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  1. Now FFP is dust, Man City could do worse than paying £100m for Kane to replace Aguero. They'll get a good 5-6 seasons out of him. Of course they could just spend that on Haaland and be set for the next 15 years.
  2. I can't watch a Scott Parker interview now without hearing Dry Your Eyes in my head
  3. Definitely not Cav. He was busy hugging his old mates. Hashtag was ironic, but yeah I'll take it out.
  4. "Ivan Cavaleiro is in tears as he leaves the pitch." From BBC Text. It was Lemina.
  5. Gotta feel for those Fulham lads to lose like that at the death. Particularly as it helps keep Newcastle up.
  6. It shouldn't be allowed to be in the rules as it is written. They're relying on an individual to decide where the line is drawn based on their interpretation of the situation. There's no black and white involved, it's a terrible grey area that needs removing from the incompetent buffoons who have to do it.
  7. David Coote. The absolute worst official in the league by a wide margin. The bloke is just plain incompetent.
  8. It shouldn't be on their main channels full stop. BBC have a dedicated news channel exactly for it. It's old people's fault. They'd flip their zimmers if they moved it as they have no idea how to find the news channel.
  9. Einstein showed very nicely how everything is relative, and you can't describe anything without a specific reference frame. Only light ignores that by being identical for every observer. As for a curved spacetime model for legrange points, I'd assume it'd look something like a tiny flat bit surrounded by space curving down and away on all sides. Though I had read a while back on Quora (and as such can't remember the details) that curved space is just a clumsy metaphor for what it actually going on.
  10. Annoyed at The Shunter in the first race. Looked like he had the pace to win it but he jumped really poorly at the end and had to recover after each one.
  11. He's up against younger and quicker horses at a shorter trip than his Cheltenham win. Needs a very steady pace to stand a chance IMO.
  12. There have always been gaps in the Standard Model and we knew it wasn't the whole story. The LHC was specifically designed to find these heavier, more energetic fundamental particles. Hopefully this muon is the next step. I'd been reading about Loop Quantum Gravity recently, as a quantum understanding of gravity is what we really need to develop a unified theory. That sounds really interesting as Einsteins equations pop right out of it from the maths apparently. Ironically string theory looks a busted flush IMO (suck it Sheldon). I also read an article last week that
  13. It would benefit all clubs with ridiculously rich owners. Yourselves included. More so those clubs sitting below the top table who have previously been restricted in their spending by FFP.
  14. Duncan Castles hasn't got a clue about Wolves. I wouldn't take anything he says as fact. Probably just going off the headline loss in the accounts (which would have been a profit if not for Covid). If anything we're in a stronger position now that FFP has been binned.
  15. Queens Park Rangers West Bromwich Albion Only ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  16. Hendry 4-1 up. Both missing chances but Hendry scoring more heavily and more often when he gets in. Neither of them are good enough to get out of qualifying though on this performance.
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