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  1. Terrible. Rodgers got the tactics badly wrong. Buy a ****ing forward or we are gonna piss the chance of the top 4 down the drain. Show some ambition and strengthen the forward line.
  2. He's rubbish. Was before we signed him and is still now. 30 million on him must be the worst waste of money in our clubs history. Makes big slim look a bargain! Crap in every position we have tried him in
  3. Need to rip a top club off for maddison in the summer. That cantwell from Norwich would be no worst.
  4. ****ing rubbish. All from maddisons crap free kick
  5. Would rather have player Fofana in Perezs position than take him off
  6. What has happened to this substitution. Get under on
  7. ****ing rubbish. Get perez off. 30 million quid for that joker. Complete toilet whatever position he plays in. If we don't buy a forward we can kiss good bye to the top 4.
  8. We need to get perez off. Complete liability. Either gives it away or gives a stupid foul away
  9. Another shit corner. 3 centre halves in the box. Get it in there.
  10. Maddison is taking the piss with these free kicks. Give them to someone else. So casual
  11. Perez is a complete waste of time. I'd rather have Ian on
  12. Mike Dean looking to make up for yesterday's cock up then. Something to look forward to!
  13. What a shit watch this has been. Glad I'm off to work. We started well but 2nd best now. Nothing up front. Everton horrible side to play against. Under on and probably nacho. Perez can't play up front on his own
  14. If we don't buy a forward soon we are gonna end up wasting this opportunity like last season. Absolutely nothing up front tonight.
  15. Dean can't stop blowing his ****ing whistle.
  16. Gutted can only watch the 1st half due to work. Bound to be the best 2nd half performance of our season.
  17. Who is this women who can't stop talking?
  18. Well at least this shows the manager how desperate we are for a new forward.
  19. Tyler was gutted with that. Bout time he was paid off
  20. I think vardy knew he was offside with the way he hit it.
  21. Happy with that. Avoided all the big guns
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