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  1. The one we finished with yesterday as a 4 4 2/ 4 1 4 1 is the only alternate really. LT & MA on the left and TC and RP on the right. It's an option to switch to at least although risks being overran in midfield with 2 up top
  2. You could not make this shit up. it's like a high school kids party that got gate crashed when their parents unexpectedly came home early and everyone escaped out the back garden in the dark. twats.
  3. How Long until Barnes is back as not heard any recent updates from BR? Until then the wide options to go back to 4 1 4 1 would be Albrighton LW and Ricardo RW, with Thomas coming in at LB and Castagne RB. Then there's the choice of who to play as the solo striker
  4. Yes we still have a decent chance and its still in our hands. I has us down for 1 point from the Man City and West Ham games, so 1 behind but our rivals have picked up more points than expected. Still need another 12-14 points and probably avoid defeat to Chelsea. Getting Barnes back soon to give us the option to switch back to 4141 will be important
  5. Loaded up FM21 and transfer listed them. Bunch of overpaid pricks
  6. i don't understand why they drew one line on the defenders hand and the other above the attackers elbow, or are the literally drawing the lines based on a long sleeve vs short sleeve?!
  7. the VAR ref even tried to draw the lines in Liverpools favour by drawing the defenders line on his hand and Jota line above his elbow!
  8. Hopefully tests negative on Sunday then. At least he's had no symptoms and has been able to train 13:54JORDAN BLACKWELL Soyuncu? “We’re hoping by Sunday when he’ll do his test, it will be negative and we can get him back. He will have done his isolation period out there. He’s been able to train. He’s had no symptoms. We decided to keep him there where he could train and so he wouldn’t have to isolate over here. Hopefully he can rejoin the group next week and be ready for Southampton.”
  9. it was reported by the Manchester Evening News today but links to the original article from 2 years ago! https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/mahrez-blocked-transfer-man-city-20345120
  10. In that time "Top club" Arsenal have won an FA Cup and have not made the top 4.
  11. Hi likes that Cruyff turn! Has he ever got caught out trying to play his way out from the back resulting in a goal?
  12. Consolidation and I believe that's what the clubs target was for the season. Qualify for the Europa league again, progress to the later stages of one of the cups then improve the squad further before pushing for top 4 the following season.
  13. funny reading all the comments from offended Liverpool fans saying Leicester couldn't afford to prize him away when the article clearly states "IF Liverpool decide to sell" He's too injury prone anyway and Liverpool would still want 30 mill + for him
  14. 68 points and avoid defeats against West Ham & Chelsea should be enough, although it's going to be very close. Lose to either of West Ham or Chelsea and may need 70
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