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  1. turlo

    Patson Daka

    Romano will have to foot the bill if this doesn't happen now.
  2. Has there been a here we go tweet yet
  3. turlo

    Patson Daka

    Youri was knackered February onwards as a result
  4. turlo


    certainly would! it was quite a safe tweet saying "would be open to a new challenge if a suitable offer came in" this account will do the same with 4-5 players over the summer in the hope that one of them comes off
  5. turlo


    AFC Bellend https://twitter.com/TheAFCBeII/status/1406217122896822274?s=20
  6. turlo

    Patson Daka

    Daka has a clause in is contract allowing him to take Tops parking spot. Liverpool couldn't match it so he signed for us
  7. Just need Levi to announce Southgate as new Spurs manager now!
  8. Owners with a vision, a clear philosophy, empowerment to make decisions below board level and a positive working environment to operative in is why our scouting system has been successful in recent years. Look at Man Utd for example they have recruited some of the of the most reputable world wide scouts since Fergie left and their recruitment has been a shambles. They recruited Javier Ribalta the chief from Juventus and he left after 12 months, saying there was no philosophy and no empowerment below the Glaziers to make decisions.
  9. turlo

    Patson Daka

    Club needs run a marketing campaign offering discounted LCFC Daka merch in Zambia and we will make millions!
  10. turlo

    Patson Daka

    and these were the same fools saying their DoF could bully Leicester into accepting a low bid for Tielemans!!!!
  11. hilarious Arsenal fans saying the reason its off is he wants to join Arsenal!
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