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  1. Bellingham...doesn’t appear to be anywhere...
  2. This would be a ballsy move but I would love to see Soyuncu in Ndidi’s slot for this one game. Bring Bennett in for Soy and attack them unmercifully. It is never going to happen but I would love to see it.
  3. He’ll backup Praet after Madison ultimately is sold for £200M+ in the next year or so....class youngster.
  4. Perez’s solo effort against what seemed like half the Palace defense led to the corner where Cag’s scored. Agree with previous comments about him doing much of the unnoticed dirty work. Well done lad.
  5. Who’s that bloke just behind him? Some scraggly centerback, can’t quite place him...
  6. I have yet to see anyone discuss how lazy Perez was in not getting into a proper “onside” position. This lack of energy and hustle is my biggest problem with him so far...well and the fact he can’t seem to dribble in the middle of the pitch with no one within 10 yards. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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