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  1. What's the point in football. Spend all year trying to qualify for Europe then play a side like that. We think we are better than we are. No wonder our best players **** off at the first opportunity. Embarrassing tonight. The result is also a shocker for confidence. Let's hope the wheels don't come off like last season.
  2. Problem is though we bought our attacking players on when they were sat back.would of been a different game if we started with them.
  3. Absolute joke getting knocked out here. Proper embarrassing evening. No other English side would lose to these. Thought we were better than we were tonight by starting with that joke of a side.
  4. The way vardy is player big Ian can't get back in the side quick enough.
  5. I wouldn't mind losing against a decent side. But these are poor. We couldn't of got a better draw and we still have ****ed it up.
  6. It's no wonder why all our best players clear off at the first opportunity
  7. We've had it. If we had started with this side we would of probably had it won by now. They are petrified of barnes.
  8. We would be better off with Danny Simpson than big Dan at full back
  9. Standard for us though. Big game and we completely bottle it.
  10. Why. We shouldn't be losing to these. We have been a disgrace tonight.
  11. If we lose this I'm gonna be ****ing fuming. Work all year to get in Europe and play like this. Big Dan is never a right back. Hamza out of his depth. Vardy playing like a poor man's Ian nacho and albrighton may as well be sat in the stand.
  12. Both full backs struggling here. We can't afford to concede. Very very poor so far. If only we had got hold of Chalobah during the window
  13. Depressing reading that people would rather come in the top 4 than win this. This competition is very winnable if we play our best side. Would be unbelievable to win something like this.
  14. Slightly concerning team. Really could of done with Barnes considering Maddisons injury and the lack of recent goals by Vardy. Who nos though. When I usually slag the side off we win comfortably. Just can't afford to concede first.
  15. Redknapp thinks it will be tough for barnes to get in the England squad because of the likes of Rashford greenwood and saka. Get ****ed.
  16. That second half was a tough watch. I never want us to play a midfield 3 of mendy hamza and wilf again. Great result though. Vardy not looking the same. Maybe his injuries have caught up with him. Currently Ian offers a lot more.
  17. What are we doing here.villa have been crap and we are inviting them on. Absolute madness from rodgers.
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