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  1. My first real memory of International football was 1990, Being away with School friends it was unbelievable iv never got over over going out till this day. interest has defiantly drooped off but the still love the big tournaments. 2018 was quality, remember that 6 week heat wave? Watching England finally not loose on penalties on giant outdoor screen in the sunshine as the beer shower commenced from a safe distance with my 10 year old son is a great memory. But i'm struggling to get over enthusiastic right now over England while life with Leicester City is epic. if you support a sh@t c
  2. True, he might only be here for another year but i think BR is already a great part of the clubs history and could be a great one as we are all dreaming off. In general the debate is over about respect, I know some have this strange obsession with throwing the "arrogant" word out as soon as we lose a game, but i don't even get that ? I don't think he comes across as full of himself at all more of a thoughtful Team player , some people might think its over slick PR type but i find in authentic to be honest, He came here because we was bored at Celtic so we should not be surprised if he did
  3. Say what you want about the team that started , but i'm not sure we have got better since the subs came on. its been woeful , we have got what we deserved over two legs
  4. You could Allison head was gone after the first mistake , That's how important psychology is to the game, its a harsh game between the sticks
  5. That's way he sounds as a pundit, i imagine he sounds like that always
  6. Choudhury is playing well , looks sharp and quick. As long as keeps his natural aggression on the right side of the law i like what he brings to the team
  7. Really disappointing, I thought it would be an open game (it was first half) so it was his best chance to score and fancied him getting a goal. Some nice control but this is not enough to make up for the lack of physical aggression and pace. Does not mean he is terrible as I think he has his qualities its just that role does not suit him. BR has limited options I don’t think any of us would have put him them by choice.
  8. Was just thinking the same, its lambs to the slaughter
  9. RIP Sheila, Thanks for 42 years that's a lot managers and a lot of players that have come and gone #legend
  10. Bill Clinton is a clone , and Bill Gates is a lizard from space lacing vaccines with tracking devices... They probably do
  11. It ended as it started , with lies or "alternative realities" , Trump destroyed what ever legacy he could of had because regardless of his politics he was unable to tell the truth. He was one of those bullshit people we have meet in life. its scary how many Americans well fooled into "stop the steal"...he was a few sandwiches short of a picnic, it was at least entertaining for a while! but the whole election fraud lies showed a darker side , Good riddance Trump
  12. Good to see me getting the plaudits on MOTD 2 tonight. it was not just his work rate and tracking back , he can play as well played some skillful and intelligent penetrating balls. He always leaves everything out on the pitch great servant to the club.. deserves a lot of respect
  13. Fulham have been absolute quality first half, great tempo and good football, real belief they can hurt Liverpool , not sure they can keep it up second half
  14. I think the team and the formation has been good , a whole world of better from Fulham created loads and good tempo. honestly we are unlucky to not be up in that half, its just frustrating because we have a had a bad run.
  15. Well actually if you discount the illegal goals and count the legal goals we should have scored, then we won. WE WON BY A LOT But seriously, disappointing , but I'm still feeling positive about having a good season
  16. You would of been taken to the asylum for saying that at the start of the season, I'm nodding in disbelief because I think it's true
  17. When we signed him , i read somewhere that his dynamic acceleration was like Mbappe and that's some claim! watching him track back to cover ground today i could see what they meant, the kid is absolute lightning
  18. That last scream , is like he had his tooth pulled but some nazi torturer. JOKE
  19. I did say in an underwhelming performance, I'd not go as far as Nacho was awful Slim definitely was awful
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