max
  13. GTA v at the mo as its free on xbox game pass. Forgot how much i loved this game
  14. Power defo worth a watch. Depends what your genre is tho
  15. Cape Verde 8th feb for 10 days. Mexico in June for 7 days and Portugal for 2 weeks in August. https://www.riu.com/en/hotel/cape-verde/boa-vista/hotel-riu-palace-boavista/ Thats our hotel in Cape Verde. Reletivly cheap also. Cant wait.
  16. Strange one. Just started a rivals match. Straight from kick off a notice popped up saying "we have noticed a mismatch with your opponents squad so we will disconnect the match. You will not recieve a loss for this." Both squads were 88 rated. Never had that before.
  17. I swear if you didnt know better tuning into sky you wouldnt realise we were playing Burnley. Absolute wankfest over Liverpool and Man U. Embarrasing coverage.
  18. Also was going to replay this as its in the xbox free game pass but chose GTAV instead. Might have to reconsider tho
  19. Just keep doing the main missions. Im a bit of an rpg geek and like to do every side quest etc before advancing on main missions. Think i was mid 20s when i hit Novigrad but its been a while since i played it. The 2 expansions are great
  20. Why is it when im losing in rivals and the opponent quits i still get the loss? Happened twice this morning. Am i missing some sort of EA glitch?
  21. Will be funnier when they implode again this season tho. Agree they are a great watch tonight but feel they needed to take one of them chances as Arsenal with probably score a spawny last min goal
  22. Can i just ask no digs or anything but what is your obsession with leeds? For me im Leicester and nobody else. You seem to support leeds so was just wondering why that was. Each to their own if you have 2 teams.
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