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  1. The fact he’s in the England team says more about the England team than Ben Chilwell to be honest though. And it doesn’t mean he isn’t overrated - in fact, it’s the primary reason why he is!
  2. Our most overrated player by some distance, we should be selling for anything above £40m tbh. I can see him not leaving though - realistically there are only two clubs in England daft enough to pay the fee this summer. No interest from abroad of course.
  3. Ah OK, gotcha.Well in that case...yes it might be for the best then. Given our form and the fact we’d be a seed 4 club, pretty strong probability we’d finish last in the group I suppose. Personally I’m looking forward to the EL group stage for a different reason...no VAR!
  4. I thought if you got knocked out of the CL at the group stage you join the Europa after Christmas anyway? I know what you mean though. Look at our record against big teams last year...it’s probably for the best.
  5. It’s the right decision. Was getting ridiculous by the end, 6/7 mins added time was becoming the norm. Need to get rid of the drinks break too before it becomes TV ads. Does anyone know if the drinks break was a temporary change (that automatically lapses next season), or does that require a vote to overturn it as well?
  6. Think we need another CB, a good right winger and someone to replace Chilwell if we sell him. Long term we also need to buy a partner/eventual replacement for Vardy - is this finally the summer to do that? I don't think we need to buy loads of players tbh. They need to add quality, pointless just signing makeweights.
  7. Depends what your definition of going big is I suppose. Like all clubs we will take a hit from Covid-19, although finishing 5th and EL qualification means our finances are presumably pretty sound. But we owe a lot of money to KP for the training ground loan, and KP itself is presumably having a torrid time financially. I think we might offer some more contracts and make a couple of signings, but can't see us having a massive net spend. I think the only clubs that will "go big" so to speak will be Chelsea and Man Utd (of course).
  8. I know that...just saying, if that's three weeks ago it's not going to be ready is it?
  9. Don’t really buy into this idea that clubs around us are going to invest heavily in their squads - apart from Man Utd and Chelsea whom I think will spend. I may be wrong but I can’t see Wolves/Spurs and even Arsenal splashing that much cash this year.
  10. Yes I was more pointing out that “donate” is a funny word to use. A bit more transparency from the club wouldn’t go amiss tbh.
  11. I’m confused. When it says KP is going to “donate” shirt sponsorship to the Thai tourist board for a season, surely we aren’t forgoing a year’s sponsorship revenue? Or is this just a clumsy attempt to present a season-long advertising deal as a great act of philanthropy to help Thailand’s tourism-dependent economy recover from Covid-19?
  12. Didn’t Man Utd have the same goal difference as us before tonight’s fixtures though?
  13. Have to say I've written off hope really, although CL is still theoretically possible. Can see Man Utd winning by at least a two-goal margin tonight, meaning we'll have to beat them by three to overtake them on the final day. I can see Chelsea getting something at Anfield too, although even if they don't, I think they will beat Wolves at home. Obviously I hope I'm wrong!
  14. Pre-game we were all saying this back three would struggle against pace. And so, ahem, it has proved. Spurs look like scoring every time they pass the halfway line.
  15. Think we’ll have to play pretty deep to protect Bennett/Morgan against pace. Probably looking at a counter-attacking style today, Tielemans will be the crucial player for us today in passing the ball forwards. Shame we don’t have Maddison for this really but we’ll just have to get on with it.
  16. Will be interesting to see how Leeds get on next year and what their fans’ expectations actually are. Quite a lot has changed since 2004 and I think they may be in for a rude awakening.
  17. Gets skinned by every winger with pace and has no end product. I don’t want to sell him but if we did I wouldn’t be too upset.
  18. I can see your point. But also I just think we have to be realistic that we should embrace opportunities as they come. The country is full of clubs following a “maybe tomorrow, Jack” approach trying to build up their squads for a brilliant season in the future that never comes. Ultimately in football, there are few guarantees - managers move on, players get a big move, etc. Best laid plans don’t always come off. Ultimately - of course CL qualification is better, but is it’s the Europa then let’s not turn up noses up at it either.
  19. This is what I don’t understand about VAR. Was the Zaha peno shout actually reviewed? Surely would have been if ball had immediately gone out.
  20. I remember when people were saying we need VAR to compensate for refereeing bias towards the bigger clubs. A lot of these same people are now complaining that, erm...VAR is biased towards the bigger clubs.
  21. I suppose I should clarify that I’d rather not have even an “improved” VAR. Ultimately professional football is a spectacle (both at the game and on TV) that will be slowed down by any attempt to use technology to check decisions. And given the choice of marginally more correct refereeing or a quicker game with worse decisions I’d still rather have the latter.
  22. The whole point of VAR was to overturn clear and obvious refereeing errors. If you have to watch the bloody thing twenty times in slo-mo and still can’t decide then almost by definition the ref has not done that. We’ve gone from rooting out the clangers to shooting for perfection. VAR should get in the bin now.
  23. Doubt there's any prospect of King Power paying more anytime soon tbh. But generally I think you are right, the fact shirt and stadium sponsorship have not really increased much in recent years shows that keeping them in-house (if you like) has arguably been a drag-anchor on commercial growth. I was also slightly surprised that we have prioritised the training ground over a stadium expansion - but I think it at least shows original thinking and a laudable attempt to improve the team via young players and development. Overall I'm pretty happy. Also although Covid-19 will no doubt impede our growth, it might also act to level the field for a time because it will rob clubs like Man Utd and Arsenal of the advantage they have over us from matchday income, etc.
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