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  1. Yeah that's too much. Baking heat, little chance of rain or changeable conditions. Plus fecking huge spiders and snakes everywhere!
  2. That wasn't a pen. Tiniest contact on his standing foot doesn't make him fall over. And then just as bad, it should have been retaken as well. Jenas watches and comments on the replay for "any Man Utd players coming into the box?" even though Fred had clearly encroached into the semi circle. Into the box isn't the rule you cretin!! Two VAR failures one after the other.
  3. Yes against us. But running across someone and tripping them up is different to lying on the floor and getting jumped on/over.
  4. Very harsh decision. It's not a foul therefore it's not a pen. What the hell was the point in looking at half a replay either?
  5. Who knows what physics we will come up with in just 1000 years never mind longer. Dark matter and energy will surely reveal more secrets about the universe once we start to understand or even manipulate them.
  6. He's been a bit suspect defensively, but going forwards he's had Traore in front of him and has struggled to make an impact with no room to work with. Until last night that is, as Traore and Neto have switched sides now, both cutting inside more often. This has given Semedo lots of space to run into with his pace and last night was his best game for us yet. He should have scored one of his chances. We'll see if it continues but I'm hopeful he'll have more influence from now on. I'm loath to criticise him too much any way as this is an odd season and players don't always settle int
  7. Open and entertaining Leeds - 18 shots, 7 on target. Cagey pragmatic Wolves - 15 shots, 5 on target. 24 games for Leeds, 43 goals conceded. Only West Brom have conceded more. Yeah they've scored 40 goals and run about a lot, but it hasn't gotten them anywhere because of their dreadful defensive record. Its like someone treading water with their legs going a million miles an hour under the water.
  8. Looking forward to Nuno getting nominated for coach of the year now he's done the double over the genius Bielsa.
  9. 4 goals in his last 10 games.... He's been playing quite well recently. He just doesn't score as many long rangers as he used to. People forget he's a defensive holding midfielder. He just has a very good range of passing and a good shot on him.
  10. Jonny has just come back from a rupture on his ACL, and it was about 10 days until he had surgery to repair it. He was back in just over 6 months after an early prognosis of 9. So hopefully Justin will be back around the end of Aug or start of September.
  11. And it's going to package up the samples it collects into tubes, then there'll be a future mission to land, collect them, lift off again and bring them back to Earth!
  12. @Phube He can't be 23 if he's already as old as he is in a picture with the World Trade Centre towers.
  13. Reminds me of Joey's girlfriend who Chandler fancied in Friends. Paget Brewster:
  14. I know a guy on the Wolves forums who is from there. He's suffering deliberate rolling blackouts as the power companies try to manage everything. It's only supposed to be off for a certain amount every hour but things have not gone well and he's been without power for two days now.
  15. Best to book last minute and pick screenings with very few people in.
  16. Not having any events at the stadium has killed them really. They're gonna struggle to make it all back in any kind of time scale now.
  17. All pictures and no words. Say who they are!!
  18. Jane De Wet. South African actress who's just been in The Watch (BBC America adaptation of a Terry Pratchett novel)
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