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  1. Got a kick down his achilles when he came on against Man Utd last game. Injured.
  2. I like the look of our team tonight. 4-2-3-1 with lots of good young attacking players. Cue Brighton 1-0...
  3. Our starting XI tonight has 8 Portugese starters. And we're playing in our Portugese 3rd kit!
  4. The one for both teams to score in every quarter? I always avoid that like the plague!
  5. The Lenor advert. Random people sitting in a bed in the middle of a park (for some reason) sniffing the sheets. Deffo needs the police out to them.
  6. Yep. Helps fund my NFL bets for tomorrow.
  7. In the same way, people who refer to French Toast as Eggy Bread. Can you sound any more like a luddite?
  8. I've said it before but nothing will change until VAR gets taken away from the current refs. It needs to be completely independent from PGMOL, setup and overseen by the Premier League.
  9. As much as I loathe to say it, it was a penalty. The defender makes contact with Pogba's left foot and that takes it into his standing leg, which trips him up. It looks soft but the defender has without a doubt impeded him, even if it was accidental and only a small amount of contact. Any of us would be disappointed if it wasn't given for us. Especially in these days of "there's contact so it's a penalty". I was watching for it last night but he didn't do any silly jump or hesitation. One of the most normal penalties I've seen him take. There was a slight slowdown just be
  10. Is that how Chizzy always talks or is he pissed?!!
  11. In the grand scheme of things it's hardly been 'bad' for most people has it? We had to stay at home a lot... Oh noes! Doesn't really compare to when there were World Wars going on.
  12. This is once again where I bring up the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy for players and all club staff. Break it and you face a ban. Something similar is long overdue for these entitled pricks.
  13. Walker really is a Grade A **** and deserves the book throwing at him. I hope Southgate comes out and tells him he won't be selected again. Especially annoying when pretty much every club is doing everything they can to stop their players getting it. We have even told ours not to do their own shopping in order to minimize the risk of catching it.
  14. Yeah I have both versions on my shelf. I like both.
  15. Don't think I've seen either of those.
  16. It is excellent. I've seen that one a few times and it's still great.
  17. Everyone's focusing on them "bullying a female pundit", which they have to be careful of really. They're an official Twitter account with thousands of followers. However, I fully agree with their stance to take the piss a bit.
  18. Anyone have any films that you rated really, really highly but haven't actually seen in years? Two immediately come to mind for me. 21 Grams and All About My Mother (Almodovar film) I gave them both 9/10 or 10/10 after seeing them, but that was about 20 years ago and I still haven't re-watched either of them since. I might just try and find them both for this week actually.
  19. We have been the last 30 mins. We were by far the better team first half though. 7 shots 4 on target.
  20. I remember Miriam Margolyes having a go at Will I Am for that on Graham Norton. She's always funny on there. No filter whatsoever.
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