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  1. Schmeichel Amartey . Soyuncu . Fuchs . Thomas Choudhury . Mendy Under . Maddison . Barnes Iheanacho Narrow win or draw.
  2. His "Saka, Xhaka, Laca... Cracker" word-play before half time, should result in disciplinary action.
  3. This performance reminds me of post-lockdown City. Great days.
  4. Justin . Fofana . Evans . Thomas Mendy . Youri Under . Maddison . Barnes Vardy
  5. Kasper Justin . Fofana . Evans. Castagne Mendy Tielemans . Praet Under . Iheanacho . Barnes Win.
  6. Fofana, Justin and Castagne impressed. Defenders.
  7. We've been out-worked, out-fought and out-smarted by this lot. Looked lethargic and ponderous. Credit to West Ham.
  8. 2nd half, 4 at the back. Amartey off, Under on.
  9. BT Sport saying it was a good tackle.
  10. Awkward hand shake attempt there. Hromelu ain't interested in shaking hands.
  11. So happy I decided to soften my Flannel this morning.
  12. I went to Turkey when I was 9 and wore my yellow City away shirt, which garnered some occasional attention and nods of approval. I made friends with a 16 year old Pool-Boy, called Tolga; bought my first album from a market (Thriller) and had the shits for 7 days. Memorable.
  13. 1. Man City 2. Liverpool 3. Chelsea 4. Man Utd 5. Spurs 6. Arsenal 7. Leicester 8. Everton 9. Wolves 10. Southampton 11. Leeds 12. Newcastle 13. Sheffield United 14. Burnley 15. Brighton 16. West Ham 17. Play-Off Winner 18. Villa 19. Palace 20. West Brom
  14. I don't mind the home kit, it's blue and that. But the "Baby Food and Apple Sourz" keeper kit is ugerleh.
  15. I assumed Bennett was the ****ing team Coach. He has the turning circle of one.
  16. Stayed glued to the screen til the final whistle. Literally glued my eye meat to the screen so all I could see was a bright blanket of colour and not the shit show that was unfolding.
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