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  1. That will become one of those quiz questions for another generation I think.
  2. Yeah weds or thurs is fine with me. Usually on around 6ish mate
  3. Imo no need for coins now as the game is about done now so cant really bargin much on the transfer list. Since the TOTS finished ive been taking my rewards as untradables and getting double the packs instead tho ive not faired to well with that. The "accidental" double drop of the headliners sbc is a sure fire way of them cash grabbing to the end. Dont blame them tho as their a business at the end of the day. Gone slightly off topic but fancy a game this week at some point?
  4. Talking to a mate about Newcastle today at work. Neither of us could decide if: A: Ashley really doesnt understand football. B: He is just 1 of them people in life who loves to piss people off and hes doing it on a massive scale and is on a massive wind up. C: Hes a greedy git. D: He actually thinks hes doing well. We went for A, B and C before going for lunch.
  5. Slowly creeping back towards division 4. You can always tell when a Fifa is nearing its end because i suddenly become unbeatable 😆. Will rinse it for the next few weeks and have a year off. Roll on Fifa 21.
  6. Agree 100%. Im also staying away from Fifa 20. Just not worth the stress. Although this weekend was my most comfortable. Got 14 wins very easily by my standards. Helped i think cos i wasnt cramming the games all in at once. Id play a game then watch a bit of the F1/cricket then go back to Fifa. Just felt relaxed doing it this way.
  7. Thought it was just me. Everything seems in fast forward!!!
  8. The Upside on Amazon. Pleasantly surprised. Some good comedy moments based on a true story of a man who cant use his body from the neck down. Kevin Hart, Nicole Kidman and Bryan Cranston all play their parts really well. A solid 7/10.
  9. Personaly i dont care about the stats. Too many in the game for me. The only one i care about is the one at the end of 90minutes that matters.
  10. Black Desert on Xbox. Love rpgs. Free to play with my gold membership. Played a few hours seems complicated with so much to do and remember. Anyone else played this?
  11. Yeah agree with that. I loved the whole battle system with that and the grind of blitzball to get Wakkas special ability. FF15 is a game thats one of very few games ive platinumed but it just felt meh after i did it. I enjoyed the characters more on the early FF games.
  12. Played all the FF games. 7 is the one that got me hooked tho. Re-make of FF 10 with Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, Lulu and the rest would be ace.
  13. Is this going to be on Xbox as well? Probably my favourite game growing up.
  14. When i first saw it i had to re-read it but then i realised it was the beebs gossip column.
  15. 😃 my handwriting is awful too. Thats why my partner writes everything down for me. Sorry i couldnt be of more help tho was just giving you the option i use.
  16. Pen and paper mate it never fails. Im useless when it comes to technology so any events i have coming up is jotted down and put on the fridge magnet so when i have my morning coffee i know what is coming up. Simple but effective 👍.
  17. I agree would love the Sanchez card. Only downside is by the time you get him you will probably only have 3-4 weeks using him before the game is done.
  18. Right quick question. I got promoted to div 4 the other day and held off playing until today so i could get better rewards next week. Am i missing something as the 4 games ive played have been against squads no higher than 84? Ive had 4 wins and more difficult games in div 6. No team had an icon or TOTS card. Have i just got lucky with the matchmaking?
  19. Aspas and Bruno Fernandes 2×94 players best rewards ive had.
  20. Im in div 4. God knows how. Just hit a purple patch the other day and won game after game.
  21. Done 3 of the tradeable otw sbcs and all 3 cards are Batshuayi. Give up 😆
  22. MOTM europa league 84 rated Giroud from my free ultimate pack. Cheers EA 😤
  23. Ive got it. Good quality and better pundits and commentaters than sky or bt. Only downside is probably a 3-5 minute delay.
  24. No still showing 5/6. Not holding much hope in getting it either this late in the game.
  25. Always bounced around between div 6 and 5 on rivals. Had a good run last night in div 5 and that continued this morning. 5 wins on the spin and im now in the unknown of div 4. Will wait until the reset on thursday tho so i dont get relegated and get better rewards next week.
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