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  1. I suppose it depends on what you think is wrong really. Maddison was sent home from the England squad allegedly because he was 'too unwell' to continue. It was reported that 'The FA withdrew Maddison and said he could not fly as it was feared he could infect team-mates. He trained with the squad but was sent home before they travelled to Prague'. That night whilst England was playing he was seen in the Leicester casino. Now I don't know about you, but if any of my previous bosses had sent me home from work because I was allegedly ill and then the same night I was found 'out o
  2. Regardless of the subject, I'm just made up you called me lad. Today will be much sweeter now 👍🏻
  3. I think perhaps because it isn't the first time with him after his England publicity. After the adverse media reporting then, some people may have thought that he'd learnt a little bit of a lesson. Particularly when he was videoed telling us to follow guidelines and help the NHS.
  4. Funnily enough, as your notification came through I just posted Liverpool as an example 🤣. There are fitness issues in their style of play but you don't have to be a Liverpool, just in my opinion, to effect a better style of play. Just my opinion because I genuinely always appreciate yours and even if we disagree, I still respect yours. Perhaps there's a happy medium? 😁
  5. There are plenty of teams that don't play wingers to protect their full backs as you describe it. Think of Liverpool's front 3 for want of an example. In a front 3 of Mane, Fermino and Salah, neither Mane or Salah, whilst neither are afraid to play on the flanks, neither would you describe as a winger either. When all fit, with two solid centre halves, Alexander Arnold and Roberston in a back four manage to attack without the assistance of 'protective wingers' yet still keep plenty of clean sheets but, at the same time, give the opposition something to think about and less opportunity to attac
  6. No you have an extra midfielder. How on earth do teams cope without 3 centre halves, which is still hardly extensively used by the better teams across Europe.
  7. Why would he be tracking back anymore than he is now? There would be three midfielders behind him and a fullback on either side. He already quite often peels out to the left at the moment, he's hardly been static in the centre has he. The three at front doesn't mean the outer two are wingers. We'd have Ricardo and Castagne in their best positions attacking from deep when appropriate with an extra midfielder.
  8. Yes many people including me really did, and it's been openly sited on here. It's been poor for a long time. With the exception of a useless Sheffield and a good particularly second half performance against Man United, we've been extremely fortunate not to be two or three goals down at halftime even against the poorer sides. Improvement every time has come in the second half when Rodgers has changed it, as it did against West Ham. The 5 doesn't suit us, we look vulnerable, we lose our midfield, Ricardo struggles and looks frustrated, you nullify two of the potentially best fullbacks in the Pre
  9. Nobody has said play him on the left wing, you really don't have to play with wingers. Someone suggested play him on the left of a 433 which is something quite different and a role he's very capable of.
  10. Clarification please. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Remember, this is for positive things only.
  11. There's going to be a lot of people in 'the table doesn't lie' brigade that will get hot under the collar about this but I have to agree with you. Good post.
  12. I agree, Maddison is only a legend in his own imagination thus far, he's miles off an England place compared with others. He's a decent Premiership club player but that's about it at the moment.
  13. When you get caught with your pants down like Maddison has, on more than one occasion, you just have to take it on the chin, you deserve it. It would be no use whining about it or suggesting others got treated less harshly. He got caught and has to just get on with it. Tough shit.
  14. With what we had against West Ham, 433 Schmeichel Ricardo Fofana Evans Castagne Praet Tielemans Ndidi Albrighton Nacho Vardy
  15. I think he probably does and he's seemingly very happy here but ... I also think he's understandably a hugely ambitious lad and possibly won't have taken kindly to certain team-mates who clearly don't share the same ambitions or dedication to the cause. I think he wants to be a Belgian great and win trophies and if he feels there's little chance of achieving that here because of small time thinkers he'll be off. Arguably there was more professionalism and desire in 2015/16 with lesser quality players. If I was an older player now and trying to achieve a last swan song in the Champions League l
  16. Yes, it is a drop in the ocean for them personally but, perhaps such a small drop to them, could have nevertheless been taken from them and in total when put together, make one big drop to be donated to a suitable charity. Surely even such dimwit players could see the benefits in that. They personally wouldn't like to be seen publicly whining about the matter in the circumstances and it could perhaps somewhat sweeten the sour taste left in some people's mouths. It's been a regrettable situation but perhaps some good could come out of it.
  17. The right call and whatever Rodgers may think, or do further with them, his media response was measured and appropriate.
  18. Lucky escape! It was my belief that Perez lived in a certain house in Houghton on the Hill. Good job the lanterns and pitchforks were called off at the last minute as it could have turned nasty. Fortunately covid rules don't allow such a gathering, lucky escape eh! He can survive to fall over another day!
  19. Clearly not elite athletes with the mentality and will to win. Get rid and buy someone who's hungrier to succeed. Two of them are a bloody waste of space anyway. Maddison can be this years cash in player to move forward. Doubt Southgate will trust the dimwit anytime soon.
  20. Absolutely agree with you but will they care? Hopefully they'll receive a huge fine as well for what it's worth.
  21. Yes lots! Perez shouldn't be anywhere near the team anyway. Think players in their right positions and dump the 3 at the back and cautious approach. Rodgers may well be a good coach and man manager but we really need to lock him up in a cupboard on match days!
  22. His language may betray that but the truth remains, Rodgers got it piss poor wrong yet again and to that extent he's spot on.
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